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TR 256 - Canary in a Gold Mine

TR 256 - Canary in a Gold Mine

Grasping the golden opportunity to save humanity from a miserable fate, before it's too late.

Guess what?

I was right: Big Tech was throttling the flow of counter-narrative news.

Consider this rather prescient excerpt from TR 232 - The Great Manipulation:

Yesterday I tossed out some hypothetical coding—two if-then statements—that would effectively censor free speech without triggering a massive revolt against censoring free speech. The point was to demonstrate how easy it would be to create an algorithm that would facilitate “effective and rapid removal” of online content:

IF the content is counter narrative, THEN reduce it’s reach or remove it.

Today, I want to drill down on the “tipping the scales” aspect of these algorithmic solutions. Those who are controlling the flow of information are not censoring all of the information (which would be too obvious), but instead, they are “throttling” the information they don’t want you to see.

That report was written long before Elon Musk had investigated the ways in which Twitter had interfered in the 2020 presidential election, more than a month prior to anyone having ever heard of the Twitter Files. The evidence presented in The Great Manipulation pointed to global organizations like the WHO, who had been using AI for Algorithmic Social Interventions since at least 2015—and I provided sources showing this was being used to interfere with elections at the global scale.

But that was then, and this is now.

Today, in the Twitter Files part two, it has been revealed that the progressive commie hacks pecking away at keyboards in their pajamas were single-handedly and systematically silencing anyone and everyone who dared speak truth to power—from Dr. Jay Bhattacharya MD, PhD, Professor at Stanford School of Medicine, who argued that lockdowns were harming children (for which he was blacklisted), to leading conservative commentators like Dan Bongino and social media sensations like LibsOfTikTok. This was a gross violation of free speech and general decency.

They used fancy terms like “Visibility Filtering” to block counter narrative perspectives from ever reaching the public sphere. Beyond interfering with elections, this blatant censorship undoubtedly had an immeasurable impact on public debate during the pandemic. If prominent doctors were being silenced, and real scientists were never heard, the sheep were left only to believe in the mythical consensus of The Science. Consequently, this led to the acceptance of absolutely outrageous and unscientific authoritarian lockdowns and runaway emergency regulations.

It was an insidious plot to fleece the public to advance the progressive agenda, and it worked. But this was not the first time, nor will it be the last, that Big Tech actively manipulates the masses to advance their secret agenda. At this point, this is all standard procedure, as it has been for years. This time they just got caught.

But so what, right?

I know it’s huge news—and it always feels good to be right—but to be fair, anyone with even a shred of commonsense realized this was happening a long, long time ago.

What do you think will happen, once the weeping and gnashing of teeth has subsided, once the dust has settled, the lawsuits have wound their way through court, and the media has squeaked every ounce of give-a-damn out of this story? Nothing?

Will there be enough public outcry to demand government intervenes and begin regulating Big Tech? Will they revoke the coveted Section 230 legal immunities and open an avalanche of legal furry that might bankrupt these corrupt corporations?

Who knows.

Despite the fact that all of this might seem really important at the moment, and regardless of the arguments about what this means for the future of elections and free speech in America, I firmly believe this is just more smoke and mirrors.

How about those unlawfully detained J6 political prisoners? How about that marine who got left behind in Russia? How about those corrupt midterm elections? How about that surging inflation? How about that ominous warning of an impending global recession? How about all those Dutch farmers who are being forced off their farms in the name of going green?

Speaking of green, how about all those millions of Brazilian patriots who are protesting against the socialist takeover of their country? Did you hear that some of the Brazilian military reserve units are now openly fighting against the Marxist guerilla insurgents? This comes on the heels of the corrupt socialist Supreme Court certifying the corrupt and fraudulent election.

Given the global nature of modern politics, Americans should probably take note.

Did you catch Musk mentioning that Twitter *might* have interfered in the Brazilian elections, to help the cabal install a radical left-wing socialist, just like in the U.S.?

Patterns abound.

In our increasingly connected world, as we rush headlong toward Future Earth, as we collectively endure all the “incredible transitions” of the Great Reset, all would be wise to take these words to heart:

What happens there can happen here.

Government sponsored ads for state assisted suicide for children without parental consent? Check out Canada.

Radical environmentalists shutting down airports by gluing themselves to the tarmac? Check out Germany.

Orwellian doublethink being foisted upon an utterly oppressed people by a maniacal, cultish, tyrannical regime? Check out China.

All around the world there is more insanity than you can shake a stick out, let alone try to squeeze into a single article or podcast. What is imperative is that we take a look around from time to time, take note of what’s happening, and remember:

What happens there can happen here.

Canary in the gold mine?

What struck me about the most recent Twitter revelations is that it offers a great opportunity to press the point about weaponized AI being used for shadowy government censorship all around the world. Time will tell how many pundits move beyond their own vindication to see the bigger picture.

The point is this: They have the technology, and they are going to use it.

The golden opportunity is to point out that this technology exists and it is actively being used at the global scale in ways that the vast majority of humanity will remain clueless to for many years to come. In other words, we need to sound the alarm!

And, while it may have once seemed unthinkable and sounded like a vast right-wing conspiracy (which is no doubt how it will be spun), right now there are enough snowflake liberals who just got smacked in the face by cold hard facts, there is at least a smidgen of hope that some of these morons might awake from being woke, pull their heads out of their collective asses, and square off with reality—but I’m not going to hold my breath on that one.

Instead, I will continue to press the point to my fellow liberty loving Americans, that this is what we’re up against. It’s an invisible hand tilting the scales. It’s a global cabal wielding weapons that are more powerful than we can even comprehend. It’s a battle for the hearts and minds of humanity and we only have a very narrow chance to escape a terrible collective fate.

Do you want to be enslaved in a global surveillance state?

I certainly don’t, but we must admit, many people will embrace this draconian destiny, even demanding that we all comply, because freedom, you see, must be sacrificed for the greater good. Free speech. Free thought. Free assembly. Freedom to travel about. Freedom to go and do and build and buy and be a free human being. All of this will be gone forever if we fail to make a stand now.

Those are strong words. Is it just hyperbole? Am I just over reacting? Am I just blowing things out of proportion? Are we really going to lose our freedom forever?

Decide for yourself. The truth is in your heart, in your inner knowing, in the wisdom embedded within your DNA. You are a spiritual being, born to be free, and there is an instinctual, primal urge to express this freedom as an independent human being. You are infinitely unique, a marvelous individual equipped with your own intelligence, your own intuition, imagination, and inspiration. You have drive. You have dreams.

If the government can force you off your land, confiscate your stuff, take away your money, tell you what to do, restrict the things you say, and threaten you and your loved ones if you dare to disobey, are you free? Would you want to live like that?

If the government attacks the minds of the masses, manipulates public perception, and consolidates enough power and control to aggressively oppress dissenting perspectives, completely rewrite history, and dictate every aspect of your future, would you ever be free again? Would you even realize this was happening?

You might. Some will. The majority won’t.

And the majority always rules. That’s the beauty of democracy, isn’t it? That’s why we’re a republic, and why Communists fight to win the battle of democracy. It’s twisted. It’s a trap. It’s mob rule disguished as the greater good. It’s getting the majority of people to embrace extinguishing everyone who disagrees.

Evil is cunning and deceitful. It tells you you have no soul.

It tells you this is a fight for democracy. That’s a lie.

This is a fight to unleash the human spirit from the shackles of mind control, censorship, and government oppression. The stakes could not be higher.

Let’s not miss this opportunity to rise to the challenge!

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