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TR 596 - How Local Shenanigans Lead Directly to Top-Down Global Control

TR 596 - How Local Shenanigans Lead Directly to Top-Down Global Control

Tracking down the global schemes that are driving local policies.

Top down control.

The entire globalist agenda is about implementing top-down control. This is, for policy wonks, known as “vertical integration”—and there is a science to it.

To get a glimpse of how it works, consider this excerpt from the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs Policy Brief #115: Horizontal and vertical integration are more necessary than ever for COVID-19 recovery and SDG implementation.

“Integration is about effectively addressing tensions and trade-offs that exist across policy areas, as well as exploiting synergies among those. It can be analyzed through multiple lenses. This policy brief focuses on horizontal integration, which refers to the capacity of government departments in charge of different policy issues to work together; and vertical integration, which refers to consistency, coordination and collaboration across different levels of government.”

The tension exists because the discussion is about who is in charge and making the rules. The trade-offs are the perceived benefits of a) resolving this tension by agreeing who gets to make the rules, and b) the simplification that comes from not having to make the rules.

It’s generally easier to let someone else make the rules for you, for your organization, for your department, for your city, county, state, et cetera, which is why centralized control is such a seductive scheme. Someone else does the thinking for you.

As the globalists advance their so-called “normative agendas” — fabricating their own statistics and certifying their own experts, as we were discussing last week — their agendas get globally disseminated through both vertical and horizontal integration.

What this looks like in practice, is various federal agencies get fed the same narrative and are directed to work together to address the issues, because it is said to be a “cross-sectoral” problem. This is horizontal integration.

Just in passing, I’d like to emphasize how each and every element of this globalist strategy has been thoroughly studied by very intelligent people. Just running a quick search on “cross-sectoral” illustrates what I mean. The research seeks to enlist the individual in cross-sectoral collaborations and partnerships, which are essential ingredients in the sort of global governance that synergizes advocacy for socialist principles (i.e. the consolidation of power and control):

From that second to last link, note that these cross-sectoral partnerships are being used to address “grand societal challenges”—like forcefully imposing Agenda 2030 upon the unsuspecting masses, and enslaving humanity in a techno-dystopian hell.

Moving on, the vertical integration part of it comes into play once each element of the agenda has been sufficiently refined for state, county, and city level relevance. Unsurprisingly, this too has been studied in depth, specifically as it relates to the integration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals at the local level:

Keep in mind, these policies have been being developed and fine-tuned for decades.

It never ceases to amaze me just how far and wide these agendas reach. On the one hand, it’s entirely disheartening and overwhelming to realize how out-organized the liberty movement is at the current moment. On the other hand, it is truly fascinating to learn just how thoroughly they’ve thought this through.

As I’ve said before, we must study the strategies of the enemy, and mirror their methods, if we are to have any chance of successfully preserving the blessings of liberty for future generations. What we are seeing here, through the horizontal and vertical integration of normative agendas, is a systematic process of mental assimilation into the collective hive-mind.

It is thought control, systematized, and it’s worth pointing out that these processes were developed long before artificial intelligence came along. Weaponized AI, Sentinel Surveillance, and Algorithmic Social Interventions have only accelerated the Adaptation Agenda that has long been at work, driving behavioral change.

Something that caught my eye in running those quick searches was the National Adaptation Plan Processes, which aim to “create intentional and strategic linkages between national and sub-national governance,” which is said to “build resilience” by changing local level decision-making. This is vertical integration at work.

That said, with all of this fresh in mind, acknowledging that it appears this all has to do with environmental regulations and mitigating the impact of so-called climate change, I’d like to abruptly veer into a different subject altogether.

Though the subject of closing the county jail may seem entirely unrelated, I assure you that the very same systems and processes are at work, as you’ll see momentarily.

Let’s zoom out.

When it comes to implementing an agenda, what the globalists do in one place, they have every intention of doing in other places as well. The principle of every policy is the consolidation of power and control, which they call governance.

Global governance is the exact opposite of local control.

Global governance is the mortal enemy of representative government.

Understanding the concept is one thing, but in an attempt to make it tangible, I’d like to use the concerted efforts to close the Klickitat County Jail—against all logic and commonsense, and in the face of overwhelming local opposition—as a springboard from which to grasp the higher implications of what’s going on.

In a nutshell, local citizens are getting steamrolled by the globalist agenda that’s coming at them from every angle. It’s easy to see this with the huge industrial solar and so-called “green energy” projects, but it’s more difficult to trace the connections when it comes to “defund the police” initiatives and “criminal justice reform.”

To do so, I’d like to start from the top.

