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TR 586 - Evidence We Are Nearing the Final Stages of a Dark and Sinister Plan

TR 586 - Evidence We Are Nearing the Final Stages of a Dark and Sinister Plan

How piss-poor parenting and fatherless gangbangers fit into the broader Cultural Revolution.

What a week!

It’s Friday, and before we wade into the foray, I’d like to drop a quick personal note and apologize for the abrupt departure from routine. I didn’t get reports put together on Wednesday and Thursday because, well, I simply didn’t have the time to do it justice. I figured it’s better to skip a day, than to offer up a subpar report!

That said, I’d like to pick up where we left off on Tuesday, which was discussing how weaponized AI is being used to fleece the whole of humanity.

The point that I was making in TR 585 - Squaring Off With the REAL Masters of Deception, was that even though governments are actively trying to convince the public that AI-generated deepfakes are working night and day to deceive them, the true purveyors of deception are those power hungry tyrants who are attempting to consolidate power and control in the hands of an unelected global cabal.

We’d be wise to fear human nature much more than intelligent machines.

Now that the timeless impulse of evil has been infused with unimaginably powerful 21st-century technologies, we are faced with a truly frightening situation. Those who control the algorithms now have the ability to deceive the masses at a scale and to degree of precision that were never before possible.

The greatest deception of all, as previously discussed, is that the public is being trained to trust the government, as if only the government can keep them safe from so-called misinformation. In reality, anyone with a functioning mind understands the utter absurdity of the proposition.

Governments around the globe are the most prolific pushers of misinformation, fake news, and political propaganda on the planet. Only fools would try to deny it.

Let’s zoom out.

While many conservative pundits are snickering about the “Demolition of Michael Cohen” today—you know, the disgraced lawyer and serial liar who was brought in to testify against Donald Trump, hot on the heels of the money grubbing porn star Stormy Daniels, despite the fact that he has repeatedly been caught lying under oath—we do need to set this farcical trial and political circus aside.

Same goes for Biden’s chief economic advisor continuing to deny the reality (and Biden’s lies) about skyrocketing inflation, the interest payments on our exorbitant national debt officially eclipsing spending on defense and Medicare, and even the fact that Ukraine has formally asked NATO to send in troops.

These too are secondary issues.

Shifting toward substance, in the spirit of entertaining news, I’d like to offer you something you probably haven’t seen anywhere else. Grab a hold of this headline, if you will, courtesy of the WHO:

It is time to end corporal punishment everywhere and keep our 2030 promise to children

What do you think? What does “time to end corporal punishment everywhere” actually mean? And what the hell does this have to do with anything important?

I’d like to tease out the takeaway, starting with the entertainment value of some laughable assertions. Reading from the first two paragraphs:

“In 2015, with the adoption of the SDGs, the world made a commitment to end violence against children (SDG target 16.2) by 2030. With less than six years to go, we need to accelerate efforts to eliminate corporal punishment, one of the most widespread forms of such violence.

Corporal punishment — defined by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, as “any punishment in which physical force is used and intended to cause some degree of pain or discomfort, however light” — has traditionally been seen as an entirely normal and even necessary part of raising children.

However, research has confirmed that corporal punishment does in fact inflict considerable harm on both children and societies as a whole.”

This is a complete crock of shit, pardon the French.

The globalists are accelerating their efforts to eliminate corporal punishment, or any form of punishment that causes any degree of discomfort, “however light.”

They are doing so, ostensibly, because even though eons of child-rearing has proven conclusively that this is a “necessary part of raising children,” these woke psychopaths now have new research indicating that raising children right actually inflicts “considerable harm” on societies as a whole. Right.

What we see here, are the masters of deception hard at work.

What are they up to?

They are linking “some degree of discomfort” with violence, and they are doing so to drive a wedge between parents and children. This is a ploy that comes directly out of the Communist Manifesto, as discussed in TR 204 - How They Target Children.

Now I know that looks aren’t everything, and I don’t want to make any overt suggestions, but the title of the author of this garbage really caught my eye (not the fact that he looks like a pedophile):

When I read the words “social determinants” I think “social outcomes”—as in the commie strategies to indoctrinate youth (via Adaptation Agenda), and the insidiously sneaky “embedded social consciousness” we discussed way back in TR 402 - The Transformation of Human Consciousness.

Just to refresh:

TR 402 goes on to explain that the global elite understand the science of conscious transformation very well, and that they are using this science to embed socialist beliefs, values, and attitudes in order to develop “cosmopolitan” global citizens.

Their proficiency in doing so is disturbing, but I don’t want to get lost in the weeds here. The point is, the global elites have been embedding this “social consciousness”—i.e. socialist beliefs—since long before the internet existed.

Now they are using weaponized AI to exponentially accelerate the process.

That said, given that communists are working to unite the democrat parties in countries all around the world (because winning the battle of democracy is the first step in a communist revolution), and knowing that the purpose of all this is to leverage mob rule in order “forcibly overthrow” all aspects of existing society, I’d like to circle back to the eradication of corporal punishment.

(If those facts are unfamiliar, please read TR 287 - The Rise of Global Democracy?)

Beyond the sickening deception that seeks to turn children against their parents, I believe the eradication of corporal punishment serves another dark and sinister purpose as well. In fact, the recent campus protests provide a perfect example of what happens when kids are raised without punishment.

If the Sustainable Development Goals aim to eradicate any form of punishment that causes any degree of discomfort—“however light”—it must inevitably serve the purpose of their master plan, which is the consolidation of power and control.

So, how does “eradicating corporal punishment” serve to consolidate power and control? It’s somewhat counterintuitive, but beyond spawning entire generations of snot-nosed brats who have no respect for their parents, these emotionally unstable, ungrounded, undisciplined children will inevitably grow up to become the unruly mob that “the powers that be” will incite to destroy existing society.

These punks believe snow is black. Guns are violent. War is peace. You know the drill.

They’ve become so warped, they now believe women can have penises and men can have babies. The degree of brainwashing is truly astounding.

They believe they are fighting against oppression, when in reality they are fighting for oppression. They believe they are fighting for justice, when in reality they are fighting to destroy justice. They believe they are fighting on behalf of the greater good, when in reality there are fighting for the destruction of everything good in life.

They fight to destroy the family unit, because that’s the foundation of a functional free society. They fight to destroy traditional American values, because these principles stand in opposition to total global control.

These indoctrinated youths will fight, and they will continue to rise up, because that is what they’ve been conditioned to do. Think about the fatherless gangbangers sucker punching little old ladies in the cities, and expand it exponentially.

That’s where we’re heading.

Wholly detached from reality, this angry throng of maladjusted minions is intended to tear the whole damn house apart. In time, good men will step in to stop them—they’ll have to, because a) the actual threat to life, liberty, women, and children demands that corrective actions be taken, and b) because the government refuses to do so.

But can you see their evil genius?

When the good men rise up, the government will crack down. Tapping into the same falsehoods that fueled the chaos to begin with, the propagandists in the state-controlled media will spin up a fantastic tale of liberation. BLM, Antifa, and their black-clad ilk will be portrayed as warriors of justice.

Patriots will be scorned and rounded up.

Militarized police and drones will sweep the streets, disarming one and all, and anyone who stands in opposition will be deemed a threat to democracy.

Extremists will be eradicated in droves.

Peace and stability will finally be achieved… and the whole world will believe, because they’ve long been programmed to accept the story, and the algorithms will make it so.

Keep that in mind as you peruse the news. We are nearing the final stages.



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