Sep 23, 2022 • 19M

TR 204 - How They Target Children

Examining the insidious plot to assimilate future generations.

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It’s a commie tactic.

Today I wanted to talk about high-brow globalist concepts like “climate justice” and “digital public goods”—but something more important popped up. Something more insidious and sinister. Something that comes straight from the Communist Manifesto:

Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists.

The Communists have not invented the intervention of society in education; but they do seek to alter the character of that intervention…

all family ties are torn asunder, and their children transformed into simple articles of commerce and instruments of labor.” (Pg. 62)

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you are well aware that the commies have long been trying to take over the world by infiltrating every institution imaginable. This includes the fact that Communists help found the United Nations and it’s various organs, and that the vast majority of the global cabal are in fact commies in disguise.

They call themselves progressives, liberals, democrats, socialists, etc, but beneath the labels, they are all Communists—with a capital C. They extol the ideologies established by Karl Marx and deploy the strategies set forth in the Manifesto, stoking divisions from every angle: the working class against the rich, women against men, children against parents, blacks against whites, straights against gays, and so on.

It’s all class warfare, pitting one class of people against another in an effort to disrupt and destroy all existing aspects of society. Again, reading from the Manifesto:

“Socialist and Communists attack every principle of existing society. … They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.” (Pg. 102)

Make no mistake, we are under a coordinated ideological attack that is being orchestrated by the most powerful people in highest levels of government, who are working with the most wealthy and sinister corporations and NGOs on the planet, for the singular purpose of total control and reduction of the human population.

Let that sink in.

Of course, I assume the majority of this audience already knows this, so I’m not going to drill down on the point. Instead, I want to point out how this is playing out in real-time as the global cabal continues to coordinate their efforts via the UN General Assembly and other globalist meetings taking place this week.

Communists target women and children, because Communists are predators. They seek control and power and achieve this through deception and force. They use language that has a “hidden, higher, socialistic interpretation, the exact contrary of its real character.” They have no moral restraint and believe the ends justify the means.

In other words, they lie and seduce innocent victims to exploit them for personal gain—and that is exactly what is happening at the UN General Assembly this week.

After establishing a new dedicated office for youth affairs—the United Nations Youth Office—the UNGA set several meeting dates to create “A Pact for the Future” with youth from around the world. Among other things, this new UNYO will target children with the following objectives:

  • Scale up scientifically accurate age-appropriate comprehensive education that provides adolescent girls and boys, in and out of school, consistent with their evolving capacities, with information on sexual and reproductive health, gender equality and the empowerment of women, physical, psychological and pubertal development, and power in relationships between women and men

  • Actively engage youth organizations in decision-making processes regarding environmental policy and programming initiatives, aimed at countering climate change, desertification, land deterioration and biodiversity loss

  • Accelerate the effort to close the digital divide and promote innovation among youth by ensuring that technologies are fully integrated into education and training at all levels, including in the development of curricula, teacher training and institutional administration

  • Take the necessary and appropriate measures, with respect for human rights, to address disinformation and advocacy of hatred constituting incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence on the Internet

  • Seek specific measures to promote the meaningful and inclusive participation and empowerment of youth on disarmament and non-proliferation issues

It goes on and on, but let’s back up and identify what’s happening here:

  1. They’re targeting youth for political purposes.

  2. They’re programming children with progressive policies.

  3. They’re leveraging these children to control the future.

All of the perverted curriculum in public schools? That’s an edict coming down from on high. Scientifically accurate “comprehensive education” is the language with hidden meaning, and the purpose is to confuse children, make them vulnerable to predators (grooming), and lower population growth—queers don’t reproduce.

All of the “climate carnage” that’s ravaging the world? That’s because irresponsible adults and greedy rich people don’t care about the planet, which means that youth activists need to demand change, pop tires, lie down in the street, and throw a screaming fit until they get their way—or better yet, then need to vote.

Did you know that the state of Washington has a Future Voter program that is actively soliciting kids as young as 16 to become registered voters? I kid you not, they even have resources for teachers to push the agenda. Here’s the link.

As far as closing the “digital divide” by making sure Big Tech is fully integrated into the classroom, this is ultimately intended to streamline institutional indoctrination.

Here’s how it works:

1st) UNYO conducts research via intrusive surveys so as to pinpoint the precise language and emotions they can use to hack the minds of youth.

2nd) This data is fed into the UNGA, which sets legally binding global policies for educational standards and teacher training.

3rd) Collective programming is then disseminated through a globally connected network of digital platforms being ran by the global cabal.

Part of this process, as part of the overall effort to immunize humanity against misinformation, will include repeated training that teaches kids how to identify anything deemed to be disinformation (i.e. public dissent) and report it to the authorities—anonymously, of course, to keep kids safe from retaliation.

And, of course, teachers will have to be trained to be proficient in the reporting of this dissent, so that they can guide their students toward socially acceptable information and state sanctioned truth. This is all part of the brilliant plan to make everyone “lifelong learners”—which sounds nice enough, but ultimately translates into people being conditioned not to think for themselves.

The Science is always changing. The Experts now believe that if you disagree, you are a threat to democracy. The Law says that makes you an extremist. The Data indicates you are in need of reprogramming. The UNCOPS will make sure you comply.

Don’t think it won’t happen.

Because it already is.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that the U.S. military is pushing woke transgender policies, cities are handing out free money to transgender psychopaths, and Republicans are having to openly fight against "Radical Gender Imperialism"? This is the agenda being pushed through by the global cabal, and financial companies continue to accelerate the freezing of assets of those who challenge the narrative.

Ultimately, young cadets and adolescent pupils are being programmed to believe that snow is black. They are being conditioned to perceive anyone who disagrees as a hate fueled extremist. They will report hate speech, because hate speech leads to hate fueled violence, and violence is a threat to democracy.

The cabal is targeting youth in order to turn them into a progressive army of useful idiots who are willing to support the outright elimination of all political dissent.

That’s the commie tactic. Parents beware. Patriots take note. At some point, these kids are going to be trained to report your guns. Because guns are violent, and violence is a threat to democracy. It will come in the form of an innocent survey: Do you ever feel discriminated against because of your sexual identity? Do your parents have guns? Does anyone you know express anti-government opinions?

Don’t worry, you can tell us. Your parents don’t have to know. Are you feeling confused? We’ll help you feel safe. Let me read a story, it comes from the library, and libraries are safe and secure. In fact, they have this cool event coming up, it’s fun, it has music and dancing, it’s called Drag Queen story hour….

The truth is that our youth are being sexualized, politicized, and weaponized against the future of humanity—and this is a major issue, whether you have kids or not.

We need to teach our children that freedom is the best path forward and that America is still the greatest country on Earth—as long as we don’t fall to the global cabal, and in many ways, that will depend on them—but first it depends on us!

PS: If you want to see exactly how they’re targeting children and better understand what we’re up against, please read the UN’s Youth Declaration on Transforming Education—it’s an eye opening document!