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TR 301 - Memes, Memetics, & Mental Warfare

TR 301 - Memes, Memetics, & Mental Warfare

You're not going to believe this...

People are people.

I’ve done a great deal of haranguing the ignorant hordes and bashing the useful idiots for their apathetic complicity in destroying the American Dream. Not only is it a pleasurable pastime, it serves to remind the remnant that this odious obtuseness is really our greatest obstacle—for it is their collective political might, deployed by tyrants under the banner of democracy, that justifies the purging of dissent.

They, the great masses of unmitigated fools, are the weapon of choice of evildoers. Not only are they content to be slaves, preferring servitude to public lashings, but by the very virtue of their majority their collective ignorance ripples throughout the entire population creating a strong social pressure to conform with stupidity, simply because that’s what most people are doing. We are herd animals after all, and this instinct to imitate is both strong and innate. This is all perfectly observable.


We must resist the urge to conform, or to cave, or to become passive and accept these egregious abuses of power, or to become complicit by believing the delusion that someone else is coming to save they day. There is no cavalry coming. There is only you, and me, and the millions of other American patriots who not only sense that something is wrong, terribly wrong, horribly wrong—but we KNOW that it’s wrong.

Lawlessness abounds. Our government operates daily with complete disregard for the rule of law. Our politicians are persuading the public to casually dismiss the very principles and Constitution that they swore to uphold. Those media outlets who pretend to inform us only dish up spoon-fed propaganda. Those intelligence agencies who supposedly provide our security have turned their considerable power against We The People. From every angle, our good sense and beliefs are under assault.


Resist we must!

And let’s not forget that people are people, that we are all fallible, perfectly imperfect human beings, bound together by this blip of time we call today. Wherever we are at in life, we can look forward, and we can look back. Seasoned perspectives have their advantages, as do the fresh perspectives of younger generations—and it will undoubtedly require both to get ourselves out of this mess.

Are we on the right track? No, obviously not—but it’s also obvious that that’s not so obvious to everyone, right? At a recent city council meeting here in “Hooterville”—as my father-in-law likes to call it—there were a group of kids pitching the “electrification” of our community, requesting public funds to promote greater accommodations for electric vehicles. These were middle-schoolers who were desperate to save the planet, and there was only one councilman who had the heart (and the courage) to tell these kids the truth:

“That sounds nice, but what you’re asking for is impossible. You are demanding that children younger than you continue to work like slaves in toxic African cobalt mines, just to pollute the planet even more with nasty chemical batteries that have to be disposed of every few years. This dream, this electrification, is not what it seems.”

This dream is not what it seems.

From TR 272 - The Art of Memes & Making Predictions:


“Just to be fair to the poor kid on bottom in this meme, the U.S. Government’s got his back... now they’ve launched a Combatting Child Labor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Cobalt Industry program called COTECCO. The plan outlines how the U.S government plans to tap the Congo’s $24 trillion dollar precious minerals by spending millions of dollars on bureaucratic oversight to make sure that child labor no longer ends up in memes like the one above—despite the fact that even the liberal media has admitted to finding children mining for cobalt in the Congo.”

Now, we’ve talked a lot about how using innocent children to force a cultural revolution is a timeless commie tactic, about the current targeting of youth via the Adaptation Agenda, how they are systematically assimilating children into the collective hive-mind, and how the current global cabal just launched it’s Global Youth Mobilization initiative, which means this council meeting was no anomaly.

The anomaly was the man who stood strong in the face of a very deceptive evil.

Soldiers in war have often had to face the fact that a small child was an enemy combatant. Meaning, that kids has a machine gun, and he or she is trying to kill you. The horror of this scenario is nearly unimaginable, yet it happens just the same. Once the instinct for self-preservation kicks in, there is no more “thinking it through” there is only the squeeze of adrenaline and unfortunate solution. It is what it is.

This is difficult stuff to think about, but we must face this reality for what it is: It’s is a reality that cannot be denied. Children are in fact weaponized. Children can in fact be a threat. Children are not so innocent as to be incapable of killing you in cold blood—and even believing that they’re being “good humans” in the process. Keep that in mind.

