Aug 2, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 168 - Why Should You Care?

Too many things moving in too many directions can cause people to feel overwhelmed and shutdown. If that happens, it will be the death of the American Dream.

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Did you hear about the latest J6 prisoner suicide? More on that in a minute.

Here’s what I find interesting:

New York and California have both declared an official state of emergency because monkeypox continues to spread exponentially throughout the homosexual community. That said, acknowledging the selective nature of this virus is taboo because it stigmatizes the gay community. Regardless, it’s true just the same.

These announcements come shortly after the World Health Organization declared monkeypox is now another global health emergency due to the fact that the virus has “spread around the world rapidly, through new modes of transmission, about which we understand too little.” Imagine that. Obviously they didn’t get the memo.

The U.S. had its first confirmed case on May 18th, and the count has now soared to over 5,800 infections in just 10 weeks. As expected, the solution is another mass vaccination campaign. This week Biden is appointing officials from FEMA and the CDC to oversee the effort to align with the WHO’s recommendations.

What are these recommendations?

How about more surveillance and public health measures, including but not limited to:

  • 2.a.i. … response actions with the goal of stopping human-to-human transmission … using case detection, supported isolation of cases and treatment, contact tracing, and targeted immunization

  • 2.b.iii. … systematic social listening (e.g., through digital platforms) for emerging perceptions, concerns, and spreading of misinformation

  • 2.c.i. … Intensify surveillance for illness compatible with monkeypox as part of existing national surveillance schemes

  • 2.c.iv. … Strengthen genomic sequencing capacities and international specimens referral capacities

  • 2.f.i. … Adopt and apply the following measures:

    • Any individual with signs and symptoms compatible with monkeypox virus infection; or being considered a suspect, probable, or confirmed case of monkeypox by jurisdictional health authorities; or

    • Who has been identified as a contact of a monkeypox case and, therefore, is subject to health monitoring, should avoid undertaking any travel, including international, until they are determined as no longer constituting a public health risk.

  • 2.f.ii.Establish operational channels between health authorities, transportation authorities, and conveyances and points of entry operators to facilitate international contact tracing

Just to point out the obvious, when the WHO declares a global emergency, federal and state governments are expected to fall in line. After all, who knows more than the WHO? But notice what the global solution is: More surveillance, social listening, contact tracing, travel restrictions, and vaccinations—and less personal sovereignty.

Hidden in the language is the assumption that they have the authority make these declarations and fully expect compliance.

Also within the language is the subtle identification of individuals as being “subject to health monitoring” by “jurisdictional health authorities” until such a time as they are no longer determined to be a “public health risk.” Interesting.

In their minds, we are subjects that are meant to be monitored and controlled by the many mechanisms put in place throughout the pandemic—and now they intend to fine tune the system to better facilitate international contact tracing.

But so what.

Who cares, right? What’s the big deal? Aren’t there more important things to talk about, like going to war with China? Nobody cares about this international emergency or the emerging global surveillance state. All eyes are fixed on Nancy Pelosi’s publicity stunt in Taiwan and the provocation of China’s Red Rage.

You see how that works? Chinese warplanes have taken to the skies, US warships have moved into position, and the stage is set for an epic showdown that just might spark WWIIIThen again it might not. Either way, how could we not pay attention?

Meanwhile, President Biden is having another successful week behind the teleprompter, delivering justice by assassinating an Al Qaeda leader with a clandestine drone strike; using the Inflation Reduction Act to raise billions of dollars in taxes off low to mid-income families; and further obliterating the middle class in order to fund clean energy incentives and other leftist climate fantasies.

Some strategists claim this recent “progress” may help Democrats in the midterms. Some have announced that Biden is a “better president than people thought.” This is ostensibly why many prominent Democrats are still supporting Biden for a 2024 re-election, even though others are claiming AOC would be a stronger candidate.

But so what.

Who cares that a senile geriatric sock-puppet is being propped up as the leader of the free world? Who cares that the political class continues to lie through their teeth and prey upon hardworking Americans? Who cares if the global cabal is orchestrating the end of life as we know it? You know, there are more important things going on.

Who cares if Nancy Pelosi linked lobbyists are pushing an Orwellian China-style social credit system and vaccine passports right here in America?

Who cares about the fact that Dr. Fauci’s NIH is still sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to Chinese labs that are controlled by the CCP and linked to Red Army?

Who cares about unauthorized personnel illegally destroying election data before it can be audited, or Soros funded Secretary of States interfering with elections, or Zuckerberg backed candidates soaring to “miraculous” victories with virtually no public support or campaign endorsements?

Who cares that this is happening all across the country, just ahead of the midterms?

Who cares that ATF agents are going door-to-door inspecting weapons?

Who cares about political prisoners committing suicide after being held without trial in horrific conditions for over a year and a half?

Do enough people care to save this great nation? I reckon we’ll soon find out.