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TR 594 - Strange Emerging Patterns Reveal an Unknown Portion of the Globalist Plot

TR 594 - Strange Emerging Patterns Reveal an Unknown Portion of the Globalist Plot

One year, two years, three years, four... the commie cabal is at the door!

Well, well, well…

What have we here?

I’ll be damned if it’s not our favorite “nation no one has heard of,” Burkina Faso. At the outset, and for the record, that makes this the FOURTH summer in a row that Burkina Faso has cropped up in the headlines, in the month of June.

Strange coincidence, isn’t it?

Just to quickly recap, from TR 135 - The Importance of Believing Impossible Things, and remember, this report was written June 13th, 2022:

Cruising the news this morning we find that COVID hospitalizations and deaths are surging among the vaccinated (and have been);

...the Jan. 6 prime time show trial continues to brainwash the American people, altering evidence and lying about what happened (truth here);

...Russia is winning the war in Ukraine and is now set to move troops into Nicaragua;

...the stock and housing markets are set for an epic crash;

...a Google engineer breached confidentiality and went public with the claim that Artificial Intelligence is now sentient;

and then there is this: At least 100 killed in Burkina Faso attack over weekend

“Armed men killed at least 100 civilians in a rural district of northern Burkina Faso over the weekend, a local and a security source said on Monday.”

--cue the record scratch--

Where in the heck is Burkina Faso, and why in the world is this headline news?

At that point, two years ago, it struck me as odd that this little country was cropping up as front page news, given all the hype surrounding the J6 Show Trials, Russia! Russia! Russia!, and the Google engineer’s announcement of sentient AI.

Clearly Burkina Faso was an outlier, which perked my curiosity to look into it. That led me directly to the CIA, several remarkable similarities to the Ukrainian color revolution, and a globalist power play to secure the Burkinabe’s gold resources, just as Putin was linking the Ruble to gold.

All that and more in TR 135.

Fast-forward to TR 420 - Buckle Up It’s About to Get Bumpy, where I was recapping the scam investigation into Biden & Son’s shady Burisma dealings, the liberals freaking out about AI “taking over” the 2024 election, the fact that nobody was talking about the Twitter Files and the Google Files anymore—and, how Burkina Faso had magically cropped back up in the news, almost like clock work.

That was the third summer in a row, and this time, it came alongside revelations about the BRICS moving to a gold-backed digital currency.

So here we are, now the fourth summer, with Burkina Faso headlines strangely percolating to the surface of headline news—which was really quite fitting, because I had no intentions of discussing the American political circus today.

I just couldn’t stomach it.

Instead, turning my attention toward the global cabal, I came across this:

Personally, I find it both odd and laughable that NATO’s subject-matter expert in “gender perspective” is lamenting the lack of enthusiasm for their socialist indoctrination into gender and class warfare.

“While gender is supposed to be transversal and prioritised, it is consistently overlooked and underfunded by international, state, and non-state actors in the region.

…government increasingly prioritises the security sector while ignoring the 30% female participation quota.

…in this volatile political and security environment, external actors must reconsider how they engage with authoritarian leaders, civil society and local actors and lower their initial ambitions regarding the normative agendas.”

Normative Agendas

Isn’t it interesting that American intelligence agencies, the WEF, the UN, and NATO are all so interested in Burkina Faso? Clearly, it’s all about the gold.

Just to put the direct involvement of the United States into perspective, get this:

“According to data from the Security Assistance Monitor, U.S. security funding for Burkina Faso skyrocketed from annual rates that were in the $200,000 range before 2009 to $1.8 million in 2010 and more than $16 million by 2018. This is only an accounting of publicly disclosed funding, and investigative work suggests the total amount of U.S. security cooperation aid to Burkina Faso in 2018 and 2019 was as high as $100 million. Most of this funding has supported military operations and equipment, including vehicles, weapons, and generators.

Data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute shows a parallel spike in Burkina Faso’s military expenditures since 2009. That year the country’s military spent $110 million; 10 years later, in 2019, it spent $358 million.

The United States has also provided extensive counterterrorism training, both in West Africa and in America, to Burkinabe military and police forces.

