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TR 363 - When Truth Trumps Tyranny

TR 363 - When Truth Trumps Tyranny

Watching Trump destroy CNN was glorious... and it raises some questions.

Here we go again!

As discussed in yesterday’s report When Enough is Enough, the 2024 election is only eighteen short months away. Officially kicking off the media’s campaign season, Donald Trump was invited to a townhall in New Hampshire that was hosted by CNN moderator Kaitlan Collins—a rising leftist star who got walloped by Trump’s unabashed telling of the truth and refusal to accept her lies. It was classic Trump.

I’m not gonna lie, it was awesome. So awesome in fact, that CNN chose to cut the townhall short to stop the bleeding, essentially crying uncle from the in-your-face barrage of bare-knuckle facts that brutally assaulted their fragile sensitivities and demolished their delusional perspectives on MAGA, J6, and the rigged 2020 election.

Here are a few of the key one-liners:

  • “I think… unless you’re a very stupid person… most people understand what happened. That was a rigged election.” (source)

  • “It’s time to treat MAGA, the greatest political movement in our Country’s history, with respect.” (source)

  • “Our country is dying. Our country is being destroyed by stupid, by very stupid people. …Because we’re spending money like drunken sailors.” (source)

It’s worth noting that those three quotes are coming from liberal outlets who are throwing a screeching fit over these statements. Their smug arrogance refuses to concede on the basis of fact and their egos insist on inverting reality so they can maintain their delusions that Joe Biden is the most popular president ever elected and MAGA Americans are racists, transphobic, bigots who want to destroy democracy.

CNN’s own 8-point takeaway decries the fact that Trump said he was “inclined to pardon” many of the J6 political prisoners, not all of them, but “it will be a large portion of them.” In an astounding display of their own ignorance, these liberal analysts (I use the term lightly) failed to grasp how Trump’s “harshest immigration enforcement policies” resonate with the average everyday Americans who are tired of footing the bill for the millions of illegal aliens who are flagrantly violating the rule of law and bringing their drugs and criminal behavior across our southern border.

While CNN cries foul over Trump’s name calling—calling out the crazies, whack jobs, and thugs, before turning to the moderator and declaring, “you’re a nasty person”—they miss the fact that much of Trump’s message was relatively centrist. When pressed to take sides on the Russia-Ukrainian conflict, Trump said:

“I don’t think of it in terms of winning and losing. I think in terms of getting it settled so we can stop killing all these people. I want everyone to stop dying.

Now who can argue with that? The Trumpster turned CNN in a dumpster fire when he promised to end the war within 24 hours after being elected. It was a glorious reckoning, even as social media was erupting with maniacal, unhinged disbelief, with the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lamenting the fact that CNN had lost “total control” of the narrative—an insightful choice of words—and fretting over the fact that the audience was cheering him on and laughing at the host.

You see, in the twisted minds of these progressive stooges, it was only the “worst elements of our society” that were watching, applauding, and appreciating the fact that Trump wasn’t holding back. He was speaking truth to power, eviscerating the narrative, and putting the liberal media lapdogs in their place. According to the left, if you love our country, if you want to Make America Great Again, if you have a steady job, take care of your family, and participate in life as a productive member of your community, you are among the “worst elements” of society.

If you recall, much like Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” and “smelly Walmart” people, the elites have a great disdain for the unruly, rebel peasants who don’t buy their lies and just do what we’re told. We are the “defectives” who refuse to simply fall in line and accept their insanity, and as discussed in TR 285 - The Sinister Saga of the Secret Cabal, these self-ascribed elites believe that we are a cancer on society:

“The defectives whom we have just been considering may be compared to an insidious disease affecting the body politic.

[Our] present methods of treating defectives leave great numbers to produce new offspring and create new cancers in the body politic.

It would by no means be a misnomer to call the American Eugenics Society a Society for the Control of Social Cancer.”

I share that as a refresher, because it’s important not to lose sight of this lofty perspective. The global elites believe that we are useless eaters who are destroying the planet. In their own words, “fast forward to the early 21st century [and] we just don’t need the vast majority of the population.” When considering this disturbing sentiment, it is imperative to realize that these sociopaths—who harbor such a deep contempt for the bulk of humanity—also have a very detailed, methodical plan to deal with this little problem.

More than a century of strategic central planning has culminated in the current Great Reset and Agenda 2030, which intends to reduce the human population and achieve total global control by enslaving humanity in a techno dystopian hell and treating us like soulless hackable animals. As World Economic Forum advisor Dr. Yuval Noah Harari so eloquently puts it:

“We humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls – we are now hackable animals. That’s what we are.”

And yet, being the unruly, rebel peasant that I am, I flatly reject the premise that we are no longer mysterious souls. Nor should you or I or anyone else get “used to the idea” that these arrogant bastards know what’s best for the whole of humanity. Instead, I contend that we should maintain our status as “deplorables” in good standing and continue going about our “defective” ways, attempting to restore some semblance of sanity for future generations, pissing off and pissing on the elites as much as possible, and laughing in the face of useful idiots as we go about our merry way. But that’s just me feeling plucky.

Let’s zoom out.

While I’m thrilled with the way Trump trounced CNN last night, and it kind of makes me fall in love with the guy all over again, it would only be fair to round out the discussion with a recap of my previously stated reservations. If you’re new to the audience you need to know that I’ve voted for Trump twice before, that I rallied with the People’s Convoy to support Trump and protest the rigged 2020 election, but that at this point, looking ahead to 2024, I’ve grown skeptical that Trump is our best option.

Last night’s performance does cause me to question my own skepticism, but I still think that it is critically important that we consider the complexity of the situation. If you’re still chewing on all of this, on what Trump vs. Biden in 2024 might mean for our country, I’ve outlined my thinking in the following reports:

Elsewhere I’ve documented the concerted effort by the media to paint Trump supporters are far-right, racist, religious extremists and domestic terrorists. Let’s not forget that Biden himself—the sitting U.S. president—has declared that roughly half the country (i.e. “MAGA Republicans”) are “semi-fascists” who represent “an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.”

Says the lying, senile, old sock puppet:

“MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution. They do not believe in the rule of the law. They do not recognize the will of the people. They refuse to accept the results of a free election.”

Per the liberal playbook, this is the exact opposite of truth. But if you tell a lie often enough—and simultaneously use weaponized government agencies to censor dissent—the vast majority of peasants will eventually accept the lies and believe them as truth. Of course, believing something is true doesn’t make it truth, but that’s a subtle distinction that’s completely lost in leftist thinking.

The question is: at this point in history, can the declaration of truth trump the tyranny of the Censorship Industrial Complex? In other words, in addition to every other unimaginable obstacle on the path to Make America Great Again, can Donald Trump overcome this:

Liberty loving Americans all across the country will no doubt celebrate the day when truth trumps tyranny—and maybe Trump’s just the man for the job—but my gut tells me that until that day comes, it would be wise to guard my heart against false hope.

What do you think?

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