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TR 437 - The New Digital Army is Coming for You

TR 437 - The New Digital Army is Coming for You

Modern warfare has taken so many twists, THIS is probably a threat that you never saw coming!

Let’s talk threat assessment.

Honest question: what do you consider to be the greatest threat to your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness?

Is it:

A) The destruction of America by corrupt politicians and a predatory ruling class?

B) The rapid shift to centralized digital governance being led by the global cabal?

C) The idiocy, apathy, and complacency that perpetuates the ascending insanity?

D) Drum roll please…. “The commies are taking over the world!”

E) Everything above, plus much, much more.

In order to evaluate and synthesize these threats, let’s orient ourselves in the proper context. We know that the “secret global cabal” has launched the Great Reset to enslave us all in an inescapable digital surveillance state and techno-dystopian hell.

We know that both science and government have been weaponized, consensus is being fabricated out of thin air, and the majority of people continue to be steeped in the state propaganda that warps and distorts their perspectives until the mind becomes completely detached from reality. This is happening all around the globe.

I want to emphasize there is a science to this warping of the mind, this menticide and subconscious taming that we’ve learned so much about. We’ve long been warned about these sorts of mental attacks, but too few people even have a clue that it’s happening. That makes them helpless, vulnerable, and easy prey. They have no will to resist because they remain completely unaware that their minds are being transformed.

And just to be crystal clear, this mental warfare (i.e. 5GW) literally attacks and transforms the biological brain, re-routing neural synapses, re-conditioning human perception, and re-structuring the way that people see the world. Again, this all happens without the individual being aware that it’s happening—that’s the scary part.

The result is behavioral change.

Yes, America is being destroyed from within by a corrupt and predatory ruling class. Yes, the global elites are rapidly implementing an inescapable digital surveillance state. Yes, idiocy, apathy, and complacency are allowing them to do this in broad daylight and perpetuating the ascending insanity.

And yes, the commies are taking over the world—or at least they’re trying to.

We’ll circle back to that in a bit, but first I want to give you an image to associate with the greatest threat of all. The greatest threat to your future looks like this:

Meet Blessing Kasasi, aged 15, who is a women’s and children’s rights activist.

She’s 15… a budding young activist with the full weight of the United Nations behind her.

She has been trained to “fight back against falsehoods that can trigger tensions, violence, or even death,” as well as “disinformation and hate speech” that threatens security, stability, or progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Let that sink in, slowly.

Blessing Kasasi is just one member of a growing “digital army” that the United Nations has proudly announced to the world. There should be no doubt this young woman has many years of global service ahead of her. To be so accomplished at age 15, one might speculate she might even be the leader of this new digital army!

Now, before you just take one look and laugh this off, I must implore you to really ruminate on this. This child is the product of global indoctrination. She is just one of the billions of youth around the globe who have been cleverly groomed by the commie cabal to “win the battle of democracy,” and thereby enslave us all.

To fully understand this threat you’d have to be keen to several things:

Once you wrap your head around all of that, then you’d understand that these youth are being conditioned into a “cosmopolitan perspective” that is the ultimate tidal force behind the REAL red wave:

Honestly, I don’t expect anyone to attempt reading all of those reports today. I only put them there for reference, and so I don’t have to eat up space repeating myself.

In a nutshell, this new digital army is comprised of indoctrinated youth who fully believe they have a moral imperative to keep people safe from misinformation and do whatever it takes to save the planet. Both objectives will impact you directly.

Deeper than that, they’ve been raised to be global socialists who instantly defer all decision making to The Experts and The Science. They believe that democracy is the highest political ideal and that The State alone can decide what’s best. After all, who has more knowledge, expertise, and benevolence than the collective hive mind?!

I’m going to pivot, but don’t forget that face—and please know that she and her/his/its/they friends are working with a youthful passion and zeal to destroy everything you love in life, under the banner of the greater good.

YOU are a sacrifice they are willing to make.

Zoom out.

