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TR 444 - Are We Being Set Up for World War III?

TR 444 - Are We Being Set Up for World War III?

Let's compare and contrast some conflicting narratives and try to tease out the truth.

Ah yes, another week, another round of fear mongering propaganda, political corruption, and of course, talking about Donald Trump. We’ll touch on these dead-horse topics just briefly, and then tune into the faintest signal amidst the noise.

What I noticed straight off the bat this morning, was a coordinated campaign across the Trusted News sources (CNN, FOX, etc) to spook the public and keep them scared. This week’s flavor of fear appears to be a “killer on the loose” variety, with headlines like these peppering the public’s conscious:

You see the pattern don’t you? No one is safe anywhere—especially in places one might typically feel safe, like in an “exclusive suburb,” at school, or in your own damn neighborhood! Before we move on, I only ask that you consider the broader impact of millions of Americans being inundated with this kind of crap.

It’s keeping the “free floating anxiety” primed in the public psyche.

Now, for those who are not prone to living in fear of random acts of violence, the media is dishing up a healthy serving of “nuclear war” hysteria—which of course could happen, especially since the Evil Russian Tyrant has deployed the dreaded Satan II “superweapon” into combat duty. The details are frightening: this intercontinental ballistic missile has a range of 11,800 miles and can drop its 15 nuclear warheads on any city on the planet. That means everyone should be scared, everywhere.

But rather than running for the bunker, I’d like to tease a little narrative out of these headlines:

One idea that’s being pushed here is that Russian forces are desperate and in disarray, which in theory makes them more likely to eviscerate someone with the Satan II nuke. Another idea that is being seeded is that we are now facing a new “Axis of Evil” that threatens our very existence on planet Earth. What if Russia, China, and North Korea ganged up and nuked us back into the stone age? Yikes!

You should probably be scared.

But who’s really the greatest threat here? Is it the increasingly desperate Evil Russian Tyrant? Is it the increasingly aggressive Chinese Communist Party? Or is it the reliably unstable and itchy trigger finger of the reclusive North Korean dictator Kim?

Again, this news that “Putin is desperate,” so desperate that now he’s turning to North Korea for weapons, is everywhere. This is how the narrative is taking shape.

And it’s being portrayed as if this is happening because Ukraine is “turning the tables” on Russia—which is an utter farce and flat out lie—but that’s how the story is getting told by the Deep State media puppets:

Now compare that emerging narrative with these incompatible headlines:

I want to pull an excerpt from the Ukrainian Defense Secretary, who inadvertently helps shine some light on the western propaganda:

“These numbers do not align with reality, and those who cite such figures do not understand the war, he said, adding that Ukraine does not possess a large enough army to justify such numbers.”

What should be obvious, and what I was pointing out last week, is that we really have no way of knowing what’s actually happening on the ground in eastern Europe. What we do know is that anyone who speaks the “uncomfortable truth” about it gets immediately vilified and tagged as a pro-Putin-puppet. This includes former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has this to say about the situation:

“…any return to the way things were before [i.e. Ukrainian rule over Crimea] is an illusion.”

Put differently, Ukraine cannot win. Period. It’s an illusion.

Sarkozy has been lambasted for speaking this inconvenient truth, but that’s not all he had to say. He also called the idea of Ukraine joining the EU an “unrealistic and hypocritical suggestion,” and pointed out that Russia will always be the EU’s neighbor (and source of natural gas, etc), so European officials would be wise to negotiate a peaceful resolution instead of belligerently instigating World War III.

Russia and the European Union have to co-exist, which brings us to the twist:

“European interests aren’t aligned with American interests this time.”

If the United States and European interests are not aligned this time, whose side do you think the globalists are on? Do you think the invisible hand of the global cabal is working for or against American interests? If we think of it through the lens of “global democracy” the answer is clear.

From a globalist perspective, looking out for the “intergovernmental and supranational organization of 27 countries across the European continent” is much more important than maintaining American global dominance.

So, with that in mind, let’s revisit the fear mongering nuclear war headlines.

Are we being set up?

To thread it together, let’s take it from the top of the report:

First, I want to point out that “free floating anxiety” increases suggestibility. That is, propaganda that induces a sense of anxiety makes the public mind more malleable.

Second, “spy agencies” are telling us that the new Axis of Evil is alive and well, and that they are ganging up on us and threatening us with nuclear war.

Third, Deep State propagandists are planting the seeds that Putin is desperate, Russia is losing, and the Satan II “superweapon” might unleash hell and bomb us to oblivion.

Fourth, there is exactly zero chance of the Ukrainian conflict playing out the way that the American media has portrayed it—that the brave Ukrainian freedom fighters are going to conquer the Evil Russian Tyrants and save democracy once and for all.

Fifth, more and more people are waking up to the “indisputable truth” that Ukraine is absolutely not a vital US interest that’s worth risking World War III with Russia.

And yet, here we are, witnessing escalating tensions. WHY?

Could it be that the U.S. is on the chopping block? Could it be that saboteurs embedded within our own government are actively pushing us toward this nuclear war, in order to create a cover story for the systematic destruction of America?

It sure would be a convenient way of wiping out the faltering dollar, unsustainable entitlements, failing institutions, and festering liberal rot that is eating the heart out of our once great nation. A nuclear strike on America would bring us to our knees, and it would immediately make all of these issues disappear.

As a bonus, any sort of accountability for the rampant political corruption would simply evaporate into the fog of war. The chaos unleashed would undoubtedly lead to civil unrest, martial law, and international intervention.

Elections would be suspended.

All of this might happen. Or none of it might happen. That’s the reality.

But if it does happen, could it be that it was all orchestrated as an inside job? Could those politicians, bureaucrats, and deep state agents who have sworn allegiance to the global cabal be in on it? Could they possibly be the driving force behind it all?

To me it looks like the stage is being set, but what the hell do I know! I mean, even liberal film maker Oliver Stone seems to be pointing out the fact that U.S. policy toward Ukraine is leading us on a “suicidal course toward World War III.”

Again, WHY?

The truth is, we can only speculate. It’s like trying to guess whether or not the Supreme Court is going to determine whether or not Trump is eligible to run in 2024, or whether or not Trump is going to win the so-called “Capital Riot” case.

Trying to understand the insanity of the “suicidal” U.S. policies that are driving us toward World War III, is like trying to understand why in the hell Americans are being told we’re going to get a Trump-Biden rematch whether we want it or not.

The only thing that makes sense is that nothing makes sense.

This is the hallmark of psychological warfare.

In the fog of confusion, the enemy advances.

Now would be a good time to prepare yourself for what might lie ahead. There’s no way of knowing for sure, but that faint signal amidst the noise seems to indicate that things are about to escalate. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

All things considered, at this point it’s probably better to be a little over prepared!

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