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TR 402 - The Transformation of Human Consciousness

TR 402 - The Transformation of Human Consciousness

This is how the global elites are capturing and conditioning the minds of the masses.

Yesterday’s report took an unexpected twist into the absolutely outrageous sounding “space based systems directed at populations for the purpose of mood management or mind control.” Please keep in mind, these words, this technology, this system of mind control, comes directly from some very disturbing government reports. The fact that this technology was being researched in the 1980s raises serious implications.

The purpose of this report is to connect this disturbing technology to the globalists’ ongoing effort to “fundamentally transform” human consciousness. This too, as crazy as it sounds, has been being researched extensively for a very long time.

I first reported on the “transformation of human consciousness” back in TR 332 - The Sad Demise of American Values. The question being explored was: how can it be that Americans’ perspectives have changed so dramatically in such a short amount of time? The first thought was that it was due to ideological subversion and scientifically based communist mind control techniques. It turns out it was all of that and more.

Now, before I go any further, I want to take a step back and qualify this perspective.

I am fully aware of how crazy it sounds, at least to the average citizen, to be talking about communist mind control. Many people might choose to tune out or casually dismiss what I’m saying as some sort of delusional crackpot conspiracy—but to do so would be a perilous mistake. The truth is, as thoroughly documented in my special report on Communist Mind Control, this is a very well researched science.


And of course, it’s not just the Communists who are using these proven, scientifically based mind control techniques—they’re just the one’s who first perfected the practice. How else could they enslave the masses under authoritarian centralized control?

Personally, until recently, until my post-pandemic research, I had no idea.

I was just as clueless as the next person about mind control, until I read a half-dozen books or so on the underlying psychology and expanded my understanding:,h_213,c_fill,f_webp,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep,g_center/
Picture taken November 24th, 2022 and included in the Special Report.

Since the start of the year, I’ve dug into much more material than just what was in those books. That was just the beginning of my study. I’ve shared a lot about all of this in the 100+ reports since, but the tiny sliver of what’s been shared pales in comparison to the full compendium of relevant information available.

I am providing this context for two reasons:

  1. I am willing to risk my reputation to say things that other people may be afraid to say, and I do so with absolute confidence that what I am saying is verifiable truth.

  2. The greatest threat of clinical brainwashing is the killing of curiosity, menticide, when people become unable to ask questions and examine the available facts.

To challenge this, my intention is to throw everything on the table.

My hope is to inspire people to talk about this stuff. We need to be talking about this.

How is it okay for a small group of people to be purposefully brainwashing the masses, without masses even knowing it? To me, that’s evil. And yet, that’s exactly what’s happening, whether we’re talking about it from the angle of state propaganda or weaponized AI and Algorithmic Social Interventions. That’s why the information I stumbled on yesterday—the space based systems for mind control—compelled me to follow up on this fundamental transformation of human consciousness.

It’s a double-edged sword.

Much like neuroplasticity opens up the possibility of life-long learning and the ability to retrain our brains toward more efficient, productive, and predictable positive patterns, this examination of transforming human consciousness opens the door to considering how we might use these revelations to our own advantage.

As quoted from the CIA’s report on Psychic Warfare:

“Man’s greatest potential remains a prisoner of man. Only a fraction of the human mind is currently used. Limitless mental capabilities are just waiting to be accepted, developed and understood.

That’s a good thing—unless of course some evil mastermind taps into this potential to advance his own selfish, anti-human agenda, aka “dabbling in the dark arts,” to quote the government report. The flip side of this is that we each have the same latent potential, and that means we can seek and potentially unlock powerful solutions by becoming better acquainted with our own inner consciousness.

This is precisely the reason I’ve long said that the only solution to political chaos is an elevation of personal, inner, spiritual awareness. It's the elevation of awareness that leads to the expansion of human consciousness, according to the science. I first came to understand this through my study of yoga and meditation, but the political connection came in TR 332, when I was studying this transformation of human consciousness in a research paper from the Journal of Consciousness Studies.

