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TR 372 - Overcoming the Impossible Odds

TR 372 - Overcoming the Impossible Odds

Offering a strategic analysis of the challenges we face and what we can do about it.

Suck it up.

When I was in the army, sometimes things sucked. When things sucked, the phrase we used to power through was, “suck it up and drive on.” Just keep going. Not dead, don’t stop. Failure is not an option. Adapt and overcome. Do whatever it takes. Dig deep, find the inner strength, overcome the pain and adversity, and complete the mission. By embracing hardship in this way, one can develop mental toughness.

And we’re going to need some mental toughness and intestinal fortitude if we are to stand any chance at overcoming the odds and defeating the beast of global tyranny.

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Yesterday’s report, TR 371 - FBI, CIA & DOJ Will Rig 2024 Election, ended with an excerpt from the CIA’s manual on guerilla warfare that warned having a “combatant” mindset was “erroneous and extremely dangerous.” Instead, the mission of the resistance must be political in nature, strategically persuading people to support those who are actively striving to resist, overcome, and replace oppressive socialist regimes.

And make no mistake, we are facing an oppressive socialist regime, both globally and nationally, right down to the local level policies that are being dictated from on high.

In trying to understand how we can fight against a superior adversary, in this case the often invisible “secret” global cabal, we need to think in terms of long-term strategy. The reason is simple: there is no easy way out. There is no cavalry coming. Our institutions have been infiltrated and captured. Our once great “representative” government—formerly restrained by the checks and balances of our bicameral legislature and the three-branch separation of powers as prescribed by our beloved Constitution—has become a beast of bureaucracy, hostile toward the American people, ravenous for more control, and replete with socialist saboteurs.

The deepstate does not care about your rights or the rule of law. They care about one thing only: gathering greater and greater degrees of power and control in order to forcefully impose their collectivist fantasies on the rest of us. This evil impulse of authoritarian control is justified, in their twisted minds, by the greater good. Blinded by their lust for power, fully consumed by their pursuit for control, and mentally incapable of distinguishing fact from fiction, right from wrong, or good from evil, these stooges, powerful as they may be, are beholden to the Collective.

In simplest terms, they’re getting their marching orders from the global elite. They have been assimilated into the cult collective, into the hive-mind, and they are no longer capable of thinking for themselves, questioning their orders, or seeing any vision for the future except that which has been cast by their mental captors. They operate in a mental cage, bound by the belief that they must sacrifice themselves—and the rest of us—in the name of the greater good.

It’s a sort of altruistic suicide, a menticide, a collective obsession with utopian dreams, drinking the kool-aid, and standing at Heaven’s Gate waiting to get in.

All that said, it would be foolish to underestimate our foe. These people are not stupid. In fact, many of those who have succumb to the collective are truly intelligent, even brilliant individuals, who have unwittingly stumbled into a cult. Often times it is precisely their exceptional talents that have blinded them to the fact they are no longer thinking for themselves or operating in a rational fashion.

The reason for this is simple. It’s human nature.

As I’ve discussed at length, it is basic human nature that is being heavily exploited by the global cabal. They understand humanity better than humanity understands itself, meaning that they understand human behavior better than the average peasant understands his own psychology, biology, and innate human attributes. This is why, at least in part, the global elite believe that they know what is best for the peasantry.

Think about the average person.

It’s hard to identify who exactly represents the middle of the Bell Curve, but the average human is much closer to the homeless person living under the bridge, than they are to the esteemed individuals striding through the halls of congress, corporate boards, and academic institutions. This was an insight I gained after spending a month in Kolkata, India, observing and serving the lower rungs of the some 15 million humans who called that city home.

I met people who lived in filth and squalor, who were still proud of their homes, no matter how repulsive the living conditions may have appeared to an outsider. I met a man who lived under a tarp on the sidewalk next to six lanes of unimaginable noise and pollution—with his pregnant wife, her sister, and his mother-in-law no less—and I had long conversations with this man, trying to understand why he was there. As incomprehensible as it was to me, he had his reasons.

He believed it was what was best. He believed it.

He wasn’t stupid, he was just blind to the possibilities of choosing another path.

