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TR 368 - When Commies & Fascists Unite

TR 368 - When Commies & Fascists Unite

It's a preposterous proposition, which is why this unholy alliance is such a grave threat.

It’s happening.

The “secret cabal” is having their annual secretive meeting to conspire on how they can use AI to further enslave humanity in an inescapable global surveillance state, complete with a China-style social credit system, central bank digital currency, and microchip digital IDs. It’s called the Bilderberg Meeting, and their website indicates they’ve been facilitating these “informal discussions” and fostering global change since 1954, making this their 69th gathering, which is auspicious for several reasons.

We’ll dive deep into the why, but first, check out this rather opaque propaganda:

Did you catch the leading statements, misleading as they may be?

  • “Revelations deepen the sense…”

  • “…a grave moment approaches…”

  • “…exclusive report reinforces the possibility…”

  • “…new evidence may undercut…”

  • “…White House lawyer thinks Trump will go to jail.”

Of course, these “revelations” are nothing more than mental conjecture, drawing upon a word choice that invokes the “sense” that some sort of “grave moment” could potentially be approaching—or not—but the CNN’s exclusive propaganda “reinforces the possibility” (which is still remarkably flimsy) that there may be some new evidence that might undercut Trump’s 2024 campaign. In other words, it’s a nothing-burger.

Does anyone really care that a White House lawyer thinks Trump might go to jail?

Only the useful idiots. You know, the idiot liberals who are “dangerously delusional” because they’ve lost their collective minds and gone completely batshit crazy.

Now, the reason I wanted to share that propaganda from CNN is to draw a contrast between the meaty information that you and I seek out and consume, and the spoon-fed drivel that is slopped in front of the average low-information voter. While it’s true that the global cabal’s “secretive meeting” has been exposed by alt-news sources (and the occasional mainstream limited hangout), the fact remains that the vast majority of humanity is still wholly ignorant of their socialist scheming and meddling in international affairs.

The Bilderberg Meeting is a packed house of global elites, an impressive conglomeration of progressive politicians, socialist CEOs, liberal thought leaders, anti-American academics, bureaucratic Bolsheviks, and outright communists from all around the world. These 130 or so participants all have attractive resumes, deep pockets, and backdoor connections to the most powerful people in the world.

This meeting, along with the annual WEF gathering in Davos, is where the globalists’ web of public-private partnerships are formed, nurtured, and developed to their full potential. One way to think about these secret meetings is to think about a gathering where Communists and Fascists set aside their petty differences, then put their heads together and team up to brainstorm new and improved ways to pillage the village, stiff the peasants, and add to their already considerable amount of power and control.

The commies claim they are fighting for a “working class” revolution, wherein the commoners take control of the factories and means of production, the idea of private is completely abolished, and everything is then collectively owned by the peasants. Of course, someone still has to be in charge and make decisions, and that would be the “Central Committee”—aka the Chief Commies—who somehow always happen to be just slightly more equal than the real working class.

Here’s how it works: the commies spread their subversive ideology, whip up discontent about working condition, and painstakingly develop a sense of “social consciousness”—which preys upon emotional vulnerabilities—in order to get the peasants good and pissed off about the inequities of their current low-class positions. It’s not fair that greedy capitalists get to live in luxury, while the working class, (who build their roads, manufacture their products, and actually know how to do stuff), scrape by on scraps from the big wigs table. Power to the people! Viva la revolucion!

The only problem with this model is that the useful idiots don’t realize that they’re getting played, and once they’ve overthrown the current leadership and “destroyed all aspects of existing society,” then the real tyrants take charge. It takes strong leadership with a “woke” social conscience to make sure that all the peasants fall in line and live up to the utopian fantasies of fairness and equality. However, since these fantasies do not exist in reality—life is inherently unfair and inequitable because some people are lazy, liars, and evil in nature—the typically incompetent Central Committee must rule with an iron fist and enslave the peasants to make things fair.

Nevertheless, the appeal of centralized control is forever enduring. If they could just get everybody to do what they’re told, then everything would be just fine. If everyone would just stoically sacrifice themselves for the greater good, and forfeit the fruits of their labor to the state (i.e. give up their private property), then the state could gleefully redistribute the goods to the less productive, lazy, and dishonest peasants who’ve been conditioned to believe they can simply vote to get fed.

