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TR 593 - The Startling Case for Another Wild-Eyed Conspiracy

TR 593 - The Startling Case for Another Wild-Eyed Conspiracy

You've probably noticed there's a pattern... but you might not have noticed this.

Here we go again.

As we launch into another week of relentless propaganda, fearmongering, judicial witchcraft, and government gaslighting, there are a few things everyone should keep in mind:

  1. Nothing is as it appears. Everything is simultaneously not nearly as bad as the media would have you believe, and at least twice as bad as you might think, depending on the subject.

  2. The cabal keeps marching on. No matter how wild the political circus gets here in the United States, the charades are being orchestrated by forces beyond our borders that have a singular end game in mind: total global control.

  3. The ends justify the means. There is no moral restraint in this mad dash toward Future Earth, there is no respect for the rule of law and there is no remorse for suffering and destruction, there is only a carnal craving for more and more power.

To say that “anything goes” would be a gross understatement at this point. Many people are slowly, almost reluctantly, waking up to the fact that the powers that be have been running amok, completely unchecked, for decades.

Most have yet to realize what they’re actually waking up to.

American intelligence agencies (and others) are actively colluding with multinational corporations, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Non-Governmental Organizations like the WEF, international bodies like the United Nations and the WHO, global banksters like the IMF and World Bank, as well as with leadership in the upper echelons of governments around the world (including our own), to institute a “new international order”—aka a New World Order—that stands directly in opposition to the U.S. Constitution.

The might of those forces aligned and actively working “against the best interests of the United States” should never be underestimated. Keep in mind, these arrogant elitists are proud of their so-called “cosmopolitan” globalist perspectives, and they actually refer to themselves as so-called “enlightened leaders.”

Just sit with that for a bit.

This effort to build a New World Order has been under way for a long, long time. According to the Library of Congress, in the summer of 1918 Woodrow Wilson studiously, “laid out his thinking on the New World Order he sought to foster.”

This information is coming from a .gov website, so it’s clearly not a conspiracy:

I’m not sure why it always feels necessary to ground talk of the New World Order in empirical fact, but it does. Even for those familiar with this scheme, I think it’s important to reflect back on just how methodically thought out this plot to rule the world actually is. These people are not stupid, generally speaking.

The problem is, they sincerely believe themselves to be smarter than everyone else on the planet. Furthermore, being blinded by their own arrogance, they zealously pursue unattainable ideals, always in the name of the greater good, having completely convinced themselves that if they could simply control every human on the planet, then the world would be a better place.

They overlook the fact that this is an impossible and utterly ludicrous proposition.

Regardless, their collective detachment from reality in no way dampens their exceptional ambition. Because they believe themselves to be superior in thought—enlightened, if you will—they’ve deduced that if they can convince every person on the planet to agree with them, then they’d be successful in achieving global domination.

They’ve also realized that if they fail to persuade the people with propaganda and seductive lies, then censorship, coercion, and other forceful means would need to be used—for the greater good, of course—because pesky peasants passionately advocating dissenting perspectives is a perennial threat to peace and stability.

You see, global peace and stability requires everyone to accept the same thoughts, share the same values, and believe the same lies. It cannot work any other way.

Hence, the futility of the premise.

World peace and stability is only possible under an iron fist of total global control. How else could the global ruling class hope to suppress the very essence of humanity?

As it turns out, they’ve actually come up with a way… a way to achieve total global control in such a fashion as to quell any future uprisings. They’ve figured out how to suppress the very essence of our humanity, to capture the human mind, and stealthily assassinate the human spirit.

This is how they will achieve their New World Order. At this point, being armed with super computers and artificial intelligence, they believe there is nothing that can stop them.

I believe they are wrong. The arrogant fools have deemed us to be “soulless hackable animals,” and in doing so they have scoffed at the very force that will destroy them.

BUT, before we get into all of that, let’s check the pulse of the political circus, and test your appetite for wild-eyed conspiracies. What do you make of the headlines at Fox?

Of all the things that might stand out to Fox News viewers, I’m willing to bet that very few people noticed the lobes. Those who’ve been with me on this learning journey may recall prior reports on the adventures of “No Lobes Joe”—for those who are unfamiliar with the escapades of this apparent stand in, check out these reports:

Just to give you one example, take a look at this pic from TR281:

Alternately, you could just run a search for Biden pictures and start comparing. What you will inevitably be confronted with is the bone-chilling fact that you are certainly not looking at the same person. Look at Biden and Obama, then look at Biden and Harris. Look at it from any angle you want, and then, again, just sit with it for a bit.

