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TR 413 - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

TR 413 - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions... and AI is rapidly paving the way.

Happy Friday!

BIG NEWS! Google is supposedly testing to see if AI is ready to start writing the news.

Plenty of people are making plenty of fuss about this, but it really belies the bigger issue. For those who are unaware, people in the know were using AI to write highly technical scientific papers that were duping actual scientists at fancy scientific conferences, way back in 2005. You may also recall we recently discussed how the FBI was “freaking out” about the fact that even they couldn’t discern the difference between deep fakes and actual images—an issue they were facing over five years ago.

So, with that little primer, do you think that Google—which is probably the most powerful tech company in the world—just might have some spiffy AI that is capable of writing news articles? It kind of seems like a silly question, doesn’t it?

The fact that they’re now pushing this as big news is an indication that they’re going public with what’s been happening behind closed doors for years. We’ll get into the implications of that momentarily, but first, I have to comment on the second headline about Putin’s “bizarre memory lapse.” That’s a juicy one.

While the liberal media would like you to think that Putin is old and has dementia (projecting much?), the first thought that went through my mind when I read that headline was the fact that certain nations have had “space based weapons systems” that are capable of “mood management” and “mind control”—for at least the last 20 years.

That disturbing information comes directly from the congressional record, as noted in TR 402 - Meat Eaters Must Rise Up, which pointed out this passage from H.R. 2977:

The Space Preservation Act of 2001 stated clearly that the President “shall” terminate and remove these space based weapons systems—and again, that was over twenty years ago! Of course, China must not have got the memo, since last week “America’s Newspaper”—the Washington Times—was reporting on the CCP’s “Neurostrike” brain weapons that are designed to “disrupt brain functions and influence government leaders or entire populations.”

Sounds an awful lot like targeting individuals or populations for mood management and mind control doesn’t it? The similarities are remarkable.

As documented in TR 403:

“The [CCP’s] weapons can be used to directly attack or control brains using microwave or other directed energy weapons in handheld guns or larger weapons firing electromagnetic beams, adding that the danger of China’s brain warfare weapons prior to or during a conflict is no longer theoretical.”

Thus, the use of so-called “brain warfare weapons” is no longer theoretical.

That kind of casts Putin’s bizarre memory lapse in a little different light, doesn’t it?

Regardless, given that all of this information about brain zapping has finally hit the mainstream, I’m not sure if that means we can take off our tinfoil hats now, or whether we should keep them on. Honestly, one could probably make a killing selling modern, stylish tinfoil hats online… tagline: “It’s like a Faraday cage for your head!”

That’s my idea by the way—my own unofficially trademarked and probably-never-patented intellectual property that spontaneously sprouted from the depths of my mysterious soul (that they deny exists) as another material manifestation of the seemingly inexhaustible inspiration that courses through my veins—so please don’t steal it.

Back on track.

Now about that AI writing news articles… what could go wrong?

That’s sort of the default question these days, right? What could go wrong?!

The question is often tossed out there rhetorically, implying that all hell could break loose, that the whole world could collapse into catastrophic pandemonium, or worse yet, that the commies might be taking over the world!

That said, there is a central component threaded throughout this impending doom, and that is more centralized control over our everyday lives. As the global elites continue to gobble up our tax dollars, redistribute wealth, destroy privacy, property rights, and personal freedoms on their way to consolidating unprecedented power within an inescapable framework of global digital governance, we just take it.

Why? Because of the stories that are swirling around in the nebulous public psyche. The narratives, the slogans, the phrases, the words that we use, these are introduced through the media, and then spread through social contagion. The result is that more and more people accept the global power grab as if it’s necessary for the greater good.

Having AI write news articles to misinform the public will certainly help with that.

Did I say misinform? I meant the AI will mentally condition the public with highly sophisticated propaganda that would make the Nazi’s green with envy. After all, these intelligent machines are being fed decades of the very best research into psychological operations such as mood management, mind control, and behavioral psychology.

