Jul 19, 2022 • 20M

Ep. 160 - Threading the Needle of Truth

Dodging some dicey conspiracies to expose the disturbing truth about what's really going on.

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It feels good to be right.

When you go out on a limb and make bold assertions about current affairs, there is always some risk you may be wrong. That's okay, we're all wrong sometimes, it's nothing to be afraid of. On the flip side, when an avalanche of evidence comes crashing down the mountain of information that ultimately buries the narrative and vindicates one's hypothesis, it creates a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I go through great lengths to research and substantiate the perspectives presented in these articles. Whenever possible, I post links to primary sources, government websites, and reputable reporting. I steer clear of wild-eyed conspiracies to focus on forces that are actually in play and impacting all of our lives.

That's why I've named this publication the Torch Report, because I seek to shine light on "Truth You Can Trust" — not because you should take my word for it, but because I present the facts, data, and evidence that you can reference to further develop your own informed perspective.

If you appreciate this service, please consider supporting this publication by becoming a paid subscriber and joining the Patriot Club! You get the bonus content and special reports and I get the kudos and encouragement to keep pressing on. Thank you to everyone who continues to make this mission possible!

With that said, today's headlines are full of news that aligns directly with what I've been harping on since the start of this publication. While I like to pull in the themes of the day and expose the propaganda being passed off as narrative, I strive to maintain big picture analysis of the overarching globalist agenda.

Among other things, I've documented how the merging of public health and environmental health is the synthesis of narrative that the global elite are using to justify taking over the world. I've noted that COVID-19: The Great Reset is the playbook that's being used to accelerate Agenda 2030, and above all else, how all of this is directly rooted in Marxist theories and communist tactics being used to push the global socialist agenda.

I've often said, with flare, "The commies are taking over the world!" and of course, I've provided the evidence to support such an outrageous sounding assertion.

Two of the critical components in this global takeover are weaponized surveillance and censorship enhanced by artificial intelligence. While the threat of an invisible enemy induces panic and short-circuits critically thinking, the supposed climate crisis provides supreme justification for selfless preening and self-destructive public policy. Thus, the good humans of the world go along to get along and simply comply out of impulse. The reason these useful idiots are incapable of comprehending the bigger picture is precisely because their attention has been trained to focus on an illusion.

What do we know for sure?

Covid is making a comeback and the mass vaccinations will continue to ensure the globalist can accelerate their plan to depopulate the Earth. Do you doubt me?

Consider this:

  • According to The Hill, COVID is getting stronger and we're growing more complacent. This comes as the CDC stops reporting on cruise ship cases even as epidemiologists express concern that cases are being grossly under-reported, the most dangerous Ninja Variant evades both vaccination and natural immunity, and the WHO is sounding the alarm over a 30% spike in infections in just the past two weeks (as reported in Hackable Animals).

  • This appears to be an unprecedented summer time surge and it does not bode well for the fall flu season—or for the November elections. Simultaneously, FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb just declared that America's public health bureaucracy has "failed to contain" monkeypox, which is now spreading exponentially around the country and means we are now facing two pandemics. The wise might speculate this too will be affecting the midterm elections.

  • Let's not forget that both of these viruses have been weaponized by government funded gain-of-function research, under the auspice of developing an anecdote to biological warfare. Nor should we dismiss the fact that many of the deep pockets involved have direct ties to Big Pharma and the radical environmentalists who want to depopulate the earth—which may account for the FDA approval of a monkeypox vaccine in 2019, after government labs figured out how to weaponize the virus so that it could “retain infectivity in aerosols for more than 90 hours.

As big cities make a mad rush to vaccinate people for monkeypox and make sure millions of Americans get there third or fourth booster—will only accelerate deadlier mutations—it seems appropriate to point out a major recent event that may have gone unnoticed: Did you hear about the Georgia Guidestones recently being destroyed?

From 1980 to 2022 (42 years), this mysterious monument was believed by some to be satanic and by others to be prophetic. Beyond being an astrological calendar flush with ancient language inscriptions, the Guidestones seemed to be a cryptic message to future generations. Among the progressive "Ten Commandments" skillfully etched into the stones, were these:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.

10. Be not a cancer on the Earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.

Now about those vaccines.

And the control of information.

And the surveillance.

NOTE: It is quickly becoming increasingly difficult to dredge up counter-narrative articles and research. If one were to feel inclined to take a deep dive into the well-documented link between compulsory vaccinations and forced sterilization, you might be shocked by what you found. From reports indicating that tetanus vaccines were being laced with anti-fertility drugs, to government funded ‘freely disseminating virally vectored immunocontraceptive agents’, there has been an abundant amount of research into how use vaccinations to reduce populations.  

Of course, trying to find this information now takes more time and effort than it used to, because the primary sources are actively being buried by a global army of woke fact-checkers. That's why I bookmark my links and also store them in a separate document—so I don't lose my mind looking for information that suddenly seems to have disappeared. Don't forget, artificial intelligence is rewriting history in real-time as the elites try to rapidly inoculate the human population against misinformation.

Not conspiracy, fact.

Which brings me to surveillance, the climate crisis, and closing thoughts.

Remember how the 2000 Mules documentary used geo-tracking to demonstrate substantial fraud in the 2020 election? This week the ACLU is out squawking about how the Department of Homeland Security is using commercial location data to bolster their Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) missions. Evidently it is illegal for government agencies to use publicly available information to enforce the law. Supposedly this "shocking use" of phone data by the “Trump administration's immigration enforcers" amounts to illegal warrantless searches.

The point is that they are already tracking our phones and everybody knows it.

Why are they filing lawsuits now? Could this be to invalidate the use of this data in the court of law? Might that affect potential future cases wherein Republicans conduct investigations into the 2020 election fraud?

Remember when the CDC was buying cellphone data to track vaccination and lockdown compliance?

Did you hear about the Chinese government sending false "red alerts" to the phones of protesters, ordering them to return home and quarantine because they had been exposed to covid?

How about the WEF's brilliant new plans for a personalized Carbon Footprint Tracker and their push for the "recalibration" of free speech on the internet? This, they say, is Ushering in a Safer Digital Future.

How is this all related?

Total surveillance equals total control. They want to control you mind, body, and soul. They want to control your past, present, and future. They tell it's you it's about public health and safety. They say that it's all to save the planet. These are blatant lies. The Great Reset is the intentional destruction of life as we know it and they will stop at nothing to achieve their agenda. The degree of human manipulation is astounding.