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TR 223 - The Adaptation Agenda

TR 223 - The Adaptation Agenda

Understanding how today's youth are being used to takeover the world.


Push a little, push a lot, push until they squawk… then stop.

The result is adaptation.

People adapt to the “new normal” the very same way my chickens recently adapted to their new pen. They just got used to it. Life goes on. What’s the big deal?

Global famine? Economic collapse? Political corruption?

You should stop complaining. It’s disturbing. It’s interrupting my peace and stability.

Nobody likes a whiner. Why don’t you talk about something else?

“Let’s talk about Nascar, old Hollywood movie stars, let’s talk about anything, anything in this world—than politics, religion, and her.” —God bless Sammy Kershaw!

Now to the point:

We’re out numbered, out organized, out financed, and out gunned.

We’re being infiltrated, investigated, intimidated, isolated, and emasculated.

We’re losing ground, quickly.

Too many people have checked out. Too many people have adapted. Too many people have accepted the inevitability of global governance, whether they realize it or not.

This adoption has to stop!

But how?

We’ll get to that, but first:

Maybe you’re wondering where I’m coming from here—I mean, aren’t we set for a big red wave? Aren’t conservatives going to regain control of congress? Can’t we correct course by electing a legitimate president in 2024? C’mon man, it’s not that bad!!

Hope is a good thing. Faith is important. Prayer is powerful. But at the end of the day, if you believe our political establishment is going to honor the will of the people, uphold the constitution, defend our founding principles, and resist the global cabal…

“I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona!”

No doubt you’ve heard about the abrupt resignation of U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss, who failed so miserably correcting the course the U.K. economy—which was already sailing off the cliff—that she vacated the office after just six short weeks. This is being touted as political humiliation for the Tories (i.e. conservatives) who elected her.

Do you recall the last elected British Prime Minister who left the office in shame? That would be none other than Boris Johnson, who was also elected by Tories to lead them through the historic withdrawal from the European Union—the infamous Brexit, which ostensibly is still fueling the British political crisis.

If you were to read the liberal media, Boris Johnson was a boorish Trump-like figure who turned everything he touched into an unmitigated disaster. His conservative principles—shared by the people who voted him into office to fight for British sovereignty in the face globalist tyranny—are said to be a stain on U.K.’s history.

Sound familiar? It’s the exact same play book. It’s Left versus Right—and the Left side is winning. When they don’t win, they unleash all hell to create the chaos and confusion that heightens suggestibility and allows them to further dupe the masses. Currently, these commie tactics are being deployed proactively to restructure the old world order and usher in a global socialist surveillance state.

Do you think Republicans are going to save us from this fate? Though some may try, those who do will inevitably suffer the same demise as Bo Jo and Truss. The entrenched political establishment is equally corrupt on both sides of the aisle, and neither party has any intention of honoring the will of We The People. Instead, they intend to do the bidding of the global cabal—in other words, they intend to adapt.

Do you doubt me? Consider these headlines:

Remember “repeal and replace Obamacare”—how’d that work out? The point is this: If you are still placing your hope in a political party, you’re missing the bigger picture. YES being politically engaged is important. YES voting for constitutional candidates is important. BUT, unfortunately, this is ultimately not going to solve our problems.

It’s too little, too late. It’s failing to grasp the gravity of the situation. It’s failing to understand how humanity is being hacked, how global governance works, how our leaders are being influenced, and how global forces are directing our local policies.

Here’s the problem:

We are creatures of habit. We naturally adapt to our environment. We constantly adapt to all sorts of changes, most often without even thinking about it. When change becomes uncomfortable, we may bristle and resist—but this resistance is ultimately displaced by adaptation as we adopt new habits within changed circumstance.

That change is inevitable and we adapt at an instinctual level is an observable truth. But who is directing these changes? What are their motives? What is their objective?

Communists put it succinctly: They want to destroy all aspects of existing society.

It seems impossible, right up until you understand their tactics and just how close they are to pulling it off. Consider these headlines:

What’s happened there will happen here, it’s just a matter of time. These once dominant markets will systematically dismantle in the name of climate change, economic equality, and a sustainable future—and transition to digital currency in the process. Everything about our daily lives will be affected by this collapse.

But we will adapt.

They will launch new CBDCs, and we will adapt.

They will take control of the means of production and consumption, and we will adapt.

They will regulate every aspect of our lives in increasingly intrusive ways, disregard individual rights, and ignore the will of the people—and we will adapt.

When does it stop? NEVER. And that is the critical point. The global cabal will never stop pushing and the majority of people will never stop adapting. In time, most people will become comfortable with tyranny. They will accept their enslavement, because future generations will have been trained to adapt for the greater good.

It’s insanity.

What do you think about city policies being directed by Youth Climate Councils? How about youth voters “placing decision makers in power at national and local levels” in order to “build a better governance structure” around the fanatical climate agenda? Regardless of what you think about it, such initiatives are already being launched on a global scale—and the world is adapting.

The Global Center for Adaptation indicates that we now have the largest generation of youth in history, with one out of five people globally between the ages of 15 and 24—you know, the age bracket most noted for its impeccable decision making and foresight. The GCA has an overall objective of “elevating youth voices and increasing the power of influence of young people worldwide in the adaptation agenda.

They are targeting young people because:

“Young people bring new ideas and radical ambition which are required to develop adaptation solutions and implement them at a large scale.”

Just to be clear, this organization is channeling the radical and reckless ambition of indoctrinated young adults to implement socialist policies at the global scale. They are calling this “adaptation solutions” —i.e. forcing people to adapt to socialist policies—and they have a very ambitious agenda to make it happen:

Oh, did I mention this initiative was launched and funded by none other than the notorious Mr. Bill Gates, in cahoots with Ban Ki-moon (former UN Secretary General, force behind the Paris Climate Accord, and founder of the Centre for Global Citizens), and Kristalina Georgieva (current director of the IMF and former CEO of the World Bank Group)? In other words, this is being directly driven by the global cabal.

What could go wrong?

Think about Washington state’s new youth voting initiatives, like preregistration for 16- and 17-year-olds and same-day and automatic voter registration, and you can see where this is heading. We’re at a historical tipping point.

How old will you be in the year 2050?

If we want to live out our lives in relative freedom and secure the blessings of liberty for future generations, then we must take massive action now to adamantly oppose the adaptation to this insanity before it’s too late!


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