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TR 431 - It Just Gets Stranger By the Day

TR 431 - It Just Gets Stranger By the Day

How do we make sense of the madness and manage to stay sane in the process? Here's how.

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As yesterday’s title suggests, there is something strange in the air. I think we all feel it. Today, as I cruise through the news in search of a signal amidst the noise, the only conclusion I can come to is that things just get stranger by the day.

I don’t believe that’s by accident. It’s by design.

This is how psychological warfare works. It keeps people distracted and confused. It works on whittling away any sense of certainty about what’s really going on in the world. It works relentlessly to wither our sense of right and wrong, to confuse the bad guys with the good guys, the predators with the protectors. It seeks to erode the innate inner sensing that distinguishes between good and evil.

This is the true transformation of consciousness.

It’s not just the censoring of information to skew reality and cultivate the desired public perspectives. It’s not just that endless sloganizing and sophisticated propaganda that forcefully embeds bad ideas in the collective hive mind of the human herd. These efforts do change our beliefs and behaviors, they do change our language and our outlooks—and all of this literally changes our brains.

BUT, the deeper transformation is still the greater threat.

At the risk of getting lost in the weeds, I’ll try to explain why.

Human consciousness is a unique and precious gift. It is profound and complex. The depths of implication that stem from our own inner awareness are astounding, and the whole of humanity has been wrapped in the mystery of it all since the dawn of time. So as not to wax on too philosophically, the practical aspects of us each having our own infinitely unique inner awareness can be quickly distilled to the simple fact that we are born as free human beings. Our consciousness makes it so.

This is why the warnings about “subconscious taming” and the transformation of consciousness are so disturbing to me. Those who are deliberately attacking the masses at this deep and personal level are really seeking to take control of the soul.

They are accessing and transforming our consciousness by hacking our minds.

Television, social media, and all our modern gadgets provide powerful tools for doing this. Weaponized AI and Algorithmic Social Interventions push the scientific capacity to “fundamentally transform” our consciousness to inconceivable heights. And, since most people are not monks or meditators, the vast majority of people remain wholly unaware of what’s happening to them. That’s the scary part.

Just like every other cult that’s ever come along, the modern cult collective is seductive. The victims of the cult are carefully seduced, groomed, and conditioned to accept one false premise after another, until they’ve become completely subservient and accepting of the cult doctrine. And unfortunately, they never realize that they’re being seduced and preyed upon—they just drink the Kool-Aid until it’s too late.

This is precisely what’s happening right now, at the global scale.

What is important to realize, being the complex creatures that we are, is that we are not just physical and mental beings. We are spiritual beings. Our consciousness is a spiritual apparatus. Our minds are not. There is a significant distinction between the two that is generally relegated to more obscure philosophical musing, but I think it is critically important to bring this distinction front and center, for several reasons.

It’s worth taking the time to articulate and understand the difference between mental awareness and spiritual awareness. That said, I believe this distinction is being intentionally buried for nefarious reasons. More on that in a moment.

But first: have you noticed all of the over-the-top fascination with Satan lately? Doesn’t it just seem a little bit creepy and weird? You don’t have to be a Christian to conclude that Satan isn’t exactly the best role model for kids—and yet after school Satan Clubs are cropping up all across the country.

These prior reports speak to this disturbing issue:

The reason I’m bringing the “shocking rise of satanism” into the conversation is so I can split some hairs here—and this is a point that is CRITICAL to grasp:

Spiritual awareness is NOT a matter of religious belief.

The two are often convoluted, but they are in fact two entirely separate topics. With that said, we can set religion aside (along with all of the bickering about who’s right and who’s wrong), and focus intently on the fact that we are spiritual creatures with spiritual awareness—and this is one of the most fundamental and primary aspects of our shared humanity.

Follow me here: we have a heartbeat before we have a brain. Our cells communicate with each other to develop our physical bodies, including our brains, and all of this happens without so much as a thought. Even during our time in the womb, our bodies are aware of sounds, and light, and hot, and cold, etc.—and all of this requires an incredible amount of cellular awareness every step of the way.

Thus, awareness is embedded within us, literally infused into every fiber and cell of our being. And, this awareness is infinitely unique to each of us. That’s major.

Though spiritual terms can often be slippery, I believe this infinitely unique innate inner awareness is ultimately the seed of our soul. It is the root of who we are.

And THAT is the part of us that is under attack. It’s not just our minds. Through the various methods of psychological warfare, the global elites are seeking to fundamentally transform the very essence of who and what we are. I like to think of this as a form of spiritual assassination, and it begs the obvious question: Why?

I believe the answer is because the seed of our soul is the root of our individuality and the source of our free will and personal sovereignty. In other words, it is our spiritual awareness that poses the greatest obstacle and threat to the tyrannical global agenda.

Hence the dumbing down and subconscious taming of humanity.

We are born wild and free. Our spirits thrive on curiosity, exploration, and adventure. We are hardwired to seek new horizons and expand our personal experiences. Life is in fact a spiritual journey, one of learning and growing and becoming. It is one of discovering and cultivating who we are on the inside, at the heart level, at the level of our own infinitely unique inner awareness—at the level of our soul.

Wild and Free.

Humans have been domesticating animals for eons. There is an art and a science to it, and it’s called husbandry. Somewhere along the line, the ruling elites realized these methods of domesticating animals work just as well at domesticating humans.

Domesticated animals are no longer wild and free.

Domesticated humans are no longer wild and free either.

It is a sad and uncomfortable truth that we’ve all been domesticated to some degree or another. But those of us who still yearn for freedom, we are still wild and free in our hearts. The transformation of consciousness is not yet complete, and therefore it can still be reversed. The process begins by reclaiming our consciousness through spiritual intent—which, for the record, is absolutely not a mental exercise.

Our minds are a mess. The bundle of neural networks that magically operates somewhere in our grey matter has already been hijacked. Our brains have already been programmed, in big ways and small, for better and for worse. This mental programming is not inherently bad, it’s just part of being human—but it’s the part of being human that is being explicitly exploited to advance the globalist agenda.

By hacking our brains, the global elites intend to transform the masses into mindless subservient minions—truly cosmopolitan peasants. Put simply, they are working to fully domesticate the masses because when the transformation is complete, they can treat us all like cattle. Then the public will willingly be led to slaughter, forever.

Our instincts would resist, but instinct is being bred out of the herd. Like I’ve said many times before, they are actively working to eliminate the will to resist. This can only happen by stifling the human spirit, which is why they are suffocating it under an unbearable weight of mental complexity. That’s psychological warfare at its finest.

The secret is to keep the mind in check, and that is a spiritual function.

It begins and ends with awareness.

You are a living, breathing, spiritual being, born to be wild and free. I believe that you know this is true, because your heart feels the truth when you hear it. That’s something we share as human beings, that ability to know and sense truth, even when our minds struggle to make sense of things. This is how peace is found.

It’s also how we find our path forward.

In the context of current chaos, I believe there are no greater lessons than these!


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