You might have expected me to be hopping up and down about last night’s Republican debate, but—yawn… whatever. Mike Pence got the most talk time, Vivek Ramaswamy lavishly praised Trump, Nikki Haley held her own, DeSantis was a dud, and the crowd practically booed Chris Christie off the stage. If anyone else was there, nobody really noticed. Meanwhile, Trump trounced the event talking with Tucker on Twitter.

That sums up the political circus.

One thing I will point out is that Trump was spot on when he said that there is a level of passion and hatred in our country that he’s never seen before—and that’s “probably a bad combination.” Geez, ya think?!

Hung election and a civil war anyone?

Also slipped into the media’s act today is that mask mandates really are coming back, because the “recent upturn in COVID-19 cases” has given a “handful of entities” all the justification they need to reinstate mask mandates—that’s the word on The Hill.

Apparently they are going to foist this insanity upon the public for another “iterative disruption.” However, this time they’ve injected a disturbing new tactic: throw anyone who disagrees in jail, including judges. WTF?!

This disturbing news comes from the National Pulse:

Judge Christian Dettmar of the Weimar District Court argued in April 2021:

“I have considerable doubts about the meaningfulness of masks. If you want to wear them voluntarily at school, you can do that, but we don’t have to patronize parents.” He referenced a number of respected and renowned scientists to back up his claims.

Now this judge has been given a two-year prison sentence, after he overruled the “federal obligation” for children to wear face masks in school. This is so unbelievable, it leaves me almost speechless. Do you believe there is a “federal obligation” for children to wear face masks in school?

This judge just got a prison sentence for overruling the insanity of it all.

Let that sink in.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is a scare tactic meant to keep other judges cowering to the arbitrary edicts of the executive branch. There could be no clearer sign that our dysfunctional government has become broke beyond repair.

And the global sharks are fully aware.

There’s blood in the water.

The bigger news that’s out today isn’t the fact that U.S. warhawks have approved the sale of some 100 Apache attack helicopters to Warsaw—which is conveniently perched on Putin’s back porch and will inevitably escalate WWIII—or the fact that *someone* brought down a plane that ended the life of Russia’s notorious chief mercenary, Yevgeny Prigozhinaka “Putin’s Butcher”—head of the now infamous Wagner Group that has been a thorn in NATO’s side since the start of this war.

The bigger news is that in the midst of all of this chaos, the BRICS have extended their network to include Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Ethiopia, Argentina, Iran, and over a dozen other countries. The writing is on the wall.

This new global alliance all but guarantees the certain destruction of the dollar and U.S. dominance in geopolitical affairs. As to be expected, everyone is all smiles:

And, since the Chinese COMMUNIST Party is said to be the role model for the world, I’d say it’s safe to assume that this has happened with the full backing of the global cabal. Which brings us back to the UN fighting “deadly disinformation” and deploying its new “digital army” around the globe. Says they:

“This is a war that is going on through social media, the radio, and traditional news outlets. Fighting deadly disinformation has been a ‘painful curve’ to learn on this new battlefield, but the mission has now become proactive on social and other media platforms, to help stop its spread.”

The mission to fight “deadly disinformation” has now become proactive.

“To fight back against disinformation, UN peacekeepers are putting new tools into the hands of civilians of all ages, including 15-year-old Blessing Kasasi in DRC.”

Because of course this 15-year-old teenager from the corrupt Democratic Republic of the Congo is well-qualified to push buttons, censor free speech, and alter the outcome of elections everywhere all at once. That is perhaps one of the greatest perks of attending a global “festival to combat misinformation” and being equipped with powerful new tools (think weaponized AI) designed for “deconstructing hate speech and fake news.” Now she holds the fate of the world in the palm of her hands.

And one more thing: you should probably know that this “first of its kind” festival took place in Mali, where a “transitional government” has been implemented by UN Peace Keepers since a suspicious “coup” back in 2021. I’ll let you connect the dots.

There is no doubt the global digital army has been mobilized and is on the move.

Their next objective is anyone’s guess, but the U.S. elections would make a darling mission. How many birds can they kill with this new digital stone?

I suspect we’re about to find out.

What do you think?

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