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TR 172 - The Next Big Lie

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TR 172 - The Next Big Lie

Looking ahead to the next phase of this "incredible transition".

Biden wins again!

Stumbling, bumbling, sock-puppet Joe Biden is soaring after his administration crammed the Build Back Better B.S. climate agenda down the throats of the American people. Along with reducing carbon emissions by 40% over the next 8 years (NLT 2030), the bill will conjure up $369 billion for Energy Security and Climate Change, extend Obamacare subsidies, and arm the IRS with the means to extract tax records from the working class.

And the crowd goes wild!

H.R. 5376 has been rebranded as the Inflation Reduction Act, most likely to align with polling that indicates astronomical inflation is a top concern for the average family. But make no mistake, the bill is still titled the Build Back Better Act and all 2,140 pages of it serve to advance the global progressive agenda and undermine American sovereignty. This should not come as a surprise, given that the slogan ‘Build Back Better’ was developed by world bankers and the Davos elite in order to leverage the “climate crisis” to accelerate global control via the Great Reset.

This is all part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and/or the Fourth Turning, depending on who you read. Either way, directly contrary to the claims made, this agenda does not bode well for the future of humanity. This is not about saving the planet. This is about controlling the human population, pure and simple.

The trans-humanists pushing the Fourth Industrial Revolution believe that humans are hackable animals and that they can re-engineer humanity with modern bio-tech and behavioral psychology directed by AI. The global elites intend to consolidate power and control the human population in order to save the planet.

Thus, from this angle, BBB is the communists’ dream.

Pragmatic skeptics, thinkers like William Strauss and Neil Howe, point to the historical precedence of the Fourth Turning as predicting a period of massive social upheaval and violent revolution that reshapes society on a global scale. This is the inevitable outcome of increasing degrees of oppression. When the peasants revolt, the seemingly all powerful institutions are destroyed as society collapses.

Thus, from this angle, BBB is cyclical and destined to naturally arise.

Zooming out a bit, we can see that either way the tumult is going to continue until there is a full scale re-balancing of power. Either the elites will get their way and humanity will suffocate and suffer under the tyranny of a global socialist surveillance state, which only prolongs the pain and inevitable conflict, or the people will muster the means to resist now and rip off the band-aid so our wounds can heal, so to speak.

As infections must breathe to heal, so too must we air out the communist ideology that has infected so many — calling it what it is — in order to heal our country and the world.

People are waking up.

It’s encouraging to read about how the Social Justice movement is imploding, to know more people are realizing “masks for the unvaccinatd” are a lot like Jewish stars, and how some prominent leaders are openly talking about how Marxists have infiltrated America and are attempting to “break everything we are.”

There is no doubt that a revolution is afoot. The question is: Which side will win?

As American liberals are applauding the “landmark climate change and health care bill” (aka BBB), claiming it validates the Democrat’s “monopoly on political power,” citizens of the UK are revolting en masse, vowing to stop paying the exorbitant utility bills brought about by the very same policies.

Perhaps this is a peek into our future? Peaceful noncompliance is still an option.

Testing. Masking. Vaxxing. Taxes. What if we didn’t comply?

Here are two big lies:

  1. The government has a right to take your money and control your life.

  2. Degrowth is a great way to transition the world to sustainable development.

The first lie, as obvious as it may seem, is a timeless sham that never ceases to fleece the useful idiots who remain blind to their slavery.

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