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TR 590 - Mocking Unhinged Leftists and Chinese Killer Robots

TR 590 - Mocking Unhinged Leftists and Chinese Killer Robots

This one's the full Monty... I'll betcha a beverage you learn something new today!

This will be fun.

I’m going to keep this fast and furious Friday foray as light-hearted as possible. With all the talk about governments using weaponized AI for mind control yesterday, and the news about the Chinese Communist Party unleashing robot dogs with mounted machine guns today, I can’t help but smile and be grateful for the little things in life.

For those in the know, these robotic dogs with mounted machine guns are really nothing new. Do you recall the Flamebot 9000? That’s the robotic dog with a flamethrower mounted on its back—and like all other robotic dogs, which can all be equipped with every kind of weapon imaginable, it can easily be deployed by drones.

The video and links to all of that were posted back in TR 394 - The Merciless Assault on Commonsense, which ever so eloquently lines out not just the threat of killer robots, but also the much greater threat of global digital currency, global digital IDs, and global digital passports—all of which are being slowly but steadily implemented under the banner of “global digital cooperation,” all for the greater good of course.

But of course, none of that really matters to the majority of people, who are entirely enthralled by the possibility that China might invade Taiwan. Others are fixated on the fact that the United Nations has just ordered Israel to halt the assault on Gaza. Still others are upset that Putin is offering a cease-fire, but only if he can play keepsies with the lands he’s already claimed.

Meanwhile, Trump is rockin’ it in the Bronx, extending an olive branch to the RINO Nikki Haley, and pulling massive crowds everywhere he goes—much to the shock of CNN’s dumbstruck consumate sophist Anderson Cooper:

Elsewhere in the liberalsphere we find an unhinged “woman of color” doing what unhinged women-of-color do (as opposed to the rational behavior of the intelligent and articulate women of color who comprise the majority), namely fly off the handle shrieking about racists, slamming her fists down in uncontrollable rage, all while demanding answers to one of the world’s greatest enigmas:

“What the f--- do I have to do in this f---ing council to get respect as a Black woman?”

Well, for starters, someone probably should tell Tania Fernandes Anderson that trying to “create a revolution” in order to “dismantle the White backdrop” in America is a questionable premise—and then becoming hostile, unhinged, and completely losing your mind when people question your motives, isn’t exactly a fast track to success, or any way to earn respect from your peers for that matter.

Manners matter, no matter what gender or color you happen to claim… and nobody likes to see a disgruntled face like that, just saying (photos from Fox News Digital):

In other news…

Just in case you were planning on going to Venezuela for Memorial Day weekend, please be advised the U.S. State Department has re-issued a dire Level 4 Do Not Travel warning because of the ongoing “high crime and civil unrest.”

For anyone keeping track, Uncle Sam withdrew all diplomatic personnel from the U.S. Embassy in Caracas and suspended operations back in March 2019, citing the following concerns:

“Violent crimes, such as homicide, armed robbery, kidnapping, and carjacking, are common in Venezuela. Political rallies and demonstrations occur, often with little notice. Anti-Maduro demonstrations have elicited a strong police and security force response, including the use of tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets against participants, and occasionally devolve into looting and vandalism. Shortages of gasoline, electricity, water, medicine, and medical supplies continue throughout much of Venezuela.”

One might wonder how long before a similar travel warning gets issued for the United States, given our own plague of violent crimes, homicides, armed robbery, kidnapping, carjacking, and political “demonstrations”—many of which have elicited a strong police and security force response, including the use of tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets against participants.

We know for sure, right here on our own soil, that such things “occasionally” devolve into looting and vandalism, and shortages of gasoline, electricity, water, medicine, and medical supplies continue throughout the United States.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s just walk through those criteria one step at a time.

Are you aware the United States is facing fuel shortages?

How is the United States doing on the electricity front?

Do you have any concerns about the water supply?

What about shortages in medicine and medical supplies?

It would appear that all of the reasons we’re being told not to travel abroad are all happening right here at home—that’s my point.

From a more subtle angle, I can say that I personally haven’t experienced fuel, electricity, water, medicine, or medical supply problems, and my guess is that most of the audience hasn’t either. That doesn’t mean some Americans haven’t experienced these problems, certainly some of them have.

