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TR 328 - The Arrest of Donald Trump

TR 328 - The Arrest of Donald Trump

Whether they cuff him or not, this saga offers several insights for moving forward.

Stay sharp.

With all the talk about arresting Donald Trump, there has been an explosion in chatter all across the fruited plains. There are a lot of news figures out this morning down playing the MAGA response to Trump’s call for protests. They say that it’s been a “muted” response, and that a lot of American patriots believe this is another J6 style set up. Some people are talking about another false flag event, other people are talking about civil war, but I want to talk about something else.

I want to talk about a path forward. I want to talk about solutions.

But first, I want to share some of the sentiment that’s out there. I’m sharing this, not as an endorsement of either perspective, but as a metric by which to analyze the likelihood of all hell breaking loose in the near future—to understand where other people are at mentally and emotionally, and how they might react.

First, there are those who are calling for massive protests on Trump’s behalf:

Second, there are those who are invoking more revolutionary rhetoric:

*** Just to be perfectly clear, I am not endorsing either approach. ***

To be honest, here’s what I think:

  1. I think that there are those in the world who are pushing for a kinetic civil war. They want there to be violent protests in America, just like the ones that are breaking out all around the world right now. I do not believe this is all just coincidence. I believe that it’s all part of the Great Reset, deploying the commie tactic to “destroy all aspects of existing society” to consolidate power and control.

  2. Within this context, there is an increased probability of a false flag event, wherein violence is staged and blamed on Trump supporters or some right-wing extremist, Christian insurrectionist, or racist white supremacy group. The purpose of the potential false flag event is to justify a federal crackdown on political dissent, aka “domestic terrorists,” and push for more gun control.

  3. This will all happen with the assistance of ASI (Algorithmic Social Interventions), which will deploy stealthy, selective censorship, while simultaneously promoting state propaganda, just like they are doing all around the globe right now. This allows them to “control emerging public perceptions” and slowly bring the water to a boil with the frog still in the pot. Most people still remain none the wiser.

The impact of ASI will determine the outcome of the next election, which I suspect will align with the Great Prediction of a hung election and a civil war. Regardless of the outcome, the impact of these tech-enabled manipulations is only going to increase. Look around and observe how many people are glued to a screen. The public mind has been hijacked, held in a heightened state of suggestibility, and the public is being programmed to accept The Great Narrative.

We are in a perilous situation. With such massive propaganda campaigns manipulating the public mindset, the emotional state of the nation is being brought to fever pitch. Ultimately, I believe this is meant to evoke fits of rage and revolt, which is a predictable and understandable reaction given the gross degree of abuse and usurpation, but will nevertheless be treated as terrorism and lead to state retaliation.

When this escalation leads to open conflict, there is no telling how it will play out. Suffice it to say it opens the door to international intervention and could further compromise the sovereignty of the United State in relation to global governance. I believe there are people who have been plotting the destruction of the United States and ultimately they are pushing for a civil war to complete the process.

I don’t think they want or expect a protracted civil war, but I do think they want it to be a kinetic war. They need just enough of an excuse to clamp down and criminalize political opposition. They need a reason to disarm the public and round people up, El Salvador style. The public has been getting primed for this very thing, with all the talk about “far-right extremists” being a threat to democracy and all the other crap.

International intervention, in the form of UN Peace Keepers, would further bolster the “global citizen” narrative and play right into promoting the role of global governance. This, of course, will be tied to the climate crisis and the One Health global initiative. Bombs cause a lot of pollution. Bombs also kill a lot of people, which ties into the overarching depopulation agenda.

War. Famine. Disease. Death. It’s all part of the plan.

But life is still good.

Even in the hardest of times, we have much to be grateful for. And we aren’t anywhere close to the hardest of times. There is still some time to prepare, but time is running out. From time to time, tyrants rise to power and people have to fight for their freedom. It’s a timeless cycle. The difference this time is that this is a fight for the minds of the masses. If we fail to convince the American public that we need to defend the Constitution then America as we know it is destined to fall.

