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TR 510 - How to Overcome Totalitarian Psychology

TR 510 - How to Overcome Totalitarian Psychology

Looking at the facts and learning from the experts, this is what we need to do.

Today we will continue our discussion on how propaganda rewires the brain, and how this fuels the psychology of totalitarianism, starting with a few prime examples from this morning’s headlines. Get this:

  • The Hill: Christie gets new life after punchy debate — does anyone like Chris Christie? Maybe his mother, but definitely not the American people, especially not conservative red-blooded Americans who are hanging their hats on Donald Trump to beat back the Deep State in the next election. And yet, shamelessly, this liberal propaganda is trying to prop up Christie as if he’s some sort of fighter for the American people. Ridiculous.

  • Age jokes can’t diminish Biden’s unrivaled experience and wisdomthis also comes from The Hill, which is widely read and respected on Capitol Hill, but I can’t imagine any journalist being able to write that headline with a straight face. Unrivaled experience and wisdom? Clearly the joke’s on us, or at least, the joke is on the useful idiots who live their shallow lives in the liberal echo chamber and still believe this sort of nonsense. It’s just garbage.

  • Al Gore Warns: People Having Access To Non-Mainstream Information "Threatens Democracy" — Why anyone still listens to Al Gore is beyond me, given he is perhaps the most debunked climate cultist, having a decades long rap sheet of false fearmongering predictions and flat out lies. And now this is the guy who’s such a champion of democracy that the American public is supposed to swoon to his demands for more government censorship? Hogwash.

This propaganda serves no other purpose than to warp the very fabric of reality.

However, what’s key to keep in mind, is that millions of people know no better than to believe that they hear, read, or see in mainstream media. That’s why Al Gore and people like him are so desperately trying to paint alternate media sources as a “threat to democracy.” We know that only a fool would believe such things, but there’s a sucker born every second—and that’s what the propagandists are counting on.

That’s also what the entrenched two-party system is counting on: that there are enough suckers in the world, they can continue to advance their tyranny unchecked.

Of course, they are not going to just take their chances on this one, they’ve been deliberately dumbing down the population for decades. You may recall that less than 4 out of 10 young adults can read at a proficient level (only 31% according to the National Center for Education Statistics), and it’s even worse for math—only a shockingly dismal 21% of young adults are proficient at a high school level:

I’ve discussed the implications of dumbing down entire generations of children in several prior reports, so I don’t want to rehash it all here. Suffice it to say, no good can come of kids not being able to read proficiently or deploy the logic of basic calculations. If this issue interests you, you can dig deeper here:

There are two things I want to point out before moving on: 1) none of this is a “failure” of the education system, this dumbing down is the intentional outcome of socialist state education; and 2) the direct and dire results are numerous—not the least of which is the surge in mental health issues and youth suicides—but the greatest by-product of public education are the hordes of useful idiots who believe people like Al Gore, who’s out there claiming the global mental health crisis is exploding because “we are not solving the climate crisis.” Yeah, right.

That’s not just lunacy, that’s pure propaganda.

To drive this point home and help you visualize this intentional dumbing down of America, say over the last 20 years, take a look at this jaw-dropping plummet in U.S. test scoresthat are now “among the lowest ever recorded”—when charted against the educational outcome of other nations:


Tying this disturbing reality back into the ways that propaganda rewires the brain, it is vitally important to note that this intentional dumbing down has a direct negative impact on physical brain development that will haunt these youths, and the rest of society, for life. While this educationally induced lifelong struggle is true for both reading and arithmetic, the detrimental impact is even worse for those who fail to learn math—say like the 80% of kids who fail to achieve proficiency.

For reference:

The point is, the science is clear: when a child is growing and learning, educational inputs have a direct effect on brain development that literally changing the structure of the brain, and will ultimately affect them for life. Understanding how state education can then be used to condition useful idiots doesn’t take rocket science.

Now let’s zoom out.

Last week we dove into how censorship and propaganda change the brain at the biological level, and discussed how this is a direct result of unconventional warfare.

“The ideal of the totalitarian psychology is to tame men, to make them willing tools in the hands of their leaders.”

No doubt, a mentally stunted population with poorly developed brains will quickly succumb to the subconscious psychological taming of totalitarian tyrants. Understanding this gives us a glimpse of how American society has fallen so far so fast. The daily display of depravity is almost beyond imagination.

In fact, for most people, you’d have to see it to believe it.

And that’s precisely why most people have no clue as to how bad things have become, because they either a) are not seeing it because of the state censorship and media bias, or b) because they prefer to remain willfully ignorant and refuse to open their eyes.

Either way, society is screwed if we don’t wake a lot more people up, and do it fast.

In a very informative speech delivered at the fourth International Crisis Summit, Dr. Mattias Desmet (author of Psychology of Totalitarianism) delivered a vision for how we can “recover our sovereignty, personal psychological autonomy, and rebuild a more functional society devoid of the nefarious hidden hand of Elite-sponsored propaganda and psychological manipulation”—to quote Dr. Robert Malone.

In the end, says Dr. Desmet, the only way out of totalitarianism is by sparking a “metaphysical revolution.” His words struck a deep chord within me, because it is precisely what I’ve been saying for years: the only solution to societal chaos, is an elevation of spiritual awareness. It is through an elevation of inner awareness that we gain the wisdom and discernment necessary to liberate the mind from its mental cage.

To achieve this metaphysical revolution, Desmet proscribes sincerity in speaking the truth. If we speak from the heart, we connect at the heart level. This is how truth can be directly transmitted, even in the midst of the global deluge of propaganda and psychological warfare. Get out of the head and get into the heart.

We must speak the truth boldly and sincerely, which will come at a cost, but which ultimately leads to the liberation of hearts and minds within communities around the world. The totalitarians are not going to simply give up, and we will never rid the whole of humanity from the impulses of evil, but in this timeless battle we will forever have the ability to speak from the heart, speak truth to power, and fundamentally transform the ill segments of society that surround us in the process.

When we hear propaganda, we must push back. When someone is flapping their mouth and parroting the narrative, we must push back. Speaking the truth is powerful, even if a person refuses to listen. The process of awakening takes time, and the seeds of truth often must be planted long before they can sprout, but we can scatter these seeds liberally by being brave and willing to speak out.

This too changes the brain. Courage is a capacity that can and must be strengthened if we intend to, as Dr. Desmet suggests, “switch from a society that functions according to the propaganda principle to a society that is oriented towards Truth.” He spells it out eloquently:

“We need a new political culture, a culture that re-appreciates the value of Truth Telling. We need a new political discourse, a political discourse that leaves the shallow, hollow rhetorics and propaganda behind and speaks from the soul, from the heart; we need politicians to become true leaders again, leaders who lead rather than mis-lead the population.”

I’ve read those words over and over, and I couldn’t agree more. It fans the fire within me and doubles my determination to speak and deliver the “truth you can trust” via my daily reports and podcasts at

This is my contribution to the global revolution, and you too can be part of the solution by sharing these thoughts far and wide!


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