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TR 533 - The Secrets of Discernment and Learning to Trust Yourself

TR 533 - The Secrets of Discernment and Learning to Trust Yourself

Modern political chaos is a major problem, best met with wise and timeless solutions.

Who do you trust?

The most difficult thing to do in the age of weaponized artificial intelligence and TMI—Too Much Information—is deciding what to believe. In a perfect world, personal discernment would be the determining factor. However, given that discernment has been intentionally undermined by the carefully constructed mental illusions we were discussing yesterday, it seems that the majority of people no longer trust their ability to discern, learn, and know the truth for themselves.

This is the real crisis of trust. This is also why the globalists are so busy deploying whole-of-government strategies to “rebuild trust” so they can once again assert their “collective agency” over the whole of society.

If an individual no longer trusts themselves, who do they turn to?

The media? The experts? The science? How about the government?

Considered at scale, the answer is all of the above. But, what the vast majority of citizens fail to realize, is that beneath and behind the media, the experts, the science, and the government, is the same group of ruling class elites—aka the global cabal.

Thus, in effect, the majority of people are, perhaps unintentionally, choosing to trust the secret group of behind-the-scenes globalists who are licking their chops at the prospect of pulling off the greatest swindle in human history: convincing the peasant to trust their masters.

They feign to help the peasants sort through the madness, cooking up deceitful, authoritative sounding solutions such as the Trusted News Initiative, and deploying a worldwide army of basement dwelling “Fact Checkers” who skillfully con the masses into accepting their version of truth.

That more people cannot see through this scam is a testament to the Bell Curve we were discussing yesterday, as well as the power of propaganda to warp and distort reality to those being targeted—which is society at scale, just to be clear.

Which brings us back to the pressing question: Who do you trust?

Friends, as you know, I claim the Torch Report is “the truth you can trust,” not because I ask you to take my word for anything, but because I conduct the research to satisfy my own craving for knowledge, to satiate my own sense of discernment, and then share this research and perspective with the audience.

In other words, I present the facts so that you can check them for yourself.

At any point I could be wrong, and if I’m wrong, I’d want you to tell me I’m wrong. Nobody wants to be wrong, right? And yet, even though everyone inherently believes that they are right—otherwise they would not believe as they do—the fact remains that not everyone gets to be right, which implies many people are necessarily wrong.

We could take any issue that’s on the table, from social issues to scientific debate to geopolitical happenings, and find a plethora of reputable perspectives that present diametrically opposed views. Each side would cite their own set of facts. Both would disparage and dismiss the facts that are being presented against them.

This is human nature, is it not?

So, who do you trust?

In my mind, the only acceptable answer is that you must trust yourself.

That said, here’s where it gets a bit tricky.

Trusting oneself is a double-edged sword. Slicing one way, arrogance blinds us to our own ignorance. “I’m right because I believe that I’m right,” is a flawed premise for obvious reasons. When I suggest trusting in yourself, this is not what I’m saying.

Slicing the other way, cutting down toward the bone of discernment, we must expose ourselves to the vulnerability of being wrong. We must acknowledge the limitations of our understanding, invoke humility, and question everything we believe to be true.

Is this true? Am I right?

How do I know?

To know for certain, we must make a critical distinction, whittling away at the source of our thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives. Where did this thought come from? Why do I believe the way that I do? Rest assured, we all have our reasons.

Such questions can quickly lead into a downward spiral of insecurity and self-doubt, or oppositely, fuel a frenzy of rationalization and self-justification. Neither scenario is desirable, and both lead us further away from both truth and a deeper sense of knowing. Thus, the distinction that must be made lies somewhere in the middle.

What stands between self-doubt and self-justification?

The answer: ego.

In simplest terms, you might think of ego as the story that’s in your head. Ego is what you think about yourself, true or untrue, and this collection of thoughts unfortunately has a mind of its own. Ego, being the mental construct of who you are, is very much concerned with its own survival. This is your self-identity, and anything that threatens your self-identity is instinctively perceived as a threat to your very existence.

Threats to your ego are felt to be threats to your survival. This is perfectly natural, entirely normal, and wholly unavoidable human behavior. There is no point in trying to deny your ego, you cannot stop it. You cannot help but to have an ego, because you are human. This is a timeless fact that we would all be wise to keep in mind.