The leader of Burkina Faso’s current coup, Lt. Col. Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, has an extensive history of participating in U.S.-sponsored military training. Among others, he participated in the United States’ Exercise Flintlock in West Africa in 2010 and 2020, a U.S.-sponsored Military Intelligence Basic Officer Course in Senegal in 2013 and 2014, and a Department of Defense Civil Military Support Element in Burkina Faso in 2018 and 2019. A prior coup in Burkina Faso in 2014 was led by a military official, Lt. Col. Isaac Zida, who had also attended U.S. counterterrorism and military intelligence training courses.”

Aren’t you glad your tax dollars are getting put to such good use? There’s nothing like spending hundreds of millions of dollars to train radical terrorists how to overthrow their own government, shipping them free military equipment, and giving them favorable global media coverage, all to encourage a Western-friendly tribal revival, is there?

“There’s nothing like the smell of napalm in the morning!”

It’s too bad those stubborn Burkinabe are so darn resistant to the global cabal’s “normative agendas,” like implementing the 30% female participation quota.

Evidently, quite unfortunately, this has opened the door for Russia (and China) to establish friendly relations with the African coup leaders—perhaps by offering them assistance in rejecting NATO’s gender indoctrination programs.

But fortunately, lest you fret, according to the Congressional Research Service, U.S. officials are now considering more “nonlethal” military aid in an effort to deter Burkina Faso from working with the Russian mercenaries in the Wagner Group.

Friends, you can’t make this stuff up.

Let’s zoom out.

Pulling from the fact that virtually no one is talking about all of the above, I’d like to point out a few observations:

  • Your tax dollars are getting pissed away left and right to fund foreign coups, while our own country is ripping apart at the seams, and the vast majority of Americans are too busy, too distracted, or too stupid to notice, let alone care enough to take action.

  • The globalist’s Agenda 2030 is moving along at pace, with very little opposition, mostly due to the Orwellian censorship and relentless state propaganda, which in conjunction are warping the perspectives of most people who stay “plugged in” to the news.

  • People believe all sorts of different things and are essentially living in entirely different realities, which is both a symptom and a feature of the high-level psychological operations that are being used to fleece the masses while the final pieces of the inescapable global surveillance state are put into place.

Over the last 593 reports, we’ve uncovered and analyzed the cabal’s sinister agenda from many different angles. Their goal is total global control of a reduced population, and the pandemic—which kicked off the Great Reset—was the opening act for a massive 10-year push to completely transform the world as we know it.

“By 2030, you will own nothing and be happy.”
—Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum

It seems like such a preposterous assertion, there’s no way in hell that could ever happen, right? Sure, but as tempting as it is to casually dismiss these delusions of grandeur as nothing more than the babbling of a psychotic megalomaniac, we’d be wise to scrutinize this clearly stated intention.

The globalists are not shy about their plans to rule the world, precisely because they know most people are not paying attention. Furthermore, they know full well they are way ahead of the game, having been methodically plotting for the last century or more.

We’d be foolish to think they don’t have plans in place to pull this off.

Just to be fair, I do still struggle to see how exactly, but I certainly do not underestimate these shysters. Think about what they’ve been able to pull off thus far. Think about the pandemic. Think about J6 and the Trump trials. Think about Ukraine, Gaza, Burkina Faso, and all the other places being meddled with.

Think about “normative agendas.”

Have you ever thought about “normative agendas” before? Me neither. That’s why those words stood out to me today. It felt like there was something there, so I did a little digging. Behold, there is an abundance of research on the subject:

If you were to peruse those papers, I’m sure you’d be just as blown away as I was to learn just how thoroughly effective these normative agendas are at transforming national consciousness—that is, at transforming the norms of entire societies.

This single passage might illuminate the threat of normative agendas best of all:

“This process of translation takes what might otherwise be highly contentious normative agendas and converts them into formats that gain credibility through rhetorical claims to neutral and technocratic assessment. This politics of numbers has far-reaching ramifications for transnational governance, including the dimensions and effects of indirect power, expertise and agenda-setting, coordination, regulation and certification, and norm contestation and activism.”

Chewing on the implications, it’s mind-blowing.

All in a day’s study, I suppose.

Did you catch that this is a Marxist/Critical Theory/commie methodology?

How about those Burkinabes, eh?



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