Who wouldn’t vote to get fed, right?!

I mean, jeez, that’s gotta be easier than burning the candle at both ends, pushing through hardships, overcoming adversity, and achieving actual results. Being a productive peasant is hard damn work, and if one could simply vote to get fed—and trust that the government is going to make someone else do the work for you—then why not sign onto that bandwagon, right? Welcome to Generations X, Y, and Z.

Free food. Free housing. Free healthcare. Free public indoctrination. Free college education. Free phones. Free TV. Free whatever-the-hell they have to promise in order to scam another round of voters and steal another election. You get the point.

Now the fascists, who also fight for centralized government control and unlimited authority over the lesser peasants—wherein “people are united and obedient to the single authority of the state”—have a slightly different take on the issue of private property. In Italian, the word fascio means “to bundle”—kind of like how Benito Mussolini bundled the political will of labor and agricultural unions, all socialists in nature, leveraging these unions ultimately to rise to power, crush political dissent, and murder millions of people.

Fascism, therefore, might be thought of as the original public-private partnership. Though fascism and communism are typically juxtaposed as polar opposites, they are really two sides of the same socialist coin. Mussolini was a socialist. Prior to his rise to power, he was the editor for the Italian newspaper Avanti!, which was the preeminent socialist mouthpiece and official paper of the Italian Socialist Party. The name of the paper Avanti! means “Forward!” in English—as in moving forward and making social progress towards equality for all. You know, pursuing the dream.

Quite quickly, “Comrade Mussolini” became “recognized as one of the most gifted and dangerous of Italy’s younger socialists.” In other words, he was a socialist rock star, arrested at least 5 times in his fight for the revolution, who was ultimately backed by the socialists, the industrialists, and even many officials in the existing Italian government. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica:

“Mussolini was hailed as a genius and a superman by public figures worldwide. His achievements were considered little less than miraculous. He had transformed and reinvigorated his divided and demoralized country; he had carried out his social reforms and public works without losing the support of the industrialists and landowners; he had even succeeded in coming to terms with the papacy.”

Today’s media presents a convoluted picture of fascism, essentially equating fascism to Hitler and the Nazi Party, thereby labeling fascists as “far-right extremists” in the public’s mind. There is scant indication of the fascists’ socialist roots, and virtually no consideration is given to the public-private partnerships that gave rise to this authoritarian centralized government in the first place. What a strange coincidence.

Back to the ‘Berg.

I believe that Benito Mussolini would have been right at home in Bilderberg. Interestingly enough, his start in politics was said to be seeded by money from MI5, aka British Intelligence, in order to keep the socialist revolutionaries and anti-war protesters pacified with propaganda. The British aristocracy needs to keep the working class in the factories where they belong in order to feed the war machine.

The history here is fascinating, and the takeaway is that socialists, fascists, and communists are all pursuing the same fantasy—sold ostensibly as “equality for all”—they just differ on their approach. They all understand that achieving this dream requires a strong centralized government. But, whereas the left side socialists (i.e. the commies) want to have the government take control of business and private property to achieve equality; the right side socialists (i.e. the fascists) are keen to forging alliances with private businesses and land owners to elevate the greater good.

In either case, the centralized government control is always for the greater good.

Unfortunately, history has shown that there are always enough useful idiots out there to support those politicians who so skillfully exploit the ignorance and outright stupidity of the average citizen. Believing that they can get something for nothing if they just give more power to the state, that they’ll be able to just vote and get fed and live off of other people’s labor forever, these fools vote for tyranny again and again.

I believe the current meeting in Bilderberg intends to capitalize on this fact. The limited information that’s been intentionally leaked to the mainstream media claims “Artificial intelligence will be a key focus of the talks between members of the business and political elite.” Just to cut to the chase, I suspect they will be discussing the used of weaponized AI to control “emerging” public perceptions via the Social Listening, Sentinel Surveillance, and Algorithmic Social Interventions that are already being used to manipulate the masses and transform human consciousness.

I want to get into who’s behind all of this, but that’s a journey we’ll have to take tomorrow. For now, just beware: when the commies and fascists start teaming up, it’s NEVER good for humanity. Therefore, “Resist We Must!”

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