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TR 288 - Mathematx, Antifa, & "The Fart of a Dog"

TR 288 - Mathematx, Antifa, & "The Fart of a Dog"

What can we learn from the brazenly bizarre behavior of lamebrained liberals?

People are crazy.

Of course, you already know that, as many people do. Any honest person can merely look around and observe the fact that there are plenty of people who are completely off their rocker. In fact, such mental instability is quickly becoming a major crisis.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 1 in 4 Americans (+26%) are suffering from a “diagnosable mental health disorder” in a given year. The National Institute of Mental Health presents data that points out who’s suffering the most, namely young adults (30.6%), women (25.8%), multi-racial individuals (35.8%), and—quite shockingly—adolescents, who are suffering disproportionately at 49.5%.

These stats are based on data from 2001-2004…. what do you think has happened since then?!

Being inclusive, it’s also worth pointing out that according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, almost 1 in 2 of the “queer folx” also exhibit mental illness (47.7%).

All of this empirical evidence, all of this statistical data, wrought at the hands of the world’s most competent scientists, leads the inquiring mind to several questions:

  1. What do women, children, young adults, multi-racial minorities, and “queer folx” all have in common (besides being statistically prone to mental illness)?

  2. Why are these groups suffering so disproportionately to other groups, say like males (15.8%), and more seasoned members of society, say age 50+ (14.5%)?

  3. How do these disparities impact society as a whole?

Here are a few of the more obvious answers:

  • Women, children, young adults, multi-racial minorities, and “queer folx” have been targeted with relentless progressive propaganda for generations.

  • Biologically speaking, women’s brains are hardwired to respond more directly to negative emotions, whereas men’s brains deploy a more “evaluative” response.

  • Children and young adults, who’s brains are still developing until the mid- to late 20s, have yet to acquire the prefrontal cortex capacity to process life’s complexity.

Of course, feminists and progressives would shriek at these statements—but they are true. If common sense doesn’t connect the dots for someone, just share the links. Matter of fact, this passage from an article out of Stanford—written by feminist PhD Diane Halpern, former president of the American Psychological Association, and among the “top 2%” of scientists worldwide—is a great wake up call for the woke:

“At the time, it seemed clear to me that any between-sex differences in thinking abilities were due to socialization practices, artifacts and mistakes in the research, and bias and prejudice. … After reviewing a pile of journal articles that stood several feet high and numerous books and book chapters that dwarfed the stack of journal articles … I changed my mind.”

WHY? Because, as the good doctor discovered, “There was too much data pointing to the biological basis of sex-based cognitive differences to ignore.”

How refreshing.

But how does this prevalence for mental issues impact society as a whole? We could just cut to the chase and sum it up in a single sentence: These people all get to vote—or at least they will someday, soon starting at age 16 if Democrats get their way.

When considering the political aspect of this, it should come as no surprise that the predators are preying upon the women and children, and the other confused individuals. What’s sickening, is that these predators have convinced their victims that they care for them, that they are going to protect them from the evils of conservative values.

This is the behavior of abusers. People are being abused.

That’s why so many people are suffering from mental illness.

That’s not okay.

I really want to connect this to the UN Adaptation Agenda and how they are targeting our children, but for today, I’m going to tie this directly into a few absurd headlines.

Let’s start with the silly; from a fresh article on Mathematx:

“The inability of students of color to perform well in math indeed is connected to the way that math is being taught, but that is because math itself is White. So trying to get students up to standard in White math is White Supremacist, and should be stopped.”

So says Dr. Rochelle Gutierrez of the University of Illinois, who is responsible for educating the educators, teaching future teachers how not to be a White Supremacist by teaching White math to children of color. Before you just laugh this off, realize that there are plenty of people who are crazy enough to believe this crap!

But that’s not the worst of our problems. Evidently the precipitous decline in actual mathematics has led to a very serious miscalculation: After shipping billions of dollars in military equipment to Ukraine, now we don’t have enough weapons to fight China. You may recall me raising this issue in TR 281 - Distractions & the Disarming of America, which also discussed the weakening of American might via woke indoctrination.

And yet people are crazy enough to believe these Woke Warfighters are the wave of the future. Military leaders are now giving troops orders to “stand down” while they “rid the ranks” of racists and extremists, because “systemic racism is one of our greatest national security challenges.” Not China. Not Russia. Systemic Racism. Got it.

