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TR 513 - The Threat of Predictive Programming is Very Real

TR 513 - The Threat of Predictive Programming is Very Real

Taking a closer look to develop a better understanding of how movies might be predicting the future.

There is a lot of chatter out in the infosphere today about “predictive programming,” largely stimulated by the release of a trailer for the upcoming movie Civil War, produced by independent studio A24.

You can watch the “chilling” trailer that shows America “tearing itself apart” here:

For obvious reasons, this trailer has many in the MAGA camp deeply concerned—and right on cue, the mainstream media is ridiculing these concerns as nothing more than the latest and greatest right-wing conspiracy theory.

Another film that is being pointed to as potential “predictive programming” is Obama’s production of Leave the World Behind, which is said to be chock-full of “fearmongering and anti-white sentiment.” The movie shows a massive cyberattack on the United States and all the chaos that ensues.

To many, the fact that Civil War is being released in the spring of 2024, six months before the destined to be contentious presidential election, is no accident. The fact that it aligns perfectly with Bill Gate’s prediction of a “hung election and a civil war” in 2024 only adds to the speculation that this is a prime example of predictive programming.

Similarly, Leave the World Behind appears to align perfectly with many headlines and articles that claim the threat of a cyberattack have never been higher. In fact, back in January—in TR 277 - Chaos Prevails When Justice Fails—we looked at the Council of Foreign Relations “Top Conflicts to Watch in 2023” which showed we were in a Tier 1 High Priority situation, meaning the U.S. was facing the imminent threat of a “highly disruptive cyberattack targeting U.S. critical infrastructure by a state or non-state entity.”

That too could be considered predictive programming, could it not?

(Click here to see a really cool real-time map of global cyberattacks.)

Or, it could just be the CFR’s very best assessment of all the available data. In the same way, the recent release of Leave the World Behind and Civil War, could just be a reflection of public sentiment, an artistic rendition of the current cultural mood made for the big screen.

So which is it? Predictive programming or something more benign?

Well, one thing we know for sure, is we’ll just have to wait to find out. We also know, for sure, that different people are going to have different opinions on the matter, and those differences are going to be divided along the ideological lines of the Left and the Right… and that provides us with a clue.

Why is it that the Left and the Right are living in such wildly different worlds?

In theory, rational people can examine the current circumstance, compare and contrast the various narratives, debate and discuss the conflicting data, and come to some level of agreement as to what is actually happening in the world. The problem with that idealistic notion is that we are not rational creatures.

“Reason comes into play only to find justification for the opinion which has been adopted,” according to John Dewey, the consummate progressive hack who perhaps had a more detrimental impact on American society than any other liberal intellectual of the 20th century. However, unfortunately, he was not wrong in his understanding.

And therein lies perhaps the greatest challenge we have to overcome: those who seek to divide and conquer and enslave the whole of humanity understand human nature much better than the average peasant. They’ve been studying how we think and feel and behave for centuries, and now, with the advent of modern technologies like smartphones and artificial intelligence, they can leverage this knowledge for nefarious purposes that are still inconceivable to the majority of people.

Nudging. Subconscious taming. Algorithmic social interventions.

These are all well-understood methods that are known to create behavioral change, most often without the awareness of the subjects being manipulated. In some sense, such techniques themselves could be thought of as predictive programming, given that they do in fact program behavioral change. However, the more traditional understanding of “predictive programming” was first articulated by the venerable Allan Watts, who defines the concept this way:

“Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.”

Please note that a) Allan Watts was and still is widely respected in academic circles, and b) that the above excerpt pulls from the Ohio State University website. Thus, as much as you will find a wide variety of sources mocking predictive programming as a conspiracy theory (wonder why that is?), here we find empirical proof to the contrary.

To say that “predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning,” is not only accurate, it aligns perfectly with mountains of evidence that this is exactly how the ruling class elites have been brainwashing the masses for the last century or so. That said, this is but one aspect of a much larger and more sophisticated scheme of psychological manipulation, so let’s go ahead and zoom out.

It’s all about the memes.

At the beginning of the year, I produced several reports that aimed to uncover the threat of memetic warfare. There is a science to how ideas spread, and the propagandists understand this very well. The average person, not so much. As a result, those who intentionally create and spread highly infectious ideas—aka memes—have a significant advantage in psychological warfare.

To brush up on the underlying science, review these reports:

Pulling from TR 402—which, among other things, was analyzing a CIA report on Psychic Warfare—it seems appropriate to bring the concept of “embedded social consciousness” into today’s discussion:

You see, there is “vast literature” demonstrating how our worldviews are shaped by factors that lie “outside” of conscious awareness, and these worldviews ultimately shape a person’s experience of reality. Again, the globalists understand this, and they are very actively exploiting it to their advantage.

By embedding socialist memes, say through the proliferation of mass media and movies, those who are generating these memes can fundamentally alter human consciousness and transform the way that the peasants view reality.

That’s powerful stuff.

As to Alan Watt’s declaration that predictive programming lessens “possible public resistance” if and when the predicted crisis strikes, we see the same mental mechanisms at work. In essence, by planting powerful memes in an entertaining and riveting medium such as a movie, the social consciousness is being primed to accept and spread the idea that such events are not only possible, but probable.

That, in turn, begins the process of material manifestation. This directly taps into the “limitless mental capabilities” of the human mind to bring imagined reality into actual reality, per the CIA’s study of psychic warfare. It’s all quite complex, and even now only partially understood, and yet we can see it happening all around us.

As noted in TR 338 - Presenting a Cosmopolitan Perspective, the end goal of this psychological manipulation is to “develop different identities” among the population at large—an objective which direct observation can attest has been wildly and quite disturbingly successful:

But, coming back to the predictive programming in Civil War more specifically, what we see are memes being sown to develop identification with two opposing social groups who have become so at odds, there is no other choice but to launch into a kinetic conflict that litters the streets with death and tears society apart.

This idea is already circulating, heavily, throughout American society. Thus, I personally view the timing of this “predictive programming” more as a force-multiplier for the memes that have already long been introduced.

Put differently, I believe Civil War is intended to rouse the incredibly strong emotions that are necessary to drive this sort of ballistic behavior. Indeed, manifesting intention in the material world is ultimately achieved through the channeling of strong emotion into a mission that is felt to be deeply meaningful. They are pushing us toward war.

The emphasis here is more on the emotions than the ideas, since the idea of civil war has been percolating for quite some time, and there is perhaps no greater way to evoke emotion at a societal scale than through movies. And one might ask: what mission could be more meaningful and emotional than defending our family and our homeland from tyrannical takeover?!

Friends, taken altogether, as the psychological manipulation continues to break fever pitch, as the long sown memes continue to work their dark magic, as present day predictive programming strives to cultivate the necessary emotional state to make all sorts of bad things happen, we would be wise to keep heads on a swivel and keep our powder dry.

As I’ve said many times before, now is the time to prepare for a kinetic contingency. Stock up, be prepared, have a plan, but most importantly: continue to live your life. This sort of “predictive programming” and psychological manipulation can also be used to keep the public in a state of fear and anticipation, which strategically short-circuits our ability to think longer term.

Life is still good. The future is still bright—but freedom is always worth the fight.

Patriots stay wise!


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