Again, just to emphasize the degree to which this issue has been studied and integrated into Agenda 2030, look at this graphic, pulled from the website, in a research paper titled, Leaving no one behind in prison: improving the health of people in prison as a key contributor to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals 2030:

Indeed, as these search results indicate, the research and vertical and horizontal integration of these “criminal justice” concepts abounds:

Integrating the globalist concepts of prison reform and criminal justice at the national level, we find the U.S. Department of Justice and the National Institute of Corrections, which seeks to “establish and foster shared values across the corrections continuum,” among other things. This is an even deeper integration of globalist policies, which is captured perfectly by the comprehensive 269-page report titled, “Building Culture Strategically.”

By “building culture” they mean embedding social consciousness, as previously reported in TR 402 - The Transformation of Human Consciousness:

…The 2010 research paper titled, “Worldview Transformation and the Development of Social Consciousness,” presented this informative visual:

Note that human consciousness—your consciousness—is “passively shaped” outside of awareness, as in without your realizing it, by “biological, social and cultural factors.” These are the embedded beliefs that drive our behavior.

Emphasis on embedded.

Remember, the National Institute of Corrections is “Building Culture Strategically.” It’s a remarkably telling turn of phrase. The implication is that they are embedding beliefs that are driving behavioral change, for their own socialist ends. Digging into all aspects of Agenda 2030, including criminal justice reform, you will find socialist principles at every level of integration.

These seductive lies aim to further consolidate power and control by driving behavioral change and advancing the adaptation agenda.

But what does this look like at the local level? It looks like catch and release policies, it looks like decriminalizing drugs, it looks like making the criminals out to be the victims, defunding the police, and closing county jails.

How does that further consolidate power and control?

Well, instead of county jails, think “regional corrections,” and then take it a step further, and consider the whole prisons-for-profit scheme:

I’d like to point out that this scheme is generally derided by the very same lefties who are the breathless champions of the global agenda. Once again, these useful idiots fail to see how they are getting played.

Here there is a need to reconcile the “everyone in prison deserves a great quality of life” shtick coming out of Agenda 2030, and the consolidation of power and control associated with regional correction facilities and private prisons ran for profit.

This is similar to the disparity between the SDG’s universal healthcare and forced vaccinations to “save lives,” and their underlying (fully declared) intent to depopulate the planet. There is a massive disconnect between what they say and what they do with criminal justice reform, because the “hidden, higher meaning” is the exact opposite of what they say.

That’s straight out of the Communist Manifesto.

In order to decipher their real intentions, we must always keep this in mind. Beyond that, as it relates to prison reform, we need to recall the unholy alliance between the Communists and the Fascists, which they affectionately refer to as Public-Private Partnerships. Both want control, and they are working together to get it.

Examples abound.

There is one other point that’s percolating in the back of my mind here… in a local county jail, the jailers are local people, as are most of the prisoners. There is a certain level of accountability and civility built into this arrangement that would lessen the likelihood of abuse and injustice (though not prevent it altogether).

Prisoners rounded up and shipped elsewhere, say to a regional facility, are nameless, faceless, and more easily forgotten. Out of sight, out of mind. That might be a bonus if the state ever decided to round up all the extremists who keep disrupting peace and stability and threatening democracy. Just thinking out loud.

Oh, and one more thing, coming from the National Institute of Corrections “Building Culture Strategically” report: it was written by a lady named Carol Flaherty-Zonis…

…who just so happens to have worked extensively around the globe with the George Soros Open Society Foundation to “teach teachers” how to think…

…AND, in a prior season of life, this lady also worked with the sick and twisted Sex Ed for Social Change organization, teaching teachers how to “create a climate for learning about sexuality”—no doubt so they could successfully indoctrinate and groom children, exploit them, and keep them from reproducing:

….AAAAAAND, just to be perfectly clear, this sex ed is all part of the depopulation agenda, which pretty much has no association with closing the county jail, other than the tangential observation that those who want to defund the police and turn criminals back out on the streets are also the ones that are targeting children—and also, the observation that the globalists are good at getting their way.

They’ve been at this for a long, long time.

Vertical integration. Horizontal integration. Public-private partnerships. Normative agendas. Embedded consciousness. The adaptation agenda. Accepting the global consolidation of power and control. Creating chaos to facilitate change.

It’s all part of the plan.

Therefore, RESIST WE MUST!


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PS: If you want to take a closer look at how the globalist agenda is driving the closure of the county jail, I suggest diving into the Compendium of United Nations Standards and Norms in Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (471 pages, first published in 1992), and you will find the blueprint for everything that’s gone wrong for law enforcement and criminal justice over the last several years.

Among the many gems are Rule 5, which state that jails “should seek to minimize any differences between prison life and life at liberty,” and Rule 7, which demands jailors record and respect “his or her self-perceived gender.” Now you know why men-who-identify-as-women are being allowed into female prison blocks.

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