Belief is funny like that. Accepting one set of beliefs generally excludes the consideration of other beliefs. We, in our own mental jungle, must make sense of life in a way that feels right, in a way that keeps our sense of self in tact. Nobody wants to be wrong, and therefore nobody believes that they are wrong. If we were to accept that we are wrong—which requires a modicum of humility—we would immediately change our beliefs to once again regain the sense of being correct.

This too is human nature, and it’s this “sense of being correct” that keeps people locked into unhealthy, unwholesome, and entirely erroneous belief systems—beliefs about themselves, beliefs about others, beliefs about the world, beliefs about the way things are, and beliefs about the way things should be.

Here’s the point:

We are in a battle of beliefs.

The global cabal understands this very, very well. The average person? Not so much.

In fact, I believe that all tyrants have understood this in one way or another. They understood the battle of beliefs was really a battle of who knows best. They understood they had to convince the average person to believe that compliance was preferable to noncompliance, whether by fear, by force, or by deceptively coercive incentives. The root of this evil genius lies in the realization that people’s beliefs can be changed intentionally, by introducing external factors that disturb and disrupt previously held beliefs. By changing beliefs, they can control the population.

By controlling the population, they can rule the world and achieve their utopian fantasy of perfecting everything that they believe is wrong with the world.

Zoom out.

The global elite control most of the media, most of the money, most of the institutions, and most of the means of influence found throughout society. As a result, they are able to very efficiently control the majority of people’s beliefs. The implications of this should be sobering, especially from a strategic mindset.

Do you think the majority of the public will ever support far-right extremists, racist white supremacists, christian insurrectionists, or MAGA domestic terrorists in their struggle against an oppressive authoritarian regime? Of course not.

The public has been conditioned to believe these anti-government extremists are a threat to democracy. Anyone who opposes the current agenda is a selfish, bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic, backwards-thinking relic of America’s racist past. Worse yet, since these ignorant backward peasants don’t trust The Experts and The Science, they are also “climate deniers” who are destroying the planet, and filthy, unclean, disease ridden anti-vaxxers whose very presence is a threat to public health and safety.

Does it matter if this is not true? Not if enough people believe it. That’s key.

Given the cabal’s grip on everything from global resources to public opinion to our very own government, any effort to resist the Great Reset—and the forthcoming centralized authoritarian control of “global digital governance”—faces impossible odds. There is no tyrant to target for removal. There is no strategic cache of resources that keeps the enemy going. There is nothing physical for us to fight against.

We are fighting an idea. We are fighting beliefs. We are fighting public opinion.

And we’re losing.

Call it like it is. Each time a fellow American falls prey to their collective schemes, they call it progress. Each time a fellow American stands up against the insanity, they call it a threat to democracy. They are cunning and sly. They lie, cheat, and steal their way into positions power—and they believe they are in control.

Do you believe they are in control?

It sure looks like they’re in control! It certainly appears as if they’ve got the momentum, as if their decades of planning, infiltration, and ideological subversion have paid off. The deck is clearly stacked against us. The odds do seem impossible.

But hey, “With God all things are possible,” right? “There’s never an atheist in the foxhole,” as the saying goes. Never, under any circumstance, should we ever give up. Never, under any circumstances, should you lose hope. If you accept defeat, you’ve been defeated. The enemy has captured your beliefs. Never let that happen.

It’s time to suck it up buttercup. We’ve got work to do. Our mission is nothing less than saving humanity from a terrible fate. We’ve been born into this moment in history for a purpose: to preserve the blessings of liberty for future generations, to cast off the shackles of tyranny and slay the socialist beasts of our day.

There is no higher calling than to stand strong, speak out, and fight back. Prepare yourself for battle. Guard your heart and mind. This is a war of words, a battle of beliefs, and it will never be won if it’s recklessly fought—but there is hope.

Our hope lies in authentic connections and honest conversations. Just like Special Forces must infiltrate, influence and train tribesman to overthrow oppressive regimes, so too must we set about the arduous task of developing the network and support necessary to win the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans and reclaim the country that we love. In my heart, I believe this is the only way we can win.

This is how we overcome the impossible odds.

You got a better way? Let me know in the comments below!

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