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TR 329 - The Great Global Story

TR 329 - The Great Global Story

This story is the greatest threat to you, your family, and your local community.

Less talk, more action.

For more than 25 years the United Nations has been building out its capacity for strategic communications. This organization, in conjunction with hundreds of global NGOs and myriad other partnerships, has developed a very detailed plan for infiltrating the media, academia, and “civil society” with its infectious collective mentality. This concerted effort to coordinate global communications has given rise to The Great Narrative that is currently driving the Great Reset.

In 1997, the UN’s Task Force on the Reorientation of Public Information Activities birthed a report titled, “Global Vision, Local Voice,” which among other objectives, aimed to integrate an “activist media strategy” into the 24-hour news cycle in order to “influence opinion and policy worldwide.” For over two decades this pro-active media manipulation has shaped the global agenda, “not only to make news, but alter the definition of what is news.”

According to the report, this has resulted in the “culmination of decades-long processes which have effectively produced significant changes in perception and consciousness, leaving a lasting impact on the course of global policymaking.

Think about what that means.

The globalists, i.e. the commie cabal, have been actively manipulating public perception, not only by making news and defining what news is, but by literally altering human consciousness with carefully crafted propaganda designed to stimulate “significant changes” in what people focus on and care about. Now, with the advent of 21st century technology like Algorithmic Social Interventions, they have the tools to manipulate the public in ways that are nearly incomprehensible.

Using a growing group of “attractive and articulate” young global leaders and “telegenic spokespersons,” the UN media services has been deploying “wedge issues” that are designed to “force actions” that advance the “overlapping, sequential campaigns” of the progressive agenda. Part of their strategy has long been to “correct misinformation” and make sure that the UN’s narrative is elevated in the news cycle to displace the “competing interpretations” of global events.

Taken all together, this serves to bolster the Global Story, which is the underpinning philosophy of the Great Narrative so cleverly articulated by Klaus Schwab and his own harem of Young Global Leaders. The gist of the Global Story is that we are all in this together, that global problems require global solutions, and that the only way to protect human rights and ensure equality is via global governance. This is all based on the promoted assumption of common values.

To quote The Great Narrative:

“Once enough people agree on a set of common values, we can then start working collectively to make the required changes.”

What does that matter?

Think about the way American values have changed over the last few decades. Our culture has shifted from the values of hard-work and self-determination, to the values of entitlement and equality, for example. We’ve shifted from propriety and self-restraint to self-indulgence and instant gratification. In more ways than can be listed, what it means to be an American, based on traditional American values, has been radically transformed into an unrecognizable conglomeration of woke ideologies.

This is the direct result of globally coordinated “overlapping, sequential campaigns” that leverage wedge issues to significantly alter public perception and consciousness, which in turn translates into lasting impact on local policy.

These are their words, not mine.

Put differently, by changing the story they have shifted the focus, and where the focus goes the energy flows. Now that we are said to be global citizens in a global story, local policies must align with the global agenda in order to advance the greater good. The fact that this premise is very seldom challenged is a tribute to their success.

The idea here, is that there is a set of universal values that are agreed upon at the global level. If all the global leaders gather together and affirm these shared values, it is then assumed that whole of humanity agrees—and the global agenda is promoted as if this was the case. In reality, humanity does not share a universal set of values, regardless of the concerted efforts to convince the public otherwise.

Think about it: Does a cartel boss share the same values as a Catholic priest? Does a bombastic billionaire share the same values as a blue-collar worker? Does a Republican share the same values as a Democrat? The answer is obviously no.

The concept of global consensus is a farce. It is an illusion. It is a story that’s told to get people to buy into the globalists’ collectivist vision. This story is effective because it preys upon the human need to be part of a group. The bigger and more powerful the group, the stronger the pull for individuals to affiliate themselves with the group. This is a large part of what makes the agenda of these globalist organizations so appealing—despite the fact that they certainly do not have the peasant’s best interest in mind.