In my mind, there are three ways this can play out:

  1. Massive peaceful noncompliance. This would have to be an across the board revolt, wherein the majority of citizens in the majority of cities and counties simply refuse to keep playing the games. Imagine, for example, if the majority of Americans simply stopped paying taxes. Imagine if we stopped feeding the beast that is seeking to devour us at the moment. Could that be a viable solution?

  2. Bloody civil war. This is really the worst case scenario. Nobody in their right mind wants things to go this way, but the global elite who are instigating the chaos and trying to destroy our country are not in their right minds. They are high on power, acting upon evil impulse, and smugly convinced of their own moral imperative to conquer and control us all. They want us to fight and kill each other, and this horrendous potential is very much on the table.

  3. World War III. This is clearly the direction things are going, with Russia and China buddying up and the UN and other NGOs working tirelessly to subvert American dominance in the name of global equity. When you hear the global cabal talking about a “multipolar world” that means the United States is significantly weakened financially and militarily. The end result is to dismantle the existing world order to institute the New World Order of global governance.

It is possible that all three of these things play out, somewhat simultaneously. That said, there is really no way of knowing what the future holds. There is only anticipation and suspense, which serves to keep the public seeking certainty and solutions in a swirling storm of uncertainty. We must be aware of how this affects us at the individual and community level and take action to be prepared for anything.

Zoom out.

While Americans are fixated on Trump, the invisible hand of the global cabal keeps tightening the noose around the collective neck of humanity. Today, for example, the UN is holding a global event on “the urgency of combating racism and racial discrimination.” By “elevating awareness” on systemic racism at the global level, they are training world leaders to make decisions through a racial lens.

This inevitably leads to more racially motivated policies, which in turn stoke racial tensions as minority groups bask in the glory of being exalted victims and the pale skins grow sick and tired of being treated as oppressors because of their lack of pigment. All of this serves to divide populations by race and pit them against each other, while positing global governance as the only solution.

Similarly, last week the World Health Organization hosted a global dialogue to force “priorities on sexual and reproductive health and rights at global, regional, and country levels.” The purpose of such dialogues is “generating evidence” and “issuing global guidelines,” along with supporting implementation at the local level. This is all orchestrated through a complex network of global NGOs being spearheaded by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which is anything but neutral.

The point here is that every issue we are fighting on the local front is being driven by a global agenda. All of these international partnerships are coordinating their efforts (as they have been for decades) through the global networks like the Implementing Best Practices Networkwhich, not surprisingly, is focused on advancing socialist principles through powerful storytelling.

This is how they skillfully craft the narrative.

They tell stories that hook emotions and get people to buy into a cause. Never mind that the actual impact of the proposed policies is often the exact opposite of what is promised—the global elites understand that most of the population is not intelligent enough to realize they are getting duped. They play to the ego and the appeal of being a good person, and harness this goodwill to advance their nefarious plot.

When Trump claims that we’re fighting against “Communists, Marxists, RINOs and losers!” he’s not wrong. All the hype around his arrest (which at the time of publication still hasn’t happened) is a perfect distraction from the implementation of digital currency via FedNow and forth coming CBDCs. It also pulls attention away from the Biden crime syndicate and the rest of the rampant political corruption that is plaguing our once great nation. Like I said yesterday, it’s all political theater.

As we wait to see how this particular act plays out, as we contemplate the various paths and viable solutions to get ourselves out of this mess, I suggest getting together with other liberty minded individuals in your community and having a serious heart to heart about the road ahead. If we want to avert a bloody civil war, we need to reclaim the narrative through local conversations. It’s going to get bumpy. It’s going to be messy. But in the end, I believe the good guys will win. Freedom is the most good for the most people, and that is the message that we need to be spreading far and wide.

In the end, the solution may be simpler than we think.


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