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TR 357 - The Woke Mind Virus

TR 357 - The Woke Mind Virus

It's out there. You've seen it. The symptoms are unmistakable.

Beware of the Borg.

Did you ever watch Star Trek? Do you remember the Borg? They were the cyborgs who went around injecting people with “nanoprobes” to forcibly assimilate them into the “collective.” This is the first paragraph at Wikipedia:

The parallels between the Borg and the progressive movement are astounding.

The Borg are cybernetic organisms, which is the equivalent to the modern transhumanist movement. As reported in TR 348 - The Singularity & Digital Gods, there are already “augmented humans” —which is the exact definition of what a cyborg is—walking among us. Many people around the world are already pursuing the infinite potential of human enhancement via bio-tech augmentations:

Transhumanists are already lining up for their “technological baptism.” At some point these “upgraded” humans will become the norm, and once in the majority, they will have all the power they need to rule the world and become like gods—or so they think.

Or so they think.

Don’t underestimate the drive and determination of those who are hellbent on total domination. Don’t think for a second these people are not serious about building their digital gods—and there should be no doubt that there will be people who worship these digital gods. Human history has proven that people will believe and worship just about anything, and this 21st century twist will only be all the more enticing.

THAT said, there is something more disturbing about the Borg that I want to bring into the conversation, specifically the nanoprobes and biotech they used for assimilation. The words “resistance is futile” ring in my ears. Nanoprobes and biotech have the potential to present an inescapable threat, do they not? By the very nature of us not being able to see these nano devices, the augmentation could be delivered without notice, could it not? This consideration stimulated my curiosity.

Clicking on the “nanoprobe” link in Wiki led to an article on molecular machines. This line caught my attention:

“In 2016 the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, and Bernard L. Feringa for the design and synthesis of molecular machines.”

Six years ago the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded for the design and synthesis of molecular machines. It turns out they’ve been working on this for decades, and the official term for what the Borg called “nanoprobes” is an Artificial Molecular Machine. There are many different types of these molecular machines, with the first working examples coming out in the early 90s. There has been an explosion of investment into these nano machines, which has fueled phenomenal innovation.

At this point, a cursory review reveals that scientists have managed to build “artificial molecular machines”—aka nanobots—that are capable of the following:

That’s a pretty impressive arsenal. Think about what a robotics engineer can do with hinges, motors, switches, and a nifty pair of tweezers, and you can see that the sky is the limit here—literally and figuratively. Keep in mind that we’re talking about microscopic nano-scale stuff here, that has the proven capacity to function like a full sized machine. And to help wrap our heads around just how small the nano scale is, here’s a screenshot from the National Nanotechnology Initiative (.gov) website:

That scientists can actually manipulate and assemble machines at that scale is utterly mind-boggling, but lets not get lost in the details. I think it’s really cool that there was an international Nanocar Race back in 2017, but I’m even more interested in the race toward using this technology in other, more onerous ways. I’ve discussed the convergence of capacity and intent—what radical environmental fanatics who want to depopulate the earth could do with this technology, for example—in prior reports; but I honestly wasn’t prepared to see this at the top of the page at Science Direct today:

They’re figuring out how to insert “special sensor nanobots” that are designed to emit an electrical impulse into our blood? WHY? Oh, to monitor blood sugar levels. Got it. That sounds nice enough. I’m sure they would never use that information to monitor and manipulate mood, emotion, or mental state—or for any of the other infinite potential uses, such as “Smart Vaccines” that are designed to deliver “digital immunity.”

Friends, I’m not making this stuff up. The next paper on Science Direct was titled, “The miraculous anatomy of the digital immunity ecosystem,” which explains Smart Vaccine in the following way:

What is the Smart Vaccine?

“Nanobot engineering is defined as the engineering of “smart” functional systems at the molecular scale. …

The SV is an intelligent nanobot, programmable to do a specific function in digital immunity. …

As it is scaled at the molecular level, it can be a component of a chip, it can roam through computer cables, it can reside on a storage device, and it can communicate with other SVs. That is why it is called the “Smart” Vaccine. …

It is the counterpart of the B cells or T cells in the human immunity system. We can also compare it to the neurons that transfer sensory and motor signals to and from the brain.”

Is everyone okay with this but me?

You want to know what else? This is all part of “storing digital binary data in cellular DNA,” which has been dubbed a New Paradigm—the digital immunity ecosystem (DIE)—which scientists claim is an “exact replication of the human immune system for the digital world.” This takes human augmentation to a whole new level. No doubt the transhumanist fanatics will be flocking to get their digital inoculation. Fools.

It’s not that this isn’t powerful science. It’s not that there isn’t phenomenal potential for positive applications. Who wouldn’t want to have a digital immune system that could detect viral intruders, regulate your blood sugar, metabolism, hormones, and more? Would such a powerful and adaptive digital immune system stop preventable disease in its tracks, prevent us from getting sick, and boost our overall well-being in every imaginable way? Well, maybe.

But maybe not.

Or, maybe these so-called “smart vaccines” are being programmed to genetically modify our DNA to reduce the character traits that lead to people rebelling against authority, for example. The point is, anything is possible—and most people remain completely unaware that this technology even exists. It’s probably nothing, but some of the words they used in the abstract rubbed me a little wrong:

Causality. Deep battle strategy. Scenarios from the battlefield.

It sounds like there’s a war going on, doesn’t it?

Immediately my mind flashed back to the Fun Vax video, where the guy was presenting a vaccination that would genetically modify the jihadists and reduce their urge to strap a bomb to their body and blow up innocent people in the name of God. The strategy was to reduce the expression of VMAT2, which is known as the God Gene. The detailed presentation also talked about using different delivery systems.

The video was DoD time stamped 2005, and the back and forth went like this:

Official: “What, are we going to do? Give soldiers a needle to stab the enemy with?”

Presenter: “No, with what we have in mind, that won’t be necessary.”

Digging into all of this led me to research “self-disseminating vitally vectored vaccines,” only to discover they’ve been using this technology for over 20 years. I reported on all this back in January 2022, in TR 46 - Following The Clues: Monkey Business (Pt 2), which is available in the archives for Patriot Club members!

Just to quickly recap: nanoscale artificial molecular machines are small enough to enter a human cell, even smaller than our DNA, which allows them to augment the immune system and establish digital immunity; scientists have being using virally vectored vaccinations to disseminate genetic modifications throughout dispersed populations; which means they have the ability to biohack and genetically modify humanity in essentially the very same way that the Borg did it in Star Trek.

Putting it all together: do you recall what the Borg’s ultimate objective was?

Achieving perfection.

Achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion, gender equality, environmental justice, health care for all, clean air and water, sustainable patterns of production and consumption, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030, and the Great Reset all aim at achieving perfection as well. Achieving perfection is precisely what Global Digital Governance and Future Earth are intended to do—the problem is that the global cabal has to control the whole of humanity to make that happen.

To control us, they must enslave us in our minds. That’s the only way they can stave off a massive revolt. Domesticate the masses into docile sheep. This is where the woke mind virus joins the fray. Just like the Borg sought to assimilate everyone into the collective, so too do the globalists seek to assimilate us all into the global collective. When they control our minds, they control our behavior. What they really want to claim is your soul in the name of their own digital gods.

They claim that resistance is futile, but I like to say:

Resist we must!


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