But never mind all of that.

We’ve got bigger fish to fry.

Let me ask you:

What do you think about these intelligent machines, this weaponized AI, being used for the purpose of stopping crime before it even happens?

The truth is, it’s already happening. There was big news coming out of Japan this week about the Japanese government using AI-driven “behavior detection” technology for their national police to get a jump on criminals—before the criminals have committed their crimes. What could possibly go wrong?

But all of that is just a head fake.

For those who are new to the crew, I first covered this “predictive policing” back in TR 216 - The Threat of AI, which documents that it’s already operating right here at home. Three years ago, the algorithms could predict your next thought with a shocking degree of accuracy, and for longer than that police have been vacuuming up your personal data for pennies—which they then feed to the algorithms to track your every move, going back years. What could go wrong?

No doubt the technology has only exponentially improved since then!

AND, just so we are perfectly clear on what these machines are actually being programmed to do, consider this revealing excerpt from TR 216 (linked above):

“…behavioral psychologists have been studying “subliminal priming” for decades. Subliminal priming is a powerful tool in the science of systematic persuasion, not only enhancing persuasion, but also stimulating emotions and motives that cause behavioral changes. For the record, this can actually happen whether the target audience is paying attention, or not!”

Subliminal priming. Subconscious taming. Transforming consciousness. Menticide.

We’ve covered it all. And yet, while predictive policing and weaponized AI is already being used for everything from tracking down “fare evasion” by using facial recognition in NYC subways—which seems relatively benign—to the much more disturbing “artificially intelligent autonomous lethal systems” now giving rise to the very real threat of AI-driven “hyperwars” all around the world, I still believe the greatest threat of all is the global cabal using AI to remove the will to resist.

And resist we must!

That’s where the AI writing news stories comes back in. Again, it’s all about the stories floating through public consciousness. It should go without saying that Google’s AI is only going to be driving the “trusted news” narrative. The truth is, this has already been happening for years as well. If you’d like to refresh on Google’s role in global political censorship and Algorithmic Social Interventions, check out:

Those reports uncover some fascinating facts that are highly relevant to the current conversation and upcoming election, not the least of which is how Republicans and Democrats are working together to tweak “voter’s perception of reality.” The psychological warfare is off the charts, and the AI is only adding fuel to the fire.

AI is helping humanity adapt to eating less meat in order to make sure we all fall in line with the globalists’ sustainable development goals. AI is being programmed for “automated battlefield decision-making systems,” aka robot generals. And now Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft and other companies are partnering with the Biden administration to address the “tricky” issue of AI spreading misinformation.

What could go wrong?

Friends, the truth is, we have no way of possibly knowing. These technologies are so advanced, so complex, and so capable, I doubt we could really wrap our heads around the full scope of implications. Instead, I believe it would be wise to consider AI as the great enabler of the globalist agenda, and thus assume that it is accelerating every aspect of their insidious plot 24/7-365. Algorithms don’t sleep, but they sure can monitor you while you do. The gap in capacity is growing every second.

I do not believe that artificial intelligence is inherently evil. Certainly it can and will be used for phenomenal good. The issue is the evil impulse of global leaders who are trying to depopulate the planet. As Dr. Robert Malone recently opined, YOU are the carbon they’re trying to eliminate, and the population they want to control.

They said as much, and now they have these insanely powerful tools to pull it off.

Global digital ID. Global digital currency. Global digital governance. It’s all coming. In fact, you can sign up for your World ID and your WorldCoin wallet right now today! Apparently it’s all the rave in southern Europe right now, and according to those in the know, it’s coming soon to a city near you—whether you want it or not.

We are constantly assured that AI is being deployed with the best of intentions, but in reality these intelligent machines are rapidly paving the road to hell. If experience is any indication, we can expect that most people are just going to go along with it.

Which leads the wise to wonder:

What could possibly go wrong!

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