I’m not prone to indulge in crazy crack-pot conspiracy. I am, however, viciously curious, and curious enough to question my own version of reality. Beyond that, almost reflexively, I question the reality that is being presented to me.

I think we should all aspire to be more curious.

As curiosity has compelled me to chase the proverbial rabbit down many dark and endless holes, there are times when there is literally no light at the end of the tunnel. The “Adventures of No Lobes Joe” is a good example of that. In a passionate quest for answers, it is too easy to get lost in the darkness and illusions, too easy to lose sight of truth, of what’s known, and what is objectively rooted in reality.

Failing to realize this, I’ve witnessed many people in the liberty movement get sucked down the hole so far, they’ve stumbled into wonderland, believing all sorts of strange and wonderful things—very few of which are actually true. There is always a hint of truth woven in, of course, to provide the rational mind an escape hatch of self-justification (well that’s true, so this must be true also!), and on more than one occasion I’ve had to challenge the prevailing perception to expose the psyop that’s at play.

More importantly, I trust that the astute audience here would provide me the same accountability if I were to get so tangled up in my own thoughts, that I had lost touch with reality. Please keep this disclaimer in mind, and let’s move forward.

There is a secret cabal. They are forcefully imposing a New World Order. Massive depopulation is part of their plan. They are mind-hacking the masses. They have been stealing elections. They are orchestrating the wars and chaos. They do control the monetary supply. They do relish symbology and secret societies.

They are masters of deception.

And, the sock-puppet being propped up as the U.S. President is certainly not the man in charge and running the show, nor is he the same man sitting next to Hunter “The Crack Pipe” Biden on the front page of Fox News this morning.

The implications of all of this are so astounding, it should be a shock to the system.

Have I lost my ever-loving mind?!

Maybe. But probably not.

The good news, I don’t place a lot of trust or faith in my mind. My mind is just as malleable as the next, just as prone to ego and deception, just as likely to be blinded by self-deception and false assumptions. This is just part of being human.

It’s how we deal with that fact that really matters.

Now let’s dig deep.

We’ve discussed how the global cabal intends to use weaponized AI to subconsciously tame humanity and assimilate individual human consciousness into the collective hive-mind many times before. I’ve documented the science of this at length. We’ve studied how this is being done extensively, right down to the military grade memes that were developed by DARPA to “guarantee the propagation” of infectious ideas.

I will not repeat myself here.

If what’s been said is true, if all of this is actually happening, and I haven’t just lost my mind, then it seems prudent to immediately turn attention toward practical solutions.

For the enemies of America to be so powerful to have pulled all of this off, it seems all but impossible to think we stand any chance at overcoming their superior position. We are entirely surrounded. We’ve been infiltrated. Informants lurk in every shadow, and the WHO’s weaponized AI-infused EARS are always listening.

They’ve not only got the high ground, the money, the media, the majority of institutions, most of the political establishment, an entire global network, and unimaginably powerful tools, they’ve also got the momentum and requisite degree of madness to double-down and pursue global domination at all costs.


Life is still good!

Most people are good people, not lying backstabbing shysters. Most people want to live and let live, not obsessively try to take over the world and control everyone else.

This too shall pass. Good will triumph over evil. The truth shall prevail.


By rousing the human spirit. We are not soulless hackable animals. We are spiritual creatures, plain and simple. Only a fool would try to deny it—or perhaps some sly and cunning evildoer who would dupe a person into believing they are nothing more than body and mind, thereby condeming them to a life of mental enslavement.

Just as surely as Joe’s lobes don’t match, so too does our spiritual power transcend material might. History has proven time and again that it is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog, that those who are mighty in spirit and unafraid of death can charge into battle and rout out an unbeatable enemy.

The enemies of America will never defeat the American Spirit. The enemies of humanity will never prevail, because they cannot defeat the human spirit. In time, all around the world, there will be millions of courageous souls who will fearlessly fight to the death to prove this timeless truth once more.

My crazy, wild-eyed conspiracy, is that all the bread and circus and political distractions are meant to keep us from doing exactlly that. What do you think?

Stay wise patriots. RESIST WE MUST!


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