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TR 447 - How to Defeat AI-powered Killer Robots

TR 447 - How to Defeat AI-powered Killer Robots

This is a no-nonsense strategy for defending yourself against the relentless attacks of modern warfare (including killer robots).

Brace yourself.

Each day the crazy comes and goes,
The insane and ineffable ebbs and flows,
One is detached and the other in throws,
Both capitulating toward tyranny’s woes.

Are you aware of the AI-powered killer robots that are about to shape our future?

Evidently “human-machine teams” are about to unleash Hell on Earth, like something straight out of Hollywood. What’s unbelievable to me, is that anyone would promote this sort of remote killing—where a kid is playing a video game, directing swarms of AI-driven weaponized drones, and killing real people on their digitized battlefield.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?!

Something that caught my eye earlier this week was headlines like this:

So, the Pentagon has a new program to “mass produce drones” and they’re selling it as “China should worry” or else they’ll do a demo of “swarm destruction” in 2024.

Does that about sum it up? Is everyone else okay with this but me?!

Did you hear about how Elon Musk shutdown his Starlink satellites in Ukraine, to thwart a massive drone attack on the Russian naval fleet? The Ukrainians are furious, accusing Musk of suffering from a “cocktail of ignorance and big ego.” In his defense, Musk claims he did not shutdown the satellites—he just didn’t turn them on when they asked him to—and says he didn’t want to be complicit in starting WWIII:

“Starlink was not meant to be involved in wars,” Musk told Isaacson, according to one of the released book excerpts. “It was so people can watch Netflix and chill and get online for school and do good peaceful things, not drone strikes.”

Furthermore, the man felt like by foiling the attack he prevented a “mini Pearl Harbor” that could have very easily lead to nuclear retaliation by Russia—can you blame him? If you had a chance to prevent a nuclear war, wouldn’t you do it too?

I speculate the Deep State is not very happy with the man, and that this might have a little something to do with the barrage of headlines about him being an anti-Semite and allegedly “accusing Jews” for his business failures. The timing is perfect:

One should be aware that there are those who would claim there is a certain sect that has been steering the globalists’ warmongering imperialistic conquests since at least the first World War, but that’s a hue of the news I’m not inclined to dive into now.

Let’s get back to the killer robots.

I believe they are priming the public conscience to accept the idea that remote-controlled robots are killing people, as if it’s all just par for the course. Why do I believe that? Well, because they’ve been building the narrative for years—and always about this time of year. Notice the pattern:

Over the course of just three short years, we’ve moved from a Treaty of Killer Robots, to the U.S. rejecting these regulations, to “it’s time we talk about it,” to killer robots are threatening the most vulnerable (who isn’t vulnerable to a killer robot?), to the bluntly stated fact: “Robots are already killing people.”

So there you have it. It’s as if to say—deal with it.

What are you going to do peasant?!

“We’ve got the weaponized AI, killer robots and swarms of drones…
...neener, neener, neeeeener!”

I’m making light of it, but rest assured, the implications and potential threat are huge.

Try to imagine some purple haired punk kid playing a hot new video game—say like “Fry the Farmer” or “The Patriot Purge”—and while they stare into the screen and direct swarms of AI-driven drones, their dopamine receptors light up like a Christmas Tree each and every time they take out a dissident… 10 points for the farmer, 20 points for the patriots. After earning enough rewards, the punk can level up to more sophisticated missions, say like taking out fortified strongholds of the resistance.

It shouldn’t be that hard to imagine, but I’ll give you a couple visuals to help:

And there’s not doubt these young punks are going to be good at this “killer” game—love the pun—because their training just starts younger and younger by the year:

Students develop VR game to help children with cerebral palsy - Disability Insider

Oh yeah, and since the powers that be have highly detailed digitized topographical maps and satellite coverage of the entire Earth’s surface, the coolest thing about “Fry the Farmer” and “Purge the Patriot” is that the battle field is almost limitless. Players can even team up to try and conquer the whole damn planet!

