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TR 492 - The Hypnotizing of Humanity

TR 492 - The Hypnotizing of Humanity

How Americans have been conditioned to turn on each other and do the unthinkable.

As we awaken to another week of geopolitical insanity, algorithmic manipulation, and general public fleecing, there are a few things I want to point out straight out of the gate:

  1. I believe the national Republican party, and the RNC led by Ronna McDaniel, are little more than controlled opposition being propped up by the Deep State and their media allies, in order to pacify Republican voters while they systematically dismantle the Constitutional Republic they claim to defend.

  2. I believe the war between Israel and Hamas was intentionally initiated at this precise point in time in order to draw America into a multi-front conflict that will ultimately escalate into an all out war that simultaneously feeds the MIC and sets the stage for a major “terror attack” on U.S. soil, prior to the 2024 election.

  3. I believe there is an organized global effort to reduce U.S. dominance in order to institute global digital governance, that many American politicians are in on the game, and that there are plans in motion to facilitate economic collapse, massive civil unrest, potentially civil war, and inevitably martial law.

Furthermore, I believe the public is being primed for this series of events, that the true culprits will be scapegoated with finger pointing at MAGA extremists, and that the real “final solution” will be rounding up political dissenters, potentially sending them to re-education camps (as many prominent Dems have called for), or worse yet, executing a plan for their removal and termination, ala a Nazi-style, state-sanctioned pogrom.

None of this is fun to talk about.

And none of it may ever happen.

It’s all pure speculation, and yet, if we fail to face the possibility that it might happen—and deal with the reality that there are many people who want it to happen—then we would never see it coming.

Consider how many “Americans” are currently blinded by hate and calling for people to “drink the blood of the Jews.” Isn’t that insane? The craziest part, in my mind, is how quickly the public has been whipped into this blood-lusting frenzy. Would those in this delusional state of emotional hypnosis protest the genocide of Israeli’s?

Of course not. They’d cheer it on. That’s what they are openly calling for this very day.

Just to keep the point front and center: we are witnessing millions of Americans supporting the genocide of a traditional ally, and this psychosis seemed to have been triggered within a single media cycle.

In an instant, any pretense of civility, tolerance, or equity was tossed out the window. All at once a rabid bloodlust swept through college campuses, liberal media outlets, and other socialist circles all around the world. How can this be?

How can it be that so many millions of people could so quickly be triggered to ignore their fundamental values and general human dignity, and openly call for global genocide?

The answer is psychological warfare. It’s the mental and emotional manipulation generated by relentless propaganda. It’s the effect of state-censorship that keeps people blind to both sides of the story, as well as the Algorithmic Social Interventions that are proactively reshaping human consciousness at the global scale.

I suppose one way to look at it would be to think of it as if the media is hypnotizing the whole of humanity, using their dark magic to turn peace loving people into blood thirsty savages. I realize it’s a stretch of the imagination, but isn’t that what appears to be happening?

It is imperative that we contemplate the possibilities of how this might play out.

If people can be so easily triggered and trained to hate, there are really no boundaries to what can be done by those who are wielding the power to manipulate the masses.

We need to be wise to this threat.

Right now the hatred is being directed at the Jews, which is extremely telling, given the fact that the history of horrific atrocities against these people should prevent some sort of buffer against such indoctrination—but it’s not. Thats how powerful psychological manipulation has become.

But much more troubling is the emotionally charged rhetoric that’s repeatedly been aimed squarely at Americans who stand opposed to the socialist takeover of our country. Anyone who wants to “make America great again” has been dubbed an extremist. Those who had the audacity to protest the grossly corrupt 2020 election are still being tracked down like animals, as last week’s much-hyped FBI manhunt for Gregory Yetman made abundantly clear.

Check out the headlines:

The message is clear: you can run but you can’t hide!

Meanwhile, Politico continues to paint the picture of an ongoing operation:

“Close to 1,100 people have been arrested in connection with the Jan. 6 riot so far, and more than 300 have been sentenced to periods of incarceration. More arrests continue to roll in more than 30 months after the attack.

Over 1,100 people have been arrested, more than 300 have been sentenced, and the weaponized federal government is still hunting people down more than 30 months later. What can we extract from that fact?

