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TR 272 - The Art of Memes & Making Predictions

TR 272 - The Art of Memes & Making Predictions

As we look forward to the year ahead, we should expect more unexpected.

This is funny:


In a recent conversation a friend was linking the art of memes, aka Memology, to the art of psychological warfare. It was a fascinating consideration.

The emotional impact of an image paired with words is undeniable.

The subtleties of appearance, expression, and cultural cues add even more depth.


Still, there are a great many people who have never heard of a meme, and have no clue what a meme is, or why anyone would find them amusing, frustrating, or illuminating, depending on the mood, the slant, and the day. The point here, is that everyone has a different frame of reference, and ultimately those differences really do matter.

In the very same way as there are people who are unfamiliar with memes, there are also a great many people who have never heard of Sentinel Surveillance, Algorithmic Social Interventions, the Great Reset, or the Twitter Files. While in certain circles these topics are more or less ubiquitous, the lag-time for societal awareness is painfully slow. In reality, there will always be some people who will never ever know, either due to a lack of interest, sheltered social circles, the media echo chamber, or simply because the government does not want them to know.

Nobody knows everything… just to state the obvious.

Yet, throughout history, there have always been a few special people that seemed to have an extra-special ability to predict the future—aka prophets. While some people are quick to dismiss the idea that any person can actually peer into the future and perceive major events hundreds or thousands of years in advance, others would point to historical examples of this supernatural phenomenon, such as Nostradamus.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Nostradamus was the “most widely read seer of the Renaissance,” circa the mid-1500’s. According to many other sources, Nostradamus is said to have accurately predicted, among other things, the rise of Adolf Hitler, the atomic ending of World War II, the assassination of JFK, and even the 9/11 collapse of the World Trade Center.

Given his proven track record, the Jerusalem Post is now projecting that 2023 could bring several of Nostradamus’s yet-to-be-fulfilled predictions to fruition. Among these disturbing predictions are the following:

  • A failed economy that could lead to cannibalism

  • Dry land to get drier and a forecast of floods

  • An off-planet disaster for Elon Musk

  • Riots and revenge in the streets

  • Change on the British Isles

  • The Great War of 2023

As always, take it with a grain of salt, right?

Who knows?

There are plenty of people making predictions for 2023, but I’m not one of them. In my mind, we are in the age of the unexpected. Think about it: Who’d have thought Tom Brady would still be making and breaking NFL records at age 45? Who’d have thought we’d still have over 100 political prisoners being held in the government gulag? Who’d have thought Joe Biden would be teaming up with Mitch McConnell to run an in-your-face economic victory lap in the deep-red state of Kentucky?

I mean, it’s no surprise that California is launching a whole slew of woke legislation this new year—including punishing doctors who challenge the narrative—but who’d have thought that the Democratic Governor of New York would actually legalize turning human bodies into compost? As crazy as it sounds, New York is not alone.

According to sources, Washington state became the first state to legalize human composting in 2019, followed by Colorado and Oregon in 2021, and Vermont and California in 2022—which are all Leftist states in bed with the global cabal. Leave it to the Collective Cult to come up with such a great way to get rid of bodies!

Wild-eyed conspiracy theorists might link this seemingly bizarre urge to legalize turning humans into fertilizer to the broad eugenicists agenda, noting that over 50 years ago the movie Soylent Green was released with the following prediction:

Set in 2022… there was no longer any room, any food, any sea life, or any respect for human rights. Global warming was destroying everything.

A tiny oligarchy ruled over a population stripped of their basic humanity whose source of sustenance was reduced to tasteless crackers of Soylent Green–which, famously, was made of the processed corpses of people who had been euthanized.”

It’s worth noting this movie was driven by the hysteria created by the book titled “The Population Bomb” that was written by Stanford Professor Paul Ehrlich in 1968. Though the book was pseudo-scientific at best, it has been a priceless source of propaganda that’s been used to indoctrinate several generations into the radical environmental movement—and now these quacks have become a dominant force.

Not surprisingly, Paul Ehrlich is still a darling among the Left. Quite ironically, these regressive progressives seem to adore and adhere to old-rich-white-guys like Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Paul Ehrlich. This helps explain why CNN has trotted out Ehrlich to help boost their Climate Crisis narrative for the new year.

As maddening as it is, it’s probably worth watching the propaganda for yourself, so as to glean insight into the mindset that’s currently driving global policies:

Of course, calling this crap propaganda is itself just a wild conspiracy heavily propagated amongst climate deniers. Anyone who knows anything at all, knows that The Science has long been settled by an international group of scientists (aka The Experts). There is clearly a global Consensus that we absolutely must forfeit our sovereignty for the sake of the collective agenda to save the planet.

You can read all about it at the United Nations website—where they are quick to assure you that the UN Sustainable Development Goals are the only solution. Keep in mind at all times, that this is what is driving policies from the global to the local level. Their agenda is vast, and if you follow their various rabbit trails far enough, you will arrive at Future Earth—a China-style model of “civil society” where you will own nothing, eat bugs, and be happy, or else

…Or else you might end up becoming compost.

We have to save the planet. We just have to. Just think about the children! It’s a damn good thing we have radical environmental activists like Greta Thunberg out there making millions by pushing the global socialist surveillance state—ahem, I mean the only path to a peaceful, sustainable, more equitable, and just future:


Just to be fair to the poor kid on bottom in this meme, the U.S. Government’s got his back... now they’ve launched a Combatting Child Labor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Cobalt Industry program called COTECCO. The plan outlines how the U.S government plans to tap the Congo’s $24 trillion dollar precious minerals by spending millions of dollars on bureaucratic oversight to make sure that child labor no longer ends up in memes like the one above—despite the fact that even the liberal media has admitted to finding children mining for cobalt in the Congo.

I’m sure glad that COTECCO is taking care of this, because otherwise people might get the wrong idea and start thinking this entire wacko environmental agenda was really all about money, power, and control of resources, or something. But what the heck do I know any way:


Friends, this is the first Monday of a brand new year. There are some pretty good predictions out there about which conspiracies are most likely to come true, but rather than speculate, I’m just going to keep a finger on the pulse and watch the next circus act unfold. We are in the midst of a war for control of humanity—and our thoughts and emotions are the battlefield—but the future is yet to be written.

This year, may we all vow to be vigilant, vivacious, and very earnestly engaged.

The future is in our hands!

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