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TR 539 - Considering the Disturbing Threat of a 'Kill or Be Killed' Situation

TR 539 - Considering the Disturbing Threat of a 'Kill or Be Killed' Situation

When the enemy starts pulling out all the stops, the wise must contemplate their options.

What a weekend!

As we settle back into another action packed week of political insanity, geopolitical chaos, global gaslighting, and general Looney Tunes-style reporting from the mainstream media, there is one story that stands out in a scary sort of way.

Let me ask you, which of these headlines strikes you as the most important issue:

  1. Nikki Haley Says States CANNOT Secede From US

  2. FED Powell Say ‘The US is on an unsustainable fiscal path’

  3. Radical Iran-backed forces carry out new deadly attack targeting US troops

  4. Former Trump Official Mike Gill Dies After DC Carjacking, Shooting.

  5. PBS Documentary Reveals J6 Committee Was All Publicity Stunt Meant to Manipulate Audience – An Assault on the American Conscience

  6. ALARM: Biden's sweeping exec order on new AI technology could be used for 'political ends,' state AGs warn

  7. Senate Releases Border Amnesty Bill on Sunday Night

  8. Always The Plan: Musk Reveals Biden's Intentional Border Invasion To Create "One-Party State"

  9. Tucker In Moscow: Libs and Neocons Melt Down Over Potential Putin Interview

  10. Study Confirms Covid Shots Caused Spikes in VAIDS, Cancer

How do we rank these stories and prioritize our attention here?

Rest assured, there are a great deal more stories out there, all pulling at our attention, all wanting us to tune in and steep our minds in the emotional elixir of propaganda. But, as humans, we only have so much time and energy to allot to staying informed.

So, which information is the most important? Which information is most likely to have an impact on our personal lives at the local level? Of all that’s happening in the world today, what is most likely to impact the future of our nation? What is most likely to impact our children’s future, and our children’s children?

I often sift through the headlines with these kinds of questions in mind. I’m not looking to echo what the talking heads are talking about, or simply regurgitate whatever the algorithms happen to be promoting for the day. Instead, the goal is to reach beyond the obvious and lay our grasp on the bigger picture.

Thus, when the FED openly declares our economy is on an “unsustainable path” — with the national debt now at $34 TRILLION dollars, a national credit downgrading, and acknowledgment of the fact that “the national debt is a danger to the economy” — I don’t really bat an eye. Doesn’t everyone already know the American economy is on the brink of catastrophic collapse?

Perhaps they’re just trying to soften the blow for all the idiots who still believe that Biden’s economy is booming. Personally, I believe the systematic destruction of the American economy has long been under way, and the end result is to drive us toward the new CBDCs and digital IDs that our benevolent dictators have been preening about and salivating over for the last several years.

This is a major issue, make no mistake, because once the new digital currency, digital IDs, and “digital governance” are in place, global surveillance and enslavement will nearly be complete. But, as dire as this threat is, it is still not the biggest threat of all.

Neither is the RINO Nikki Haley making the absurdly authoritarian claim that States cannot secede from the clutches of federal authority. That’s like a slave owner telling their slaves that they have no right to be free—don’t even think about being free from Orwellian demands of your federal overlords, you have no right to think for yourself, make your own decisions, or declare your independence. Fall in line, peasants!

And to be clear, a great deal of your falling in line is forking over your hard-earned dollars to fund endless wars, provoke our enemies, and make sure that the invasion of our own country continues at pace, completely unabated by any claims of “states rights” or other such nonsense. While that so-called “Border Amnesty Bill” would authorize the printing of some $118 BILLION dollars out of thin air, only $20 billion would be earmarked for the southern border.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • $60 Billion for Ukraine.

  • $14 Billion for Israel.

  • $10 Billion for Gaza.

  • $5 Billion for Indo-Pacific nations (i.e. Taiwan).

  • Several billion dollars for some new submarines…

  • …and of course, the $20 Billion for “border security.”

It’s worth pointing out that those border security funds will not be used for building a wall, but instead to hire extra agents “solely aimed at processing asylum claims,” and of course to provide them with the digs and new processing centers to make this processing of a facilitated invasion as comfortable as possible for everyone involved, especially the criminals.

Taxpayer-funded lawyers, amnesty for unvetted Taliban “refugees,” permanent residency for children smuggled in by their criminal parents—it’s all in there.

But actual border security? That’s not in there at all, which is no doubt why Elon Musk and others are pointing out this bold and blatantly obvious move is aimed at nothing less than securing a democrat majority vote for generations to come.

There is no denying that this too is an existential threat to our country. Having millions upon millions of criminals being giving asylum and cradle-to-grave entitlements in exchange for democratic votes is an absolutely despicable, shameless political ploy, but guess what? THEY’RE GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

…but this too we must set aside.