What it means, is that the impression given by news headlines is quite likely disproportionate to the actual problem, and without traveling across the entire nation to evaluate the situation for oneself, we generally have a fairly poor grasp on what’s actually happening in other areas, even within our own borders.

Extending this concept, we have essentially zero understanding of what’s actually happening in other countries around the world, say like Venezuela, Taiwan, Ukraine, Israel, or any other nation we happen to catch in the news.

The news is our window into the world, and just like with any window, it comes with a frame—which is why it’s so important that we remain keen to how any given issue is being framed. It’s the framing that limits our scope of consideration and ultimately shapes our perspectives on world affairs.

Just today, there’s an article out about how COVID-19 was overreported as the underlying cause of death, which systematically inflated mortality numbers, and subsequently drove a massive amount of public panic. The panic was then exploited to foist draconian “public health measures” on the scared witless population, thereby normalizing medical tyranny.

Despite the fact that literally everything about the so-called “pandemic” flew in the face of over a century of science, defied all logic and rational thinking, overruled the rule of law, made human rights irrelevant, and gave the government overlords supreme authority over every aspect of our lives—despite the utter insanity of it all, the vast majority of people simply accepted it, because of the way it was framed.

It’s worth noting that when I’m harping on the threat of weaponized AI and Algorithmic Social Interventions to control the public psyche, this is why.

More people get their news from social media and the internet than from traditional sources, which gives the algorithms (those who program the machines) the ability to frame any given issues any way they want.

We need only to recall Hunter’s laptop, Hillary’s server, the Benghazi debacle, Burisma, the 2020 election, or the events of J6 to understand just how powerful this ability to frame things actually is. Controlling the narrative is like controlling reality.

In reality, it’s controlling people’s perception, interpretation, and perspective on reality, but we all know that most people never go quite that deep. This is why it’s so damn disturbing to know that the globalists are actively striving to control emerging public perceptions—to control people’s thoughts before they are even formed—as first reported way back in TR 168 - Why Should You Care?.

Just to reemphasize, this language comes directly from the WHO, who has been directing governments around the world to develop community interventions, using “systematic social listening” on digital platforms, to target “emerging perceptions, concerns, and spreading of misinformation.”

In the fine print, they are using “behavioral scientists” to devise strategies that increase “care seeking behavior”—i.e. the uptake of toxic experimental injections and an irrational trust of the sick bastards selling the jabs as “safe and effective.”

Again, none of this would ever have seemed acceptable, if it were not for the way it’s been framed. It would not seem acceptable now, except that many people are still stuck in the box of the original pandemic paradigm. That’s why we still see people walking around wearing a face-diaper. Damn fools.

At any rate, the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic has just made public a bundle of emails showing that top NIH advisers openly talked about destroying and hiding evidence from FOIA requests regarding the gain-of-function research that was being funded by U.S. taxpayers.

They knew what they were doing, they lied about it, and they tried to cover it up.

Surprise, surprise.

Kind of interesting that this information is coming to light four years later, and now it’s being released right before a major holiday when virtually no one is going to pay attention, isn’t it?

The government’s investigation of its own government officials found “allegations of wrongdoing and illegal activity”—in fact, they produced a 35-page government report, on government letterhead, that irrefutably proves these government officials repeatedly lied under oath to an investigative government committee—and what do you think is going to happen?

Do you think this is going to change anyone’s perspective on the pandemic? Do you think this is going to lead to any sort of accountability? Of course not.

Most people are more interested in Nintendo launching a transgender character in the Super Mario game, or perhaps for the slightly more informed, the “demonic globalist elite” starting World War III, or how all those new “all electric firetrucks” have turned out to be a sad joke.

They don’t care about what happened four years ago.

Regardless of which direction the attention gets yanked, even if a nuke gets dropped, no matter if Trump gets elected, the Emerging Discipline of Perception Engineering will continue astride, as will the weaponized AI and global mind-melting of humanity. We know the end goal is total control, and if they can’t get the algorithms to convince us to accept that fact, they can always bring in the robotic dogs.

All things considered, now might be a good time to brush up on how to defeat killer robots… just don’t forget that life is still good, and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


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