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TR 354 - Understanding the Infodemic

TR 354 - Understanding the Infodemic

How the globalists are exploiting public confusion to justify government censorship.

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Who do you trust?

That’s what the government really wants to know. Much of the public has become less trusting of the old vanguard institutions like the CDC, the NIH, and public health officials in general, and for damn good reason. They’ve been lying through their teeth to push a sinister agenda that lines the pockets of pharmaceutical companies while simultaneously wreaking havoc on the health and well-being of humanity.

And yet, there is a concerted global effort to convince you that these lying shysters are the sole sources of legitimate information on everything related to public health and safety. They claim that COVID was the catalyst that spurred the need to research new ways of controlling emerging public perceptions, in real-time at the global level, but as I’ve previously documented, this blossoming “new science of infodemics” actually originated in political censorship. Keep that in mind.

The reality of the situation is that any and all efforts to mitigate a so-called “infodemic” are ultimately attempts to institute and legitimize state censorship. By labeling misinformation as a threat to public health and safety, the globalists have rationalized their efforts to control the flow of information at the global level. Having sufficiently convinced themselves (and the useful idiots) that this censorship is necessary to keep people safe, they are now hard at work building out the framework to establish global policies (i.e. federal, state, and local policies) that enshrine state censorship as a means of making sure humanity never questions the government again.

You see, they are actively building trust. They are building consensus. They are building capacity. They are building networks and systems that use advanced AI to conduct Social Listening that informs their efforts to facilitate behavioral change. While much of the talk is about overcoming vaccine hesitancy and boosting “uptake,” the same principles and logic can also be applied to stimulate behavioral change in other areas as well—such as shifting voting trends and the outcome of elections.

The impact and importance of this issue cannot be overstated.

With the recent firing of Tucker Carlson—which was a prime time smack in the face and perfect example of the media being brought to heel to protect the narrative—our cultural revolution has now entered the disturbing phase of public purging. Though Carlson will have no problem reaching his audience on a different platform, there is a bigger issue here that most people seem to have missed. By removing him (and his dissenting commentary) from prime time television, they have forced him to engage more directly via online networks—and therein lies their little trick.

The infodemic is being managed with Algorithmic Social Interventions, which is essentially weaponized AI curating and censoring content to control one’s perception and create the behavioral change the state desires. It is, as I’ve long speculated and the Twitter Files have conclusively proven, precisely the ability of these algorithms to “throttle” the flow of information, to limit reach, and to ghost undesirable content—all without people realizing it—that’s the real deception here.

As explained in TR 232 - The Great Manipulation:

“Those who are controlling the flow of information are not censoring all of the information (which would be too obvious), but instead, they are “throttling” the information they don’t want you to see.”

The evil genius of this approach is that it still appears as if dissenting information and counter narrative news is still out there on the net—and currently it is—but there is absolutely no way of knowing how many people are not able to access this information. For example, how many people won’t know about Tucker Carlson’s new show because it’s pushed down past the first page or two in the search results? This is how Algorithmic Social Interventions work. Want to know more about election integrity? The AI will make sure that you’re fed the state sanctioned truth first, and for the majority of people, that’s all they’ll ever know.

Thus, emerging public perceptions can now be effectively controlled.

Behavioral change follows suit.

Zoom out.

This week is World Immunization Week 2023. This year’s motto is “The Big Catch Up,” which posits the urgent need for “intensifying focus” in order to “strengthen health systems” around the globe. Here’s a shot of their inspiring website:

This joint initiative draws upon the considerable resources of a “wide range” of public-private partnerships including Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, UNICEF, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and many more. To those in the know, these are the very same players who can be directly linked to the eugenics movement and the depopulation agenda. This little known fact exposes their true intentions.

Central to The Big Catch-up is the need to overcome vaccine hesitancy that’s been exponentially growing since they first decided to force humanity into taking an experimental mRNA genetic therapy that had no long term studies or proven efficacy. This big push put a lot of people off, raised a lot of red flags, and got a lot of people looking into this whole global mass vaccination campaign—including yours truly.