For evil people, there is no moral consideration of such things—of using children in combat, for example—there is only an insatiable obsession with power and control. With that in mind, I want to pivot from the vile of war to practical challenges that we currently facing. I had a conversation yesterday with someone you said, “Luke, you explain the problem better than most, but you never talk about solutions!”

I respectfully disagreed. I do talk about solutions, to the extent that it’s possible without inciting a riot and potentially provoking an unstable unknown to do something stupid. I’ve detailed my strategies and thinking here and other places:

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My purpose in sharing “the truth you can trust” is to emphasize understanding the problem, to know who the enemy is, how they operate, and what they are up to. They function in broad daylight, with the full support of the mainstream media, bolstered by the current “whole-of-government” approach to march us all into Future Earth, enslaving the masses in their own minds, convincing the hordes to accept their tyranny—and they are winning this battle in every conceivable way, just to be blunt.

I would rather be an optimist and be wrong than be a pessimist and be right, but wisdom says the middle path, to be a pragmatist, is the most strategic perspective. Just as we cannot solve a problem we do not understand, we can not defeat an enemy that we do not understand. If they can win without firing a shot, they will. If they can provoke patriots into a losing battle, whether kinetic or political, they will. If they can stamp the boot of tyranny on the face of humanity forever, they will.

That the reality of the situation, best I can tell. So then, what do we do?

Along with the aforementioned reports, I’d like to add another element of strategy—something that might sound funny and unexpected—but something I believe would be highly effective if we could just grasp how it works. What am I talking about?


Yes, that’s right, memes—but probably not in the sense that you are familiar with. As fate would have it, I recently heard someone use the phrase “memetic virus” and my curiosity led me down a rabbit hole of discovery. Let’s start with a proper definition:

In a nutshell, ideas can self replicate and spread, much like a virus. The maxim, “Beliefs that survive aren’t necessarily true, rules that survive aren’t necessarily fair, and rituals that survive aren’t necessarily necessary,” rings true to me. As does the rather straightforward assertion:

“Things survive because they are good at surviving.”

As I began to dig into this new world of memetics, I learned that the orgin of the word “meme” stretches back to the turn of the 20th century, stemming from the translation of a Greek word used in 1904 by the German evolutionary biologist Richard Semon. Decades later the definition of a meme settled somewhat loosely to mean “a unit of information residing in the brain [that] is the mutating replicator in human cultural evolution.” Whoah. Pretty cool huh?

I noticed that threaded throughout this study of memes was a consistent theme of “cultural evolution”—and that too perked my interest. This phrase caught my eye:

“The strongest memes – those that replicate in the most minds – are the ones responsible for creating human culture.”

At this point it is critical to realize two things: 1) This study of memes existed way before the internet; and 2) Memetics is rooted in evolutionary science. To understand where I’m going with this, please consider these studies/sources:

While this field was hot and heavy coming into the early 2000’s, exploring various “memetic-based theories for the evolution of language and the human sense of individual selfhood,” in 2005 the Journal of Memetics mysteriosly stopped publishing—and I suspect the study went underground, much like the study of eugencis did after WWII, though it is very much alive and well.

With clinical psychologists pumping out study after study indicating these memes were in fact a mental virus, and that such memes could be used to “Darwinize” society by driving cultural evolution (with self-replicating mental viruses), it would only make sense that powerful people had picked up on this new science, and decided to capitalize on the implications before the peasants could grow wise to their plans.

And this was way, way before weaponized AI.

Of course, that’s just wild speculation coming from the rebellious mind of an ignorant peasant who just might be clincally afflicted with Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Take everything I say with a grain of salt, and savor the flavor—I’m a special blend.

Could it be that the global elite have unleashed a mental virus upon the planet? One that would convince the masses to sacrifice themselves for the greater good? One that would replicate the mental delusions of the hive mind? One that would usher in an unprecendent era of political peace, properity, and a sustainable population?

If one were to read The Memetic Evolution of Solutions to Difficult Problems it would appear that is precisely the case. And being that these “evolved” solutions involve nothing less than Bridging the Sustainability Gap with Common Property Rights, there is only one conclusion that I can come to, which is a perfect ending to the week:

“The commies are taking over the world!”

And they’re using memes to do it.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below—and don’t forget to share!


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