The question we must ask, is whether it is our ego that believes itself to be right, or whether our beliefs are based on something deeper, something more substantial yet altogether elusive, the discernment of our soul. There is a science to making this distinction, though it is somewhat of a lost art that’s been obfuscated by technology.

At the root of this distinction, we find the juxtaposition of our inner and outer worlds. We often think of reality in terms of the world that surrounds us, external reality, but much less often contemplate reality as it exists within us, internal reality. Both internal and external realities do in fact exist, both are observable, and both must be considered when it comes to distinguishing fact from fiction and truths from falsehoods.

This may all be new to you, or perhaps you are already familiar with these distinctions, but experience and observation indicate there are few who have grasped the profound importance of reconciling internal and external realities.

Doing so is the secret to unlocking personal discernment and deeper insights.

It is only by reconciling these facets of reality that we can discern the difference between what we think, and what is actually real. Put differently, this is how we learn to distinguish between what our ego believes, and what we know in our hearts to be true. Discernment is a function of spiritual awareness, not a function of mind.

Not knowing is a head-level crisis. As the mind races to make sense of the overwhelming inputs, as the reams of information go reeling through our minds, our emotions are perturbed, which further clouds our thinking. Stress, confusion, and a whole slew of psychotic manifestations are not far behind.

In contrast, knowing for sure, certainty, is a heart-level experience.

I understand this may come across as counter-intuitive, so let’s see if we can help the mind make sense of its backseat role, shall we? It is true, logically speaking, that the heart is formed in the womb long before the brain. Thus, you have a heart beat long before you ever have a thought. This is simple to understand, and very important.

As your body develops, as your nervous system is mystically being knit together, your heart beat flutters and responds to the outside world. Of course, we have no recollection of this because we haven’t yet grown a brain, but this is an observable phenomenon. The fetal heartbeat starts just 3 weeks after conception, while the brain is formed around week 8 of pregnancy, and all the while your inner awareness is ever present. Try to let that sink in.

Your inner awareness permeates every fiber and cell of your being. It exists whether you are aware of it or not. Your inner awareness orchestrates all of the divine chemistry that makes you a living, breathing human being. Just as sure as you are a walking, talking, infinitely unique individual, you have inner awareness. It’s just there.

Pretty cool, right?

Unfortunately, in adulthood, given decades of life experience and heavy social conditioning, many people remain wholly unaware of their own inner awareness, let alone tuned into it. This leads to a disassociation from the inner world, and a collapsing of self-identity into a two-dimensional understanding of oneself.

In practical terms, individuals in this state perceive themselves as body and mind. Perhaps out of ignorance, perhaps out of arrogance, many in this camp deny the spiritual dimension of their own being and the world around them. This is a sad state of existence that necessarily leads to missing out on the magical elements of life.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with politics, right?

It has everything to do with politics. Understanding these subtle nuances comes directly to bear on subconscious taming and spiritual assassination. That is, the ego is the internal apparatus that is being exploited by the global cabal, and the brain is the biological access point that is allowing them to hack and enslave humanity.

If we intend to free ourselves, our families, friends, and communities from mental slavery, we must learn to apply these deeper truths. All other paths lead to endless political bickering, escalating social tensions, and the predictable collapse of society. Those who insist we are living in a post-truth era will continue pushing their nonsense, and the bulk of humanity will continue to be deceived.

As a result, the globalists will win, the masses will be assimilated into the cult collective, and humanity as a whole will be peacefully enslaved by machines. The ruling class will rule over the peasants with sophisticated algorithms and inescapable surveillance, and the remnant strain of rebel beings will either be eradicated or die out. From this point forward, humanity as we know it will cease to exist.

Only a transhumanist shell of human beings will propagate forward, forever under the watchful eye and supreme authority of the State. Liberty will become a regulated commodity, rather than a birthright, and humanity will collectively forget what it means to be free. Worse yet, they will forget what it means to be human.

Today, I could have talked about the circus, but it just felt shallow. Wisdom says we must do more than merely opine on all the charades. We must seek solutions.

I suggest that those solutions must come from within. The solution to political chaos is an elevation of inner, spiritual awareness. This is where we find the discernment to know who to trust, to determine which path to take and when to act boldly, and most importantly, how we revive our indomitable spirit and interminable will to resist.

And make no mistake friends: RESIST WE MUST!

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