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TR 278 - The Globalist's Theory of Change

TR 278 - The Globalist's Theory of Change

According to the environmental wackos, you should WANT to change your ways.

Embrace it.

Change is inevitable. Nobody denies this reality, though plenty of people simply ignore the implications. But does relentless change mean that resistance is futile?

Absolutely not.

For years I have coached people how to embrace change. When we “choose to use change”—a favorite personal motto—we can change almost anything. To be sure, there are plenty of things that we cannot change. BUT, focusing on what we cannot change is pretty much just a grand waste of time.

The truth is, we can always change something. We can change the way we think. We can change the story in our head. We can change our posture and our breathing, and by extension, we can change our physiological state. We can change the amount of oxygen in our blood. We can change the amount of blood flow to our brain.

All of this changes our mental and emotional state, which changes everything from our reaction time to our stress response, which then causes cascading changes throughout our behavior, productivity, relationships, and social interactions, just for example. Therefore: Choose to Use Change. It’s simple, powerful, and effective.

Now then, let’s change our perspective.

What’s real right now?

In the news today is the notion that House Republicans are going to vote on a bill to abolish the IRS and eliminate the income tax. That would be a welcomed change—and they may vote on it—but it’s not going to happen. This is just political theater.

Elsewhere is the news that Florida has become a safe haven for fascists like Donald Trump and Bolsonaro—which is so ridiculous it warrants no further comment.

With a hat tip to the heroism of the 1st grade teacher who was shot by a very disgruntled six year old, but still managed to usher her other students to safety, we will now turn our attention to the most pressing menace of the day: Gas cook stoves.

Check out these headlines:

There are three things I want to point out here:

  1. Note that the top, most recent article is positioning this ban as a matter of public health and safety. Supposedly, the U.S. Safety Agency wants to ban gas stoves because of alleged “health fears”—but where did these fears come from?

  2. The CNN article, almost a year old, laments that states are trying to ban cities from banning gas stoves. This, claims the liberal rag, is a combined effort of the GOP and the gas lobby to imperil the planet and line the coffers, respectively.

  3. The bottom article portends to tell the truth: All of this banning of gas stoves in new construction is an effort to reduce “harmful greenhouse gases” to ZERO by 2023. The woke Californians have been leading this effort since 2019, and now there are over 50 cities and counties that have adopted this ridiculous legislation.

Zoom Out.

Last March, in TR 84 - Birds Of A Feather Flock Together, I was mocking the fact that the city council in Lyle, WA (population 500) was trying to adopt the Paris Climate Accord. It was just about to pass when an astute citizen raised an intelligent question: What about wood stoves? Isn’t staying warm more important than global warming?

Surely it is, or at least it should be, but the answer depends on who you ask—which brings us to global governance. The global cabal wants to control us all, and they are using the environmental agenda to achieve this objective. As previously noted, the merging of public health with the environmental agenda is now the the One Agenda to Rule Them Alland this was rolled out under the cover of COVID-19.

Having been in the works for decades, the WHO’s One Health Initiative is now set to be implemented at the global scale over the coming years. On December 23rd, while Americans were busy hanging their stockings, the WHO convened a meeting of G20 countries to advance the One Health Joint Plan of Action—which is the nefarious plot developed by the globalist hit squad known as the Quadripartite.

Do you recall the Quadripartite? Just in case you need to refresh or catch up:

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What I found most interesting about the December 23rd meeting was this phrase:

“The G20 countries are looking for guidance from the One Health Quadripartite in operationalizing One Health (OH) approaches.”

Are G20 countries really looking for guidance from the Quadripartite? Perhaps. But why? Why would any developed nation want to “operationalize” destructive environmental policies that are certain to hamstring their economies, lower their standards of living, and illicit political push back?

There is only one answer: CONTROL.

The G20 discussion was focused on raising awareness and advocating for One Health priorities (like banning gas stoves), improving One Health governance, and “implementing the OH approach in all relevant policies.” As noted in TR 123 - How the WHO Takes Over the World, by linking human health to environmental health these globalist hacks have effectively justified their efforts to regulate all aspects of human behavior—at least in their own twisted minds.

And the politicians are playing along with it, because ultimately this agenda gives the governments control over the means of production and consumption… and you know what that means: “The commies are taking over the world!”

They have to, in order to save the planet! In their minds, and in their own words, it would be morally wrong if they didn’t take total control and rule us all. After all, nothing is more of an existential threat than the dreaded Climate Crisis!

Setting the silly insanity aside, there’s something else to take note of here:


We know that the globalist use “strategic partnerships” to achieve their objectives. For the example of the banning gas stoves, they have funneled millions into the CCA—the Clean Cooking Alliance—which has the following goals:

“The Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) complements the work of partners to build a dynamic, inclusive, and financially sustainable industry with the goal of achieving universal access to clean cooking by 2030. This will lead to improved health, reduced climate and environmental impacts, empowered women, and improved livelihoods.”

Are you are curious how the CCA plans to pull this off? You’ll never guess. Let me spare you the suspense and offer you this screenshot from their 121 page framework:

The Clean Cooking Alliance, with assistance and funding from the World Health Organization, plans on sending women door-to-door to advance their agenda. These officially titled FCHV—female community health volunteers—will be trained to disseminate information, market and sell electric stoves, and build community awareness to the hazards and health risks of not doing what the globalists say to do.

This strategy is genius in that it is wholly unassuming and infinitely scalable.

Who would ever suspect that the sweet female community health volunteers where actually doing the bidding of a secret global cabal that is hellbent on ruling us all?

Nevermind the fact that there isn’t nearly enough clean electricity to run all these electric stoves in every hut and home on the planet, or the fact that transitioning from perfectly functional gas stoves will create and enormous amount of waste, or that the ultimately scheme is government regulated smart meters that will absolutely ensure your compliance with ludicrous and unsustainable environmental policies.

We all have to adapt to change—obviously.

But here’s the thing, we don’t have to adapt to radical insanity. We can resist, and resist we must. While the average American remains mesmerized by the smoke and mirrors, the UN is urging a “radical global finance shakeup” because the climate crisis is affecting poor countries the worst. Simultaneously, the WEF is advancing their efforts to effectively take control of the flow of information forever under the auspice of “digital safety”—pushing a inspiring “whole-of-society” approach.

These issues are not being talked about in the news. That’s not an accident.

The WHO, the UN, the WEF, the G20, and our own political establishment, all have plans to change your life in ways you have yet to imagine. They are working together to systematically eradicate your ability, and your desire, to resist.

They have their Theory of Changebut I have my own:

When we choose to use change we can get ahead of the game. Change starts in the heart, which means a friendly conversation may be the very best place to start.

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