Do you really think the FBI and the DOJ couldn’t have simply rounded every one of these so-called “insurrectionists” within a month or two of the J6 protests? Of course they could have. They knew who was there, where these people came from, and where exactly they could be tracked down and arrested, even before the whole thing unfolded. They could have stopped it before it ever started, but of course, that was never the plan.

But let’s back up a little bit and zoom out.

There is a bigger picture.

Acknowledging how crazy and unlikely it seems to speculate our own federal government would ever round up political dissenters the way the Nazi’s rounded up Jews, I feel inclined to remind the audience of a few pertinent reports.

Over a year ago, in TR 189 - When Police Get Political, we learned that Big Tech has been selling your personal data to law enforcement agencies since at least 2017. It’s quite ironic this practice started right after Trump was elected, despite Hillary’s effort to rig the election via the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, which was predicated entirely of bought and paid for Russian disinformation.

The point is, this colluding between Big Tech and the Deep State in 2017 allowed them to deploy the “Sentinel Surveillance” and “Social Listening” and “Algorithmic Social Interventions” that affiliates of the WHO had been developing since 2016—which just so happened to be used for “political interventions” that kept people safe from “misinformation” in order to direct the outcome of elections around the world.

To dig deeper into this, please refer to the following reports:

To grasp how prolific these technologies are, consider this passage from the WHO on how they are using their “EARS” (Early AI-supported Response with Social Listening):

“WHO has built a platform called EARS, or the Early AI-supported Response with Social listening tool, which allows decision-makers to view a real-time analysis of narratives happening in public online forums in multiple countries and languages.

Rather than conducting surveys and polls, which can be expensive and offer feedback about past trends and attitudes, policymakers can get access to real-time feedback from local contexts about constituent concerns in the moment.”

It is important to understand that despite the WHO claiming they are using this weaponized AI to track health misinformation, this technology was first deployed for political interventions—and there should be no doubt that it is currently being used for political interventions as well. Hence the Big Tech and Deep State collusion.

These AI-supported “ears” of the global cabal allow them to track public sentiment and target individual demographics with customized propaganda that is designed to create behavioral change. Just in case that sounds too fabulous to be true, you can read it with your own eyes, straight from their website:

Thus, the globalists are using weaponized AI to drive behavioral change at the societal level by developing “interventions” that affect us at the individual level.

Now let’s back up to the threat of eliminating political dissent altogether.

If it is possible for them to use “social listening” to customize “interventions” that lead to behavioral change, as we have just learned, is it not also possible for them to use these exact same tools to drive the public into a hysterical rage of blind hate?

Could this whole replay of hating the Jews—despite all the historical evidence that would indicate such a mentality would never happen again—could this be a test run of what is possible with these sneaky Algorithmic Social Interventions?

They are controlling the flow of information via state censorship.

They are controlling what people believe and how people feel about things.

They are controlling the way people behave and ultimately how they vote.

They are doing this with weaponized artificial intelligence, all around the world.

They have been developing and deploying these tactics for nearly a decade.

Friends, let me remind you that we are in The Days of Disenchantment.

Our very own government has spent the last 15 years programming the public to believe that “rightwing extremism” is the greatest threat to our nation, that “MAGA extremists” are a threat to democracy, and that anyone who spreads—and I quote—“fear of Communist regimes and related conspiracy theories characterizing the U.S. Government’s role as either complicit in a foreign invasion or acquiescing as part of a One World Government,” is a purveyor of “extremist rhetoric” and misinformation.

Contrast that with calls to drink the blood of Jews

Those of us who dare to resist are said to be suffering from Oppositional Defiance Disorder, that we are “deliberately annoying others” because we are “ignoring orders” and unwilling to go along with the crowd.

It would almost be funny if they weren’t being serious!

Weaponized federal agencies claim that “rightwing extremists” are known for rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority—i.e. for adhering to the principles of the United States Constitution.

Can you see how the stage has been set?

It’s a complete inversion of reality, and yet close to half of the country has been conditioned to accept it. Clearly to the Left, MAGA Americans are on par with the Jews, so how long before the masses are hypnotized into cheering for our eradication?

I speculate that before too long, we might find out.


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