The 2010 research paper was titled, “Worldview Transformation and the Development of Social Consciousness,” and the study presented this informative visual:

Note that human consciousness—your consciousness—is “passively shaped” outside of awareness, as in without your realizing it, by “biological, social and cultural factors.” These are the embedded beliefs that drive our behavior.

Emphasis on embedded.

The global elite understand the science of this conscious transformation very well, and it is precisely this science of embedding “shared beliefs, values, and social attitudes” that predicates their efforts to develop cosmopolitan global citizens.

Just to drive the point home:

Worldviews are shaped by factors that lie outside of conscious awareness, and these worldviews shape a person’s experience of reality. That’s what they’re targeting.

This shaping of consciousness is rooted in what the scientists call “transpersonal psychology.” In a nutshell, this phenomenon connects people with a “broader sense of self that expands beyond the individual.” This is the scientific underpinning of the collective hive-mind, it is very real, and it is absolutely destructive.

Such transpersonal consciousness “expands social consciousness” beyond the natural world. This is where personal beliefs—embedded by the cabal—get replaced by “collective beliefs” and subsequently become detached from reality.

The mind ceases to make direct observations of the natural world (or the facts at hand), and instead begins to accept embedded suggestions and interpretations as if they were actually reality—and personal beliefs and behaviors follow suit.

The entire process is facilitated through a deliberately initiated physiological shift, via an intentional change in emotional state, that leads to brain entrainment. This creates a “measurable coherence” that intensifies the individual’s shift of consciousness into a “sincerely loving or caring state.” This is the classic “feel good” stuff that heightens suggestibility and leads to people doing stupid things for the greater good, like this:

NYC climate change activists block FDR in lower Manhattan and West Side  Highway | Daily Mail Online

Friends, again, this is the actual science behind brainwashing.

In this intentionally intensified “sincerely loving or caring state” the masses are easily primed to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the collective. This is the basic biological function that has been driving cult mentalities since the dawn of time. Scientists say this “transformation of worldview” leads to a sense of “grounded belonging,” even up to the point of drinking the collective Kool-Aid.

It should come as no surprise, but should not be overlooked, that this study on expanding social consciousness and transforming worldviews is intended to develop “global citizens.” This is the cosmopolitan perspective discussed in TR 338:

It’s important to point out their pedagogy here, how their method of intentional education (i.e. indoctrination) utilizes “inclusive dialogue” and “lived experiences” to facilitate this conscious transformation. They’ve been integrating this into K-12 education for decades, without informing parents that what they were really doing was transforming their children’s consciousness and hijacking their humanity.

Their objective is to “develop different identities” and the results speak for themselves, but unfortunately this rapid rate of change is just ramping up.

Tying it all together.

It should go without saying that it’s not just the commies who know how to hack and manipulate people’s minds. Our own government excels at this science just as much as any other, if not more. The issue we face now is that a small group of people, who have their hands on the levers of the most powerful technologies ever created, are now using this science to transform human consciousness at the global scale.

Just to be clear, this is menticide on a massive scale that was never before possible.

If we entertain the possibility, based on our own government’s reports, that they have the ability to manipulate moods and impose mind control with advanced technologies that may or may not be “space based,” we’ve got a serious situation on our hands.

While many people may be wondering what we can do about the rampant and blatant political corruption, my question is this: What can we do about this shady subconscious manipulation of humanity?

Just to bring it back down to earth and make a practical connection, this conscious transformation is directly related to the forthcoming global digital IDs and global digital currencies—per this previously reported study: “The post-pandemic, socially conscious transformation of American banking in a digital world.”

I mention that to emphasize how the global cabal is using these techniques of mind control and conscious transformation to convince the masses to accept living in inescapable surveillance, embrace state censorship, and simply ignore the potential genocidal destruction of remnant populations who reject all this insanity.

The current political environment seems to indicate that we are quickly approaching these “final” solutions. Indeed, the stakes have never been higher. They’re about to break out the “big stick” to beat us into compliance—that much they’ve admitted—the question is:

“Can man resist a government bent on conditioning him?”

The answer is YES, and RESIST WE MUST!


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