Feb 21, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 63 - Who Should We Trust?

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Someone is lying.

Everyday we are bombarded with information — more information that we can possibly process, vet, or fact check. As a result, we find comfort in trusted news sources, such as the Good Morning Goldendale podcast, where real people conduct real analysis, without a hidden agenda.

Allegations of misinformation, disinformation, and fake news are lobbed about without any accountability. These labels allow low-information individuals — those who haven’t the time or inclination to think for themselves — to hide behind the authority of state propaganda.

But, as commonsense makes clear, not everyone gets to be right. That means, when two sides are presenting diametrically opposed perspectives, telling the public radically different stories, someone is either grossly misinformed, or being blatantly dishonest. Instinct indicates the latter.

Let’s not forget that the Communist Manifesto expressly states the intent to destroy every aspect of existing society, by lying and concealing their intentions with twisted language that has “a hidden, higher, socialistic interpretation.”  In short, they admit to being deceitful.

It is within this framework of intentional deception, we wade into the headlines:

“Rights may not be exercised contrary to the purpose and principle of the United Nations.”

  • Thus, the global government assumes the authority to decide what rights we have, when we get to exercise those rights, and whether or not these current circumstances justify the government suspending these rights because of the “exigencies of the situation.”

This is no small claim, and it is not to be overlooked. These documents have been on the books for over 70 years. Those who have been clamoring for world government have been at it for a long time, and they have come a long way, incrementally encroaching upon national sovereignty, and subversively eroding individual liberties as they seek to develop global citizens.

Regardless of whether or not the is a war in Eastern Europe, these behind the scenes forces are very much at play. Those who seek total control will leverage wars, famine, financial collapse, civil unrest, and the never-ending threat of disease to impose their will upon the global population.

This is the context of current events. The question is: What is their next step?

To fully grasp what is happening, we need to understand the key players and real influencers who are the driving force behind all the orchestrated chaos. What we find is a common thread that leads back to the World Economic Forum, and it’s web of powerful people around the globe.

Unfortunately, the closer we look, the deeper we dig, the more disturbing it becomes.

Everything that has played out over the last two years, the entire pandemic seems to have been meticulously planned and methodically carried out. Worse still, this is not the endgame.

They want control. Political control. Population control. They want to “win the world” and save us from ourselves — they very same objectives Karl Marx declared in the Communist Manifesto. They sincerely believe that they alone know what is best, and that We the People are the greatest threat to humanity.

They do not believe we should be free to spread disease and destroy the planet. They do not believe we should be well armed and able to defend ourselves against authoritarian government. They do not believe we should be allowed to develop our own political structures, make our own rules, and manage our lives at the community level.

If we were free to do that, their plans would never work.

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