Luke, an excellent report I believe Zbucks is the Democrat's "Trojan horse" using the power of social media. Did you think that Putin was using the interview to put NATO members on notice? That Russia and China are in control of the world events. Do you think Biden will last until the DNC?

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I think you're right on social media being a Trojan Horse, it's a major arm of the propaganda machine, and the censorship. I don't think Putin was putting NATO on notice, I think he was trying to present context for the world to understand the situation from the Russian (and many in Eastern Ukraine's) perspective. I believe China has greater control than Russia, due to their size and economy, as well as the fact that the global elites are touting the CCP as the role model for the world. If you want to know what "global democracy" looks like, that's it.

Will Biden make it to the DNC? Will they LET him? I don't know. Things seem to be accelerating, and it's going to be VERY interesting to see how this all plays out!

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