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TR 306 - The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

TR 306 - The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

A friendly reminder that the commies are playing for keeps.

Let’s have some fun.

In Hackable Animals, I posit that the weaponization of artificial intelligence, Weaponized AI, is the greatest threat to humanity. Indeed, there has never been a greater threat. However, it is not the technology itself that we must be concerned with. Instead, it is the incessant ideological insanity that drives these systems that we need to pay attention to—the threat is the ideas behind the machines.

Logically, this is a problem that is going to inevitably impact us all. Unfortunately, that logic is lost upon those who have already been brainwashed by these machines.

Over the last several months we have studied the science of persuasion, learning how this science allows “the few” to control the many. It is this science of persuasion, this application of proven mind control techniques that is now being deployed with the force of weaponized AI, that we, the lowly peasants of the world, are up against.

Now, with this new technology, the Collective Cult seeks to enslave us all.

And now, for the first time in all of history, they have the capacity to pull it off.

The stakes have never been higher.

It’s now or never.

It’s been awhile since I’ve outlined the various apparatus of the great global socialist surveillance state, so it would be wise to recall that the global cabal has openly declared China is a role model for us all—and come to grips with what that means. If you struggle to envision what this future tech-enabled dystopian hell will actually look like, you might consider the current reality being imposed upon Chinese citizens:

Unfortunately, all of this is coming soon to a city near you.

And here’s the thing: Once this surveillance state is in place, their is no escaping it. If you try to escape, you will be arrested and detained for re-education. You will be publicly shamed and shunned. You will be called an extremist and a threat to peace, stability, and public health and safety. You will be labeled a threat to democracy.

Never forget that the global “battle for democracy” is actually the first step in the Communist revolution—which is the proper context for understanding the full scope of the geopolitical agenda. It is not a coincidence that the Chinese Communist Party is being hailed as the role model for the world. The global cabal are really just a bunch of commie hacks, regardless of their preferred labels.

These people are evil. They do not believe that you or I have a right to exist, let alone the right to think and behave differently than they do. They, the global cabal, the commie cult collective, believe that they alone have the moral obligation to rule the world, depopulate the earth, and save us from ourselves. They believe the ends justify the means, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of total control.

And they are very close to pulling it off.

Direct observation indicates the world has gone insane, which is the reason I have spent so much time researching psychological warfare. What’s wrong with people? What in the heck is going on? While there have always been crazy people in the world, the current rate of detachment from reality is really quite shocking. For me and many others, the pandemic brought the disturbing extent of this to light.

Now, realizing the powers that be have understood exactly how to hijack our minds and rewire our mental circuits with clinical certainty and precision, it has become all too clear what’s going on. Even so, reality continues to be rapidly reshaped by the relentless propaganda and psyops that are mercilessly assaulting our perception.

As a result, people are being assimilated into the collective cult at a faster rate than We the People can wake them up—and that is a MAJOR issue.

It’s not just the institutional indoctrination of our children. It’s not just the mental conditioning being pumped through the various media channels. It’s the language that we use in everyday conversations that has slyly been manipulated to shift our perspectives, beliefs, and behaviors over the last several decades. That’s how ideological subversion works, and now, with the advent of Algorithmic Social Interventions that control “emerging public perceptions,” this ideological subversion has been perfected. Which is why I repeatedly and so passionately proclaim:

“The commies are taking over the world!!!”

And most people have no clue that it’s happening. Yikes.

But let’s pivot here.

It was not just a coincidence that the globalists used a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” to kickoff this commie revolution. When Klaus Schwab wrote COVID-19: The Great Reset, he spells this out as if to sell it to the world. He, more than most, understands how to seduce and deceive the masses. That’s why he can declare that you will eat bugs, own nothing, and be happy—or else—and so many people swoon at the thought of it. Oh to be sustainable! Oh to be a good human!

In TR 154 - How the Useful Idiots are Getting Used, I detailed how the Great Reset aligns perfectly with the Communist Manifesto, specifically drilling down on the commie declaration that they intend to forcibly overthrow all of existing social conditions. As you have likely realized, we are living through this process at this very moment. That said, the revolution will not be complete until they have eradicated or re-educated all remaining dissenters, ala China style. It happens every time.

“The food shortages are gonna be real,” squawks the sock-puppet in office—and we know that every communist revolution has lead to mass starvation and death.

Not a coincidence. But that’s not the worst of it.

Let me ask you a question: Why do you think they are tracking unvaccinated individuals? Is it to protect the public? Is it just to keep people safe? Why?

Could they be tracking us because we have the genetic predisposition to resist?

We are living in the age of a genetic revolution. Designer babies and transhumanist fantasies have all been made possible by modern science. The capacity to use these technologies for evil should be self-evident. The fact that the cabal is fixated on global genomic surveillance offers a clue as to their intent. If you recall:

“Genomic sequencing and surveillance will be necessary long-term to guide informed public health decisions, such as deciding on lockdowns…”

Or, perhaps, deciding who needs to get rounded up and duck-walked into a commie re-education camp. Remember how they were floating the idea of using “virally vectored self-disseminating vaccines” to vaccinate the jihadis against religious extremism? Given the convergence of capacity and intent, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before the MAGA extremists will get their turn in line. History is repeating itself.

Those unvaccinated individuals who have the intellectual capacity to remain curious, skeptical, and inquisitive—even in the face of immense social pressure and government coercion—we are the ultimate threat to the global cabal. We demand answers from anyone who claims they have the authority to restrict our lives.

Says the rebel to the tyrant:

Who the hell are you to tell me what to do? Why should I listen to you? Oh, you’re an Expert? Great, what about all these other “Experts” who think you’re full of shit?

And even if you are an “Expert”—aren’t you still a human? You’re still human, right?

And, assuming you are still human, even if you are an Expert, you can still be WRONG, right? Isn’t it true that Experts can be wrong? Experts are human, right?

And yet, for the masses, the global experts are the only ones who can keep us safe and save the planet. The Experts are never wrong. The Experts aren’t even human. The Experts are a god-like figment of imagination that manifests in their collective hive-mind. Nobody in the collective can question The Experts, because doing so would shatter the illusion of consensus and expose the fact that truly intelligent people can and do think differently—and these truly intelligent people can see the collective tyranny for what it is, even when it’s all dressed up as democracy or the greater good.

What the Collective cannot see or even conceive of, is the fact that even a million so-called “Experts” would only represent 0.00025% of the human population—and there is exactly ZERO chance that even a MILLION so-called “Experts” could get every person on the planet to go along with even their brightest idea. It’s impossible.

They could never get the message across to the whole of humanity. They could never get every person on the planet listening to them at the same time—and even if they could make everyone listen, they surely could NOT get everyone to pay attention, let alone get everyone to agree or go along with their plans. Just ask any high school teacher!

Just for fun, to put 0.00025% into perspective, I took the liberty to ask the AI:

I wanted to share that because if 2.5 parts per million can poison our drinking water, think about the impact of poisoning public perception with the collective delusions derived from Communist ideology—it’s no wonder society is so sick!

That’s why it’s so critical that we call these commies out. They’re playing for keeps and they won’t hesitate to round you up for re-education. They’ll use the Experts to convince the masses that you’re “defective”—that you’re a threat that must be dealt with—and if history is any indication, these days are not far away.

It’s all been done before. But this time, given the 21st century tech-enabled tyranny, if we fail to make a stand, we’re going to lose forever. The stakes have never been higher.

Resist we must!


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