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TR 229 - Election Shenanigans EXPOSED!

TR 229 - Election Shenanigans EXPOSED!

If there was any doubt that Democrats are trying to steal this election, here's the proof.

Not a joke.

What’s more important:

  1. The husband of a prominent politician being bludgeoned with a hammer?

  2. The mainstream media running a little white lie just days before the elections?

When it comes to raw emotional appeal, there’s really no contest. Violent crimes appeal to a rudimentary urge that compels our curiosity to explore the gore. What happened? Why did it happen? Who did it? What’s going to happen to them?

Resist the urge to misallocate your attention on such sensational headlines.

Realize that the impact of one little white lie can change the course of history.

When a local news station airs the results of an election 12 days before the election is over—what do we call that? A mistake? How about we call it what it is:

Election interference.

In the news today, we learn that Russia! Russia! Russia! is threatening “an untested area of international law” according to so-called “space lawyers.” Apparently the Evil Russia Tyrants might boldly go where no tyrant has gone before—they might blow up some civilian satellites. Are you scared yet?

Also in the news, it has come to light that U.S. taxpayers are funding Drag Queen story hours in Ecuador, much to the chagrin of some Ecuadorian politicians:

“It is disturbing to see that the U.S. is willing to expose young children to such sexualization. It saddens me that the taxes of American families are wasted in perverting values of other countries…

…it seems to be an attack against the values of the great majority of Ecuadorians that the United States is practicing a ‘diplomacy of gender ideology.”

To which the U.S. State Department retorts:

…the program seeks to “promote diversity and inclusion” and provide a space for “cultural exchange and creative expression for adolescents and young adults to promote tolerance.”

Alrighty then. Moving on.

In other news, Canadians are marching straight into an Orwellian hell as their insanely woke government has received $105 million from the WEF to pilot a Known Traveler Digital Identity program that promises to track everyone, everywhere they go. For those curious, this initiative has been being developed by the WEF since 2015, in conjunction with Google, INTERPOL, the UN Counter Terrorism Directorate, US Department of Commerce, and the US Department of Homeland Security.

The original roll out was targeted for the first quarter of 2020. What a coincidence.

Meanwhile, as the Green New Deal continues to strangle the life out of the world’s economy, the United States now has less than 25 days of diesel supply left to keep the country running and Europeans are preparing for rolling energy blackouts during the coldest winter months—losing electricity for up to 45 hours a week, so as to avert a “potential energy crisis that could cripple the country.”

Amusing, isn’t it?

Welcome to Future Earth. If you are interested, you can learn how they create the science to influence policy makers and advance their agenda by checking out the Earth Targets Initiative. You might also enjoy taking a peek at the deep pockets funding this agenda, along with their international consortium of NGO partnerships, by looking into Global Commons Alliance.

What is critical to keep in mind, is that these organizations are using commie tactics to dictate top-down environmental policies. They are specifically promoting centralized control over production and consumption and the eradication of personal property rights in order to “protect the planet.” In other words, they want control.

Total, unmitigated, unrestricted control over every aspect of your life.

“By the year 2030, you will own nothing, eat bugs, and be happy.”

Which brings us back to the upcoming elections, why they matter, and why the Left is so desperate to retain control over the U.S. political establishment—desperate enough to do anything to keep their power and maintain their momentum in this “incredible transition” to Future Earth.

Remember when?

Do you remember in the 2020 presidential election, when Fox News called the election for Biden in lockstep with the rest of the mainstream media? That was on the heels of them calling Arizona for Biden on election night, despite all the ballots not being tallied. As the world looked on, over a week later, as irregularities mounted, there were still several states that had not yet certified their elections—and yet the mainstream media had already declared that Joe Biden was the winner.

Honestly, looking back, it’s still a raw topic. It’s almost too painful to think about. The deceit. The lies. The trickery. Hope dashed against the rock. Wholesale corruption.

Where were the Republican leaders? Why wasn’t there a demand for accountability? Why weren’t more politicians interested in answering the HUGE list of perfectly legitimate questions being raised by the deluge of disturbing revelations?

Maybe just maybe, it’s because many of the people who did rally to demand answers are now locked in solitary confinement, held as political prisoners to this day.

Maybe just maybe, those in the halls of congress knew better than to get cross with the global cabal, they knew the threat of suicide was a very real affliction—a la Epstein.

Or, maybe just maybe, these corrupt political shysters were cut in on the deal and realized it would be easier to play along and get their slice of pie—after all, someone has to rule the peasants and profit from this fundamental transformation.

Who knows?

You know. Somewhere inside you, you know. You know Joe Biden is a sock-puppet. You know our country is under siege. You know our elections have been hijacked and that our political establishment is unabashedly corrupt. You and I and the majority of other red-blooded Americans know that we’ve been cheated and deceived.

But it’s difficult to face these facts. It’s hard to accept what it means. It’s easier to ignore the implications and cling to the hope that we can still vote ourselves out of this mess—and maybe we can. But there is no hope if the media is allowed to continue to interfere with our elections, manipulate public perception, and preemptively pick our political winners. That’s why one little white lie is so profound:

AZ FOX 10 Calls Arizona Governor’s Race For Democrat Katie Hobbs 12 DAYS BEFORE Election on LIVE TV!


It was an accident they claim.

The unlikable liberal candidate (Katie Hobbs) had been trailing the people’s constitutional champion (Kari Lake) by 11 points heading into the election. But after a radically unprecedented 18 point swing, the progressive darling stole the hearts and minds of Arizonans and was declared the victor—and 12 days before the elections were even held no less! What an amazing story!!

Doesn’t it sound familiar? That’s right, it’s reminiscent of the remarkable 35 point swing that catapulted the deplorable progressive Pam Anderson into a historic victory in the primaries for Colorado Secretary of State—giving her an edge in the bid to oversee the state’s uber efficient Dominion voting machines. (You can brush up on this and other stories in TR 156 - EXPOSED: Massive Fraud in Midterm Elections!.)

But here’s the dirty little secret—and it’s no white lie: The reason the local news station broadcast the election results twelve days before the election was because of “an error caused by the Associated Press during testing.” Per the announcement:

They promise they are taking steps to make sure this never happens again, because it’s never fun when you get caught cheating—and that makes everything okay.

I suppose we aren’t supposed to notice that the Associated Press “generated” the results and “distributes” them to clients. This is, of course, all part of the Trusted News Initiative, which was formed in 2019 to control the flow of global information.

But, that probably doesn’t matter as much as Paul Pelosi being beaten with a hammer in the crime laden cesspool of San Fransisco. I know it’s a sad story, and sometimes shit happens, but the timing of this smacks of distraction and strong-arm tactics.

Nevertheless, the real news of the day is that media just tipped their cards. They’ve already decided who will win the elections. The information has already been generated and is set for distribution. They’ve worked out the kinks, and now they’ll be sure to inform the public of the selected winners in a more time appropriate manner.

Elections? Meh. Elections are just to keep people entertained while the global cabal systematically advances their agenda under the cover of their media allies.

Tell me: What do you think about that?

Let me know in the comments below!

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