Nevermind that Russian warships armed with hypersonic missiles are now joining the Chinese fleet off the tip of South Africa, or the fact that the Chinese Communist Party is supplying the Russian military’s ongoing war in Ukraine. Who cares that Ukrainian officials are burning through billions in taxpayer dollars buying up luxury mansions and sports cars while their troops were being marched off to slaughterthe greatest national security challenge is to stop systemic racism.

Again, people believe this crap. Other people just aren’t paying attention.

How many people do you think are distracted by headlines like these:

The Fart of a Dog.

I’ll just let you read this quip from another well-educated woman—the highly esteemed JEDI woman-of-color Dr. Chandler Puritty:

I am a climate scientist… OK, so you have this three-legged dog. The three-head dog. Now the heart of this dog is CO2. OK. Carbon dioxide. White scientists are telling us that the reason that every time we send someone in to get the Sorcerer's Stone, the cure to climate change, from under the trapdoor is to make the room smell less like farts instead of to get rid of the dog entirely.”

No wonder some 60% of college students feel so “very worried” about climate change!

Nobody likes the smell of the fart of a dog!

But friends, lest you think I’m just making fun, please understand that this is not just an American issue, this is a global phenomenon. Just look at the news:

  • Young people’s climate anxiety revealed in landmark survey — which claims that children feel let down by their governments all around the world, leading a large percentage of them to feel very or even “extremely worried” in countries like the Philippines (84%), India (68%), Brazil (67%), and Portugal (65%).

  • Young People Are Anxious About Climate Change And Say Governments Are Failing Them — carrying the tune even further, “How are young people coping with climate change? The answer, according to one study, is not well, and for good reason.” According to NPR, governments failing to address climate change, “is directly affecting the mental health of young people.”

    And these kids are incredibly worried:

“In fact, 77% said that they considered the future to be frightening, and 56% agreed with the viewpoint that humanity is doomed, according to the study.”

And one more just to drive the point home and tease out some language:

You see, the so-called “Climate Crisis” isn’t political—it’s a “lived reality.”

What do you think those words actually mean? What do you think those words mean to an indoctrinated college student with an undeveloped brain? I’ll tell you what it means: It means that what they think has become their reality. And, because they are living within this “lived reality”—which is a carefully constructed illusion built on misleading language and bunk science—these kids can no longer make the distinction between what they think and what is actual matter-of-factual reality.

They can no longer distinguish between a whiff of science and the fart of a god.

And they vote accordingly.


Just to pull off the gloves and go bare-knuckles for a minute: Why do you think the globalists are building their New World Order on the backs of women and children? The answer is simple: They are more easily manipulated into believing such BS and politically persuaded to passionately advocate for their abusers to have more power.

Consider the latest round of Antifa violence, where a bunch of warped 20 year olds—who self-identify as “forest defenders”—have taken to using explosives and shooting cops to advance their radical, idiotic agenda. Then consider the fact that their equally indoctrinated media cohorts are blaming this violence on the cops.

No wonder these punks show no remorse! Though a half-dozen or so have been arrested on charges of domestic terrorism, they believe with utter conviction that they are morally justified to violently defend the environment—whatever that may mean.

While these unfortunate fools continue to build their ranks and run amok, little attention is given to the fact these disturbed young adults literally want to destroy America. Though Tucker Carlson has rightly called Antifa what it is—the armed militia of the Democrat party—there are still few people who are aware of their roots:

“The Communist Party of Germany established the paramilitary Roter Frontkampferbund and then Antifaschistische Aktion-which is the forerunner of today’s Antifa. In America, the American League Against war and Fascism was established by the Communist Party USA in 1933.”

Antifa is a Marxist organization that can be traced to the commie underground in the Soviet Union over 100 years ago. Not surprisingly, their primary tactics are decidedly communist, drawing straight from the Manifesto to deploy deceit and violence:

“Antony Mueller, a German economist wrote that, “the Antifa movement uses a false terminology to hide its true agenda. While calling themselves ‘antifascist’ . . . Antifa itself is a foremost fascist movement.”

Given these historical facts, and their continual idiotic outrage, one might wonder how many of these Antifa thugs struggle with the “mathematx” or some other form of mental illness—I only ask because they seem wholly incapable of distinguishing their anti-fascist fantasies from the dank reality of “the fart of a dog.”

How’s that for an objective metric?

People are crazy—and that’s an objective fact that becomes more apparent by the day.

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