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TR 310 - The More Things Change

TR 310 - The More Things Change

The more things changes, the more they stay the same... let's connect some dots.

— Flashback —

TR 63 - Who Should We Trust? (Feb. 21, 2022)

Allegations of misinformation, disinformation, and fake news are lobbed about without any accountability. These labels allow low-information individuals — those who haven’t the time or inclination to think for themselves — to hide behind the authority of state propaganda.

But, as commonsense makes clear, not everyone gets to be right. That means, when two sides are presenting diametrically opposed perspectives, telling the public radically different stories, someone is either grossly misinformed, or being blatantly dishonest. Instinct indicates the latter.

Let’s not forget that the Communist Manifesto expressly states the intent to destroy every aspect of existing society, by lying and concealing their intentions with twisted language that has “a hidden, higher, socialistic interpretation.”  In short, they admit to being deceitful.

It is within this framework of intentional deception, we wade into the headlines:

“Rights may not be exercised contrary to the purpose and principles of the United Nations.”

  • Thus, the global government assumes the authority to decide what rights we have, when we get to exercise those rights, and whether or not these current circumstances justify the government suspending these rights because of the “exigencies of the situation.”

This is no small claim, and it is not to be overlooked. These documents have been on the books for over 70 years. Those who have been clamoring for world government have been at it for a long time, and they have come a long way, incrementally encroaching upon national sovereignty, and subversively eroding individual liberties as they seek to develop global citizens.

One year later, how does this relate to current events? Well, for starters, there are now a handful of Republican Senators who are starting to push back against the World Health Organizations attempts to centralize authority over U.S. pandemic response policies. Last week, seventeen U.S. senators, introduced the “No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act,” which is intended to require a two-thirds super majority to consent with the new treaty.

As for the treaty itself, it would be “legally binding” and force countries to submit to “the central role of the WHO as the directing and coordinating authority on international health work”—making the WHO the ultimate authority on things like lockdowns, vaccines, supply chains, surveillance, and most notably, “disinformation and false news.”

Don’t forget that they are trying to immunize humanity against misinformation. This latest treaty is just another angle for them to formalize the authority for global censorship—which is already happening, and has been for years, as we have discussed at length. I offer more insight into how they are pulling this off in TR 102 - A Crash Course In Propaganda, which provides these links for further exploration:

Curiosity got the best of me, so I had to click through and check out those sources again. The World Immunization Week webpage had a poem on it, declaring that “Vaccines have been indiscriminately saving lives since 1796.” In light of this week’s investigation into The Crime of Vaccinations, reflecting on that utter farce was almost sickening. Vaccines have been indiscriminately DESTROYING lives for hundreds of years, and they are being obsessively pushed as the ultimate solution to this very day—but of course, pointing that out is misinformation.

All of the claims about vaccines saving countless lives can be refuted on the basis of empirical evidence and historical data, as we saw in yesterday’s report, but there is an even better method to piercing this methodical illusion. Ask a simple question:

How do you KNOW that you would have died without the vaccination?

How do you know you wouldn’t have contracted and defeated the disease naturally? How do you know you wouldn’t have steered clear and never even been infected? People who are vaccinated still get sick and die—this is an undeniable fact—and obviously you may not get sick and die even without vaccination, so what’s the benefit?

Is there any way to know for sure that any of these vaccines are producing any benefits whatsoever? I don’t believe so. It’s all speculation, a perceived benefit, a firmly held belief that vaccines are “safe and effective” that is born from the crafty propaganda put out by those who undeniably do benefit from the jabs by profiting and pilfering the public’s trust. The whole sham disgusts me.

Of course, I could always be wrong, maybe vaccines really are safe and effective—I’m just saying that there isn’t really any proof of that, aside from the speculation and propaganda, and there is a ton of evidence to the contrary.

Alright, I’m over it, for now.

Back to the flashback.

“Rights may not be exercised contrary to the purpose and principles of the United Nations.”

What the vast majority of Americans, including American politicians, remain completely ignorant to, is the fact these international treaties have been on the books for decades. Essentially, the U.S. government has already signed over its sovereignty, and any time our government fails to fall in line, there are penalties imposed, there are funds withheld, and there is a pernicious purging of problematic politicians.

This is the shadow work of the global cabal. It’s on par with the mysterious “Arkancide” phenomenon—where those who cross powerful people suddenly decide to commit suicide—which is back in the headlines today.

According to police, top Bill Clinton adviser Mark Middleton was found hanging from a tree with an extension cord around his neck, and apparently he’d been shot in the chest with a shotgun, though there was no shotgun found at the scene of the crime.

Naturally, this was ruled a suicide.

The fact that Middleton had signed Jeffrey Epstein into the White House 17 times during Clinton’s presidency, or that he was a frequent flyer on the infamous “Lolita Express” really has no bearing on the story. Bad things happen to good people, and sometimes they just happen by accident, which is the point I’m getting at.

There are powerful people in the world. Some of these powerful people are evil.

Some of these powerful evil people are currently working together to enslave humanity and cull the herd—and they’ve been working on it for a really long time.

In the collective mind of the global cabal, you do not have any rights that they haven’t expressly given you. You don’t have the right to leave your house and see your family if they decide to declare a lockdown, for example. You don’t have the right to eat meat, own property, or drive your car, because they’ve decided such behavior is unsustainable, for example. You don’t have the right to read your favorite books or listen to your favorite shows, unless the state says they’re safe and has determined you’re not mistakenly consuming misinformation, for example.

Have you heard how people who defend free speech have higher cognitive abilities? Evidently is takes a certain degree of intelligence to comprehend that having government officials telling you what you can and cannot do, what you can and cannot think, and what you can and cannot say, is a bad thing. Who knew.

I used to think that was just commonsense, but that was back before I began learning about psychological warfare and the “subconscious taming” that’s been happening for years. Decades of institutional indoctrination has proven to be highly effective at churning out an ignorant horde of apathetic, domesticated schmucks. Thus the woke army of useful idiots who fall prey to, and are leveraged by, the cunning commie cabal.

Exactly one year ago today, February 23, 2022, I published TR 65 - The Responsibility To Protect. It was focused on the idea that concepts are contagious, and that was nearly a year before I’d ever heard of memetics or studied memes as a form of mental warfare. One of the most insidious of these thought contagions was, and still is, this “responsibility to protect” everyone from everything. From one year ago:

We are told that the world has a “Responsibility to Protect” the Ukrainian people, or more accurately, the secret U.S. interests in the region. This is a pattern. Truth is, we have a Responsibility to Protect all kinds of people from all kinds of things: Protect people everywhere from preventable death. Protect women from being oppressed. Protect minorities from discrimination. Protect the planet from  humanity. You get the picture.

After pointing out how this language comes directly from the U.N., or more specifically, from The International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect, I pointed out the obvious but often overlooked truth:

Powerful people are in the position to offer the most protection. When they promise protection, entire populations swoon. This is how — through government protection — we the peasants may escape the fate of impending doom. Thus, all our fears can finally be assuaged, until the next round of stimulating propaganda sends us fearfully scurrying back into the arms of our powerful protectors.

It was the responsibility to protect the Ukrainians that kicked off the ongoing march toward the next world war. It was the responsibility to protect that’s been used to justify years of medical tyranny. It’s the responsibility to protect that fuels the WHO’s thirst for power and drives their relentless efforts to consolidate global control.

The more things change, the more they stay the same!


[PS: If you have time today, I recommend going back and listening to TR 65 - The Responsibility To Protect. The content is as timely today as it was a year ago!]

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