Aug 22, 2022 • 20M

Ep. 181 - Secrets of Political Discernment

Locating the signal amidst all of the noise.

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What’s real right now?

After five nights at the county fair, my return to the news was underwhelming. As I contemplated the state of affairs this morning, a poem came to mind:

Warped and twisted thickened plot,
Sticky, gripping, oozing rot,
Public minds a helpless knot,
The lies inside are all we’ve got...
…when nobody knows what is real.

Perusing the news, what stood out to me was the utter disconnect between the echo chambers on the Left and Right—as well as the overall disconnect with reality in general that is so carefully cultured in the online environment. How do we make sense of the overwhelming volume of conflicting information?

We need discernment.

Rather than dive into any particular headline, today I’d like to skip a rock across the top of thoughts that are shaping the various aspects of public perception leading into the week. The emphasis here is the juxtaposition of perspectives brought about by logical analysis of current events in the context of natural reality... bare with me.

Humanity is facing an existential crisis. Chaos is accelerating. It’s all part of the plan.

Remember, 2023 is set to be a year from hell.

Today, events in the U.K. are foreshadowing the dire financial scenario that is scheduled to hit here at home sometime sooner than later. Right now the country’s largest shipping port is being shutdown by union strikes, as workers demand a pay increase to compensate for astronomical inflation. American’s should take note.

These strikes will lead to more snarls in the supply chain, which will lead to more scarcity, which will further drive up prices. Add to this soaring energy prices, and we find a perfect financial storm for working class families heading into the cold winter months. People are already suffering, but the pain is going to increase and will likely last for much longer than most people might think.

All of this is happening on purpose. In order for the global cabal to take complete control of production and consumption (which is their stated goal), companies have to collapse. Similarly, for the government to take total control of the economy by introducing centralize digital currency, the economy has to collapse.

In both cases, problems are being created so that solutions can be provided. When people are desperate, cold, and hungry, they are much easier to control.

This same pattern is playing out all around the globe, including right here at home.

Right now US railroad workers are set for a national strike in mid-September — right at the peak of harvest — which seems poised to fulfill Biden’s ominous promise that food shortages are going to be real. And, as of today, US natural gas prices are at a 14-year high, with the price to heat your home predicted to spike another 60% as the politically manufactured “global energy crisis” drags on into 2023 and beyond.

Can we discern the patterns here? Unions. Strikes. Shortages. Inflation. Chaos. It’s all real and it’s all intentional. But is there something we’re missing?

What’s really real right now?

It is important to keep in mind that what’s real right now always fundamentally exceeds our scope of comprehension. There is more happening in any moment than we could possibly be aware of. And that’s okay. Accepting this fact allows us to properly prioritize where best to place our attention.

What’s real right now is the fact that more and more people are feeling the pinch of rising prices and the frustration with finding supplies. By now the wise have realized that things are about to shift from bad to worse and they have prepared accordingly.

Those who are just now waking up to the Great Reset have a very narrow window of opportunity to get stocked up and prepare for what’s ahead. Economic collapse is looming, but again, that is only a sliver of what’s on the horizon.

Let’s zoom out.

When we approach the headlines with discernment, what do we find?

How many people will take the time to read those twelve articles? Not many. Why would you, when you’ve got yours truly willing to break it down for you! The truth is, one could extract of lot of perspective from these headlines without even reading the articles. That said, let me try to sum it up for you as succinctly as possible:

Distrust in the government continues to grow because federal agencies have been weaponized for political gain so that the global elites can further consolidate money, power, and control—all done by manipulating the public with propaganda that stirs confusion, frustration, uncertainty, and fear—all under the auspice of saving the planet from an ostensible crisis driven by unstoppable macro climate cycles.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget about the AI and algorithms that are tracking your every move and listening to your every word… though this new normal may seem inconsequential, it would be foolish to lose sight of the fact that the elites are trying to immunize the masses against the “misinformation” that continues to fuel dissent.

Imagine if someone were only to catch one or two headlines, or maybe just an ABC news update on the radio. Would they be aware of what is really going on—or not?

Warped and twisted thickened plot,
Sticky, gripping, oozing rot,
Public minds a helpless knot,
The lies inside are all we’ve got...
…when nobody knows what is real.

What’s real right now?

Imagine being trampled by a two-thousand pound animal that is so scared out its mind that it doesn’t even know you’re there. Anyone who’s ever worked with horses or cattle knows exactly what I mean. Scared animals are dangerous.

This is a timeless truth. It is rooted in instinct and requires no explanation.

There are many timeless truths we can learn from the world around us. Timeless truths transcend personal interpretation just as Nature transcends our perception.

These timeless truths are always present and available to help us transmute challenging circumstance into positive life experience. Pain precipitates wisdom.

What’s real right now? With every breath and heartbeat you have the power of choice. You can choose to care. You can choose to use change. You can choose to use your time wisely, harness your habits, leverage your effort, and achieve any results you truly desire. This is the timeless beauty of unlimited positive potential.

These truths transcend the transient nature of circumstance, but they do not address the very real need to find practical solutions to significant problems.

The point is this: Nature is both predictable and chaotic. Animals are both predictable and chaotic. Humanity is both predictable and chaotic. Our thoughts are both predictable and chaotic. Politics are both predictable and chaotic. Outcomes are both predictable and chaotic. Patterns abound.

It’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that things are crazy.

Solutions should be sought in understanding. When we understand that the intention of the global cabal is total control, we can organize our efforts against this outcome.

What’s real right now? The future is both predictable and chaotic. It would be wise to plan for the best, prepare for the worst, and make the most of this present day—because embracing today yields the gifts of life that make it all worth while!