That’s how they can keep people safe from the virtual extremists, win the Battle for Democracy, and secure peace and stability for the greater good in Future Earth.

What a fun game, right?!

But let’s go ahead and pivot a little…

We know Marxists intentionally target and exploit women and children. They are mental and emotional predators. Like all abusers, they seduce and lure their prey with lies and false promises, cleverly building trust and gaslighting until the Stockholm Syndrome kicks in. Then the abusers can dominate their victims with little more than words, convincing the victims that they only suffer because they don’t obey.

You see, that means their suffering is their own damn fault.

This dark side of humanity—a manifestation of the evil impulse—is a perennial threat. There always have been, and there always will be, predators, abusers, criminals, and other evildoers who walk among us. It requires little more than the daily news to drive that point home.

But now evil has a new set of tools.

Swarms of autonomous killer robots are an easy threat to identify, but I still maintain that the greatest threat of all is the weaponized AI that’s manipulating public perception. Remember, according to the esteemed psychologists who’ve been warning us about “menticide” and “subconscious taming” since long before AI, it is now technically possible to bring the human mind into a condition of “enslavement and submission.”

Put differently, mental slavery is real, and it’s really happening right now.

But even that, even mental slavery in the clinical sense, is not the worst of it. Those who have been with me for awhile have heard me talk about what I call “spiritual assassination”—which is very similar to menticide, but actually a greater threat in that once a person is spiritually dead, there is no more awakening from within.

Thus, the domestication and assimilation of the human’s “being” are complete.

Such poor assassinated souls will be content to eat from their abuser’s hand, forever.

As for the resistance…


“B,B,B,B, BUT… Luke, WHAT are we resisting exactly? And HOW?”

Friends, we are not just resisting the destruction of our way of life, the political capture of our nation, and the existential threat of nuclear war and swarming drones. We’re not just resisting the urge to go along and get along, the temptation to try to ignore it, and political corruption that continues to seduce us with lies (i.e. like we can vote ourselves out of this mess).

We are resisting the subtle sense of sleepiness, that subconscious pull toward blissful disconnect, the undertow of the knowing but doing nothing. It’s human nature to avert our attention from truly terrible things, including truly disturbing thoughts, and this too is an instinct we must resist. We must resist the urge to go numb.


Because if we don’t, we’ll die a painless death long before our bodies hit the ground.

Nobody is going to make it out of here alive. FACT.

Every person is born to die—but not every person truly lives.

Life is a one way ticket. We’d be wise to enjoy the ride.

But honestly, there’s more to it than that. Life is not just meant for hedonistic indulgences. It’s not just about chasing pleasures and avoiding pain. Life is complex and messy, but it provides the canvas upon which we can paint the masterpiece of our lives. We were born to explore, to be curious, to learn and grow wise.

We are not just cogs in the wheel of time. We may be malleable, but we are certainly not soulless hackable animals. We are magical creatures, spiritual beings, sons and daughters of Life Itself, extensions of the Eternal Enigma, material manifestations of the Great Mystery of Life—what many people would call Children of God.

My fellow humans, it is through our magical manifestations, through our curious explorations, through our divine inclinations that we muster the will to resist and master the methods of doing so. The spirit cannot be tamed unless it is first lulled asleep. This is why we must guard our hearts—for it is here our spirit resides.

The method for doing so is simple to understand, but challenging to master.

It begins with awareness,
Which begins with the breath,
Which awakens the spirit,
Which puts mind to rest.

It flows from within you,
It beams from your chest,
It shines from your center,
When mind is at rest.

The Spirit within you,
Which flows with the breath,
Is alive and awaiting,
For your mind to rest.

So don’t forsake breathing,
Don’t forsake rest,
Don’t forsake living,
And remember you’re blessed…

…and the best way to do this is to let your mind rest.

Be aware of your breath.

Breathe deep. Feel your heartbeat. You are alive and life is good. It’s Friday.

The enemy has no control over the power within.

This is your greatest weapon.

Use it wisely.


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