Much like the PBS special exposing the J6 show trials as the publicity stunt that it was, and right in line with the State Attorneys General who are rightly calling out the government’s use of weaponized AI for “political ends,” the greatest threat in all of the above, is the technology that is facilitating this unprecedented fleecing.

This is an “assault on the American conscience.”

The worst part about this relentless assault on the conscience of the average American, is that it is designed to distract from the most disturbing truth of all:

The global elites are trying to kill us and take our stuff.

Just to refresh, this is not merely the opinion of an ignorant peasant, these are the words of the venerable Catherine Austin Fits, who says this:

“In 2023, people started to realize that it is kill or be killed.
We have to push back because there is no going along with this.
They are trying to kill us, number one.
Then they are trying to take all of our stuff, and we can’t let them.”

TR 517 - GOOD NEWS: There Will Be Massive Pushback Against Global Tyranny in 2024

As those who’ve made it a point to be in the know are well aware, Fits is far from alone. There is a growing chorus of global leaders who are trumpeting this fact as loud as they can, but in many ways they are simply screaming and shaking their fists at the sky. Unfortunately, having a few passionate, articulate, educated leaders pointing out what should be obvious to anyone paying attention, isn’t really a winning strategy.


Because this great evil is already in motion.

And, as discussed in TR 273- The Worst Case Scenario, what’s already in motion is going to continue in motion, until acted upon by a superior outside force. Billions of people have already been injected with toxic experimental “vaccines” that were intentionally designed to “harm, maim, and kill”—according to Pfizer whistleblower, former Vice President Dr. Michael Yeadon.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you may recall:

When the Georgia Guide Stones were destroyed last summer, I painstakingly connected the dots between mass vaccinations and the depopulation agenda. The hypothesis was that the global proliferation of experimental injections was actually serving a much darker purpose. With the successful launch of The Great Reset, via the release of a genetically modified virus, could it be they had achieved their objective?

To be fair, only time will tell, but I’ll tell you what: in just the last few weeks I’ve personally known several young, healthy people who have suffered from massive heart issues and aggressive turbo cancers. For many people, it’s only when this sort of tragedy begins to strike so close to home that they begin to wake up and pay attention—but for many others, such sickening news does nothing but force their heads further into the sand. They simply can’t take the weight of it all.

It seems that few people have the appetite to consider the very real possibility that nefarious global forces are conducting a coordinated campaign to depopulate the planet. It’s such an outrageous scheme, it couldn’t possibly be true, right? Better to deny this reality and live in peace, than acknowledge the fact and face it head on, at least for the people who desperately put their trust in the all powerful government.

And just to give you a clear picture of where all this is headed, let’s zoom in on the headline that stood out the most to me today:

Study Confirms Covid Shots Caused Spikes in VAIDS, Cancer

Covid shots are causing a massive spike in autoimmune issues akin to AIDS, along with a skyrocketing epidemic of cancers in otherwise healthy people. I’ve pointed out this connection before, particularly in TR 220 - Following the Money & Finding Death, which details the scientific reasons the mRNA injections cause cancer, and TR 458 - COVID, Blood Clots, & Cancer, which delivers the receipts and connects the dots on how this all feeds into the globalists’ depopulation agenda.

The point is that doctors have known these experimental injections would cause VAIDS and cancer for years, and yet governments around the world are still pushing the jabs. In fact, taking a look at the WHO, WEF, and the UN websites this morning seems to indicated they are actively planning for an explosion in cases:

I find that last article particularly telling. Essentially, big businesses are saying: you will get the shot, you will get cancer, and you will continue to be productive and do what you’re told until the day cancer cripples you so badly you can no longer function, or you fall over dead, whichever comes first. There will be NO slacking before then!

Cancer rates are expected to skyrocket 77%… that’s a shocking number. This will undoubtedly create a growing burden on society, as there’s really no way to increase cancer services by 77% at the same time, especially given that all the medical staff is being forced to get the jabs. Thus, the only logical solution is to force employees to keep working, even as the cancer eats away at their ability to do so.

That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the global cabal. In their sick and twisted minds, you are nothing more than a tax paying slave. You exist to labor away so they can extract maximum profits out of your meaningless life. And, since your life is meaningless, since your are nothing more than a soulless hackable animal who happens to be plaguing the planet with your presence, they’e going to do what they can to shorten your miserable life via this benevolent culling of humanity.

We’d all be wise to keep this in mind.

Are we really facing a kill or be killed situation?

It’s food for thought. Obviously everyone has to make that decision for themselves, but regardless of your stance, one thing we can know for sure is RESIST WE MUST!

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