Once a curious peasant starts poking around in the literature, a lot of disturbing stuff starts coming to light. I’ve dug in and reported on this stuff many times. If you’re new to the audience or just need to refresh, go to the archives and search for “depopulation”—because that is the underlying agenda at the root of all of this—but for today, I want to focus on the so-called infodemic and how this is driving the push for state censorship all around the globe.

Today, the WHO has trained over 1,300 “infodemic managers” in at least 142 different countries, and they report that 95% of nations are now officially tracking “health misinformation.” Of course, that means they are tracking all kinds of misinformation as well, particularly the online narratives swirling around U.S. elections. In early 2023, the WHO convened a special “ethics panel” to figure out how to spin “social listening” as a critical component of managing public perceptions, ultimately producing guidelines for health authorities to conduct “both online and offline data collection, analysis, and reporting” to shape “socio-political determinants.”

In other words, their efforts to manipulate humanity are moving right along at warp speed. Never lost sight of the fact that in their twisted minds, this manipulation of the public (by controlling the flow of information) is wholly justified and absolutely necessary. Nothing poses a greater threat to public health and safety than having a bunch of damn peasants asking too many questions and trying to think for themselves. Hence, the concerted effort to immunize humanity against misinformation, as outlined in the 5th WHO Infodemic Management report.

The report details their strategies for inserting Infodemic Management into the overarching public health agenda, stating that “the infodemic is here to stay.” They openly acknowledge that it’s becoming harder and harder to control the flow of information online, but they’ve established a robust framework and powerful set of tools to overcome this obstacle. Now they are looking ahead, seeking to integrate what they’ve learned about controlling emerging public perceptions into the overall scheme for global digital governance.

Interestingly enough, the WHO’s report cites a Rockefeller funded initiative called The Mercury Project, which is named after the Greek God of Communication. The Mercury Project has connections to the Aspen Institute’s Commission on Information Disorder, as well as the U.S. government’s own Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. The project aims to increase “cost-effective interventions” and the “uptake of reliable and accurate information,” but their greatest achievement is this:

“The Mercury Project will fund projects based in the United States, Africa, Asia, and Latin America for up to three years and will, for the first time, connect organizations fighting public health misinformation on five continents and provide an opportunity to share resources and communicate best practices.”

Not surprisingly, they aim to generate research that drives public policy, specifically by mobilizing public-private partnerships that allow governments to use the tech industry to do their dirty work. If there was any question of their political persuasion, get this:

“Mis- and disinformation disproportionately impacts communities of color and plays out in the context of structural racism and a history of medical abuse and neglect in this country. It feeds off of racial tensions and deep-seated socioeconomic anxieties in ways that are harmful to individual health and trust in community institutions. …

We need to understand how an individual’s information ecosystem forms and evolves and what makes it vulnerable to mis- and disinformation; we need to develop more targeted interventions to counteract mis- and disinformation; and we need better ways to ensure that everyone has access to accurate, high-quality information from a source they can trust.”

In a very real way, just like the WHO, Gavi, Gates, and others have been focused on creating behavioral change to increase vaccine uptake, The Mercury Project is aiming to increase uptake of state propaganda by developing “community-design messages,” harnessing influencers and health ambassadors, and targeting “misinformation networks” to eliminate access to all that pesky counter narrative perspective.

Says the WHO:

“The right message at the right time from the right messenger through the right medium can save lives - misinformation or mixed messages can cost lives.”

That’s why last month they initiated a global curriculum for infodemic management, to train policy makers on state censorship—which, I must point out, ties directly back into the political censorship via their connection with the “anti-hoax civil society organization” MAFINDO, who just so happens to have conducted over 282 worldwide misinformation “interventions” in cahoots with the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute, and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems—all of which have direct ties to political upheavals all around the globe.


If this effort to immunize humanity against misinformation continues to accelerate unchecked, the global cabal will have successfully severed the connection to reality for the majority of the human population. People need to understand what’s happening: these initiatives are being used to rebuild “trust” in corrupt institutions, steal elections, and radically increase the uptake of insanity all around the world.

Therefore, resist we must!

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