Jul 11, 2022 • 19M

Ep. 154 - How the Useful Idiots are Getting Used

How politicians are preying upon the unsuspecting masses using tactics straight out of the Communist Manifesto.

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You know it's coming.

"Seeing the failures and fault lines in the cruel light of day cast by the corona crisis may compel us to act faster by replacing failed ideas, institutions, processes and rules with new ones better suited to current and future needs. This is the essence of the Great Reset." -Klaus Schwab, author of COVID-19: The Great Reset

Let's just break that down a bit:

  • The failed ideas he is referring to include capitalism, personal property, and basic human rights. These ideas stand in the way of the progressive agenda, which you know is actually regressive in nature. This is a frontal assault on conservative values and cultural heritage, as it seeks to reconstitute humanity as global citizens who are tagged, tracked, and controlled like animals.

  • The failed institutions he is referring to is the old world order in its entirety. But, more specifically he is speaking of replacing failed nation-states, private medical practices, the existing financial system, the education system, etc. In the end, the communists intend to remake them all. That’s their objective.

  • The failed processes he is referring to include the idea that individuals should be able to vote on the rules by electing legislative representatives through an electoral college, among other things. It also includes the replacing the existing process of who controls what, wherein the government takes control of all property and means of production in order to ensure equitable distribution.

  • The failed rules he is referring to are all the unwoke antiquated concepts like constitutional rights, national sovereignty, medical rules like the Nuremberg code, and toothless environmental laws that are too lax to stop humanity from destroying the planet. Ultimately, any rules that are not centrally devised and controlled socialist rules will need to be replaced.

Now then, does any of this sound familiar?

How about this quote from the Communist Manifesto:

"The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions." -Karl Marx & Friedrich Engles, The Communist Manifesto

The forcible overthrow of all existing conditions—got it.

Sounds like a Great Reset, right?

Marx was a genius in his own right. He figured out how to use language with a "hidden, higher meaning" to convince the useful idiots they were fighting for justice and equality, when in reality, they were simply consolidating power in the hands of a few power hungry elites. By using the peasants to do their bidding, communists try to come off as the champion of the little guy, all while conditioning them into servitude.

And it works. Why? Because a certain percentage of the human population is content to be slaves. They appreciate the protection and the provisions. They're given food and shelter, and all they have to do is do what they're told. Then they are praised for being good humans, and that means they won't have to suffer at the hands of their masters (get beaten like slaves). It's husbandry, pure and simple.

Of course, lacking the intelligence or inclination to question the hands that feed them and keep them safe, these useful idiots actually believe they are the good guys. They rally behind the cause and help champion diversity, equity, and inclusion, gay rights, abortion rights, gun laws, and the like. Nevermind that all of these ideas are illogical, idiotic, and completely void of any merit or intellectual substance—precisely because they are all incongruent with reality—what these morons fail to perceive is that these are the very concepts being used to divide and conquer society.

The powerful elite understand how to use class warfare. Modern politics are the prime example, but what is critical to realize is that these are tried and true communist tactics intentionally used to facilitate revolution.

"The Communist revolution is the most radical rupture with traditional property relations; no wonder that its development involves the most radical rupture with traditional ideas."

The term "radical rupture" is an accurate description. Communism causes a mental rupture, wherein the feeble minds of peasants are overwhelmed by the pie-in-the-sky utopian ideals espoused by the elite—to the point that critical thinking simply shuts down. Impressionable young minds are pumped so full of “progressive ideas” that their cognitive capacity for discernment simply pops. That is, it ruptures like a pustule, marked by emotional rapture and outbursts.

Intelligent people understand that emotions cloud judgement. We are all susceptible to this and we all suffer from it from time to time. The politicians, especially the communists, prey upon this basic human condition because it produces predictable results. It gives them power. The more minds they can emotionally manipulate, the more power they have. Eventually, they amass enough power to take over the world by simply eradicating any opposition for the sake of the cause—and the useful idiots will cheer them on. 

With all that said, and it needs to be said, let's take one more passage from the Communist Manifesto that explicitly states how they intend to take over the world:

"The first step in the revolution by the working class is to raise the proletariat to the position of the ruling class; to win the battle of democracy."

To win the battle of democracy...

Sounds like a noble cause, right? To win the battle of democracy. Why do these words, straight out of the Communist Manifesto, sound so familiar? What's going on here?

Here are couple of clues:

It certainly sounds as if democracy is under attack. And, since democracy is under attack, that would mean that we are in the middle of a battle for democracy, correct?

Conservatives are quick to point out that that America is actually a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy, which is why we see so many headlines like these:

It would appear, if you ask the Left, that Republicans are attacking democracy at every turn. In reality, Republicans are simply trying to preserve our Republic. However, the liberals and self-proclaimed progressives who comprise the Democrat party will never come to see it that way. The can't, because they've been conditioned to believe otherwise—to the point they believe that “snow is black.”

Their brains have undergone the "radical rupture" that now separates them from reality. The point is this: These useful idiots are being controlled by communists. When Klaus Schwab so eloquently dismembers all aspects of existing society, he is espousing communist tactics. When Democrats squawk about the assault on democracy, there are deploying communist tactics.

When the ruling class is actively rewriting history, censoring dissenting perspectives, persecuting political opposition, trying to disarm citizens, manipulating national elections, forcing people to cover their face, injecting the population with experimental drugs, and claiming that all of this is for the benefit of society, to keep us safe, and to preserve democracy..... you KNOW ..... drum roll please .... THE COMMIES ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!! :)

You also know that these are all failed ideas, but if we don't call it what is, we'll never be able to uproot the problem: Democracy is the first step toward Communism, and this is an irrefutable fact that comes straight out of their own Manifesto.

May Americans take note!