That said, what needs to be emphasized here is how the story has changed over the years. According to The Great Narrative, there is a “toxic sentiment of unfairness” that is permeating the public mindset all around the world. This is said to be the root cause of the political upheaval, though that too is a lie. The real root of the discord lies in the stories that are being told, repetitively, that amplify the “wedge issues” that stir up these emotions. In other words, the entirely subjective sense of unfairness is being fabricated whole cloth by the global cabal that seeks to divide and conquer us all.

But you probably knew all that.

Zoom in.

How does this affect us at the local level? What can we do about it?

At the local level, the push for the electrification of society and the increasingly absurd environmental policies are all rooted in the same set of assumptions. First, it is assumed that the modern western lifestyle is unsustainable and destroying the planet. Second, it is assumed that the only way to prevent a planetary crisis is for significant sacrifices to be made. Third, it is assumed that to be a good human, you will happily do your part. Anyone who disagrees should be disparaged, ridiculed, and shamed.

That’s the story, and people believe it.

The point I want to make today, is that this story is just one of the many overlapping campaigns being driven at the local level. The LGBTQ agenda, women’s rights, and racial reparations are just a few of the other wedge issues being driven by similar narratives, all of which posit the government—or global governance—as the singular viable solution. These ideas, couched in compelling, emotionally provocative stories, are what is tearing our country apart.

Once these globalist fantasies have infected the local community, it is very difficult to cure. The ideas, being relentlessly pumped through the media, shape the community consciousness. Those who accept the premise and the underlying assumptions are then affiliated, in their own minds, with the power and prestige of the global cabal. Those who rightly reject the collective tenets are seen as unintelligent, primitive prudes—and that is the story that gets portrayed.

Thus, the useful liberal idiots strutting down the sidewalk with their masks on feel superior to the bulk of the community who sees them for the fools they are. Those who believe they are “woke” are no longer free-thinking individuals. Now they are slaves to the narrative that feeds their ego and stokes their sense of moral superiority, regardless of how utterly ridiculous the story becomes.

Having this inflated ego emboldens them to advocate for their cause, on behalf of the collective. Now they represent the bigger ideas, they represent the global community, they represent civil society, they represent progress. In their collective minds, these indoctrinated individuals at the local level fully believe they represent the future, and they believe they have a moral imperative to convince you to accept their values.

This is the shift in consciousness the Global Vision, Local Voice report was talking about.

What can we do to shift this consciousness back to reality?

That’s a damn good question. I believe the answer lies in telling our own stories, crafting our own narratives, and working to draw the “woke” into meaningful conversations. We must appeal to their ego. Their sense of cosmopolitan sophistication—no matter how misplaced—is a sure access point for conversation. Perhaps the best phrase to hijack their sensitivities is “rethinking the social contract,” which a buzz term threaded throughout The Great Narrative.

But perhaps I’m getting a little ahead of myself. You might be thinking, “Luke, what the hell are you talking about?! We can’t talk to these people. They won’t listen!”

That’s fair enough. I don’t disagree. I’m simply suggesting that we try a new approach, rethinking how we tell our stories, how we spread our values in this epic battle for the hearts and minds of humanity. And, lest you think this is all a lost cause, it is critical to understand what’s at stake here. Consider these three irrefutable facts:

  1. The global cabal has been perfecting their message for decades.

  2. They have been prolifically promoting their message with a very sophisticated communications strategy that has effectively changed public perception.

  3. They are convincing people that you and I are the enemy MUCH faster than we are convincing people that American principles are worth preserving.

Am I wrong? Can you argue with that?

Here’s the thing: They are creating enemies. They want us to fight. They want civil war to lead to the collapse of existing society. WHY? Because they believe they have enough people convinced there is a better way, people who will happily embrace a new social contract that enshrines the socialist principles of the new world order.

Blood shed is not the solution. I guarantee you don’t have enough bullets to fight this beast. We cannot win this war unless we start winning hearts and minds.

You remember that old song?

“… We fired our guns and the British kept a-comin'
There wasn't quite as many as there was a while ago”

Things have changed since then.

From here on out, the commies will keep on coming. They will come in droves, each successive wave being fully convinced that they alone will emerge the victors in this great Global Story, and I firmly believe our only hope is to convince them otherwise.


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