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TR 509 - It's Time to Talk Solutions

TR 509 - It's Time to Talk Solutions

From the Art of War to the practical, tactical things we can do, these words flow from the heart.

Truth be told, I’d written up about two-thirds of a different report today. I was dissecting the intersection between the global climate agenda and local politics, citing some of the strategies being deployed at the UN’s recent climate conference.

But something just felt off. It felt out of sync. It felt forced.

I was writing from the head, not from the heart. Having recently reflected on this lesson in TR 498 - Wisdom, Solutions, and Peace of Mind, I knew what I had to do. I had to stop, take a deep breath, take a step back, and reconnect with the inner voice. And so I did.

Three stories that stood out to me this morning as I surveyed the media landscape:

The first article is just another reminder of how ridiculous the entire “green” agenda is, which is what I had originally started hammering on this morning. But the inspiration there sort of fizzled, as it felt like I was just explaining things that people probably already know, especially the astute audience of The Torch Report.

The second article was inspirational, showing that despite all the class warfare that’s convinced over 50% of young adults to favor socialism over capitalism, the opportunity to build the American Dream is still very much alive and well. The author spells out tens steps to make it happen, and I’ll share the first five here:

  1. Be accountable for your current situation. Blaming others only keeps you from taking steps to fix it.

  2. Your life depends on it, literally. If you don’t take control of your life, it will take control of you. 

  3. Control your circumstances. Put yourself in a position to control what happens around you. 

  4. You have to REALLY want it. If you aren’t committed, you are going to fail.

  5. Be bold. No one will take you seriously unless you take yourself seriously first.

Reading those words this morning stirred up memories of how, more than once, I’ve had to crawl myself out of a wallow of despair and self-pitty. Make no mistake, the pain that broke me down was visceral and real, but I had to realize that pain didn’t have to be the controlling factor of my life. I learned that I could control the pain. I learned that I could control my brain. I learned that I could control my life.

Instantly, this connected with current circumstances in an interesting way. I’ve often repeated the mantra that “pain is all part of the plan”—and as a matter of fact it is, as Tucker and Alex Jones made clear, “If people think things are bad now…”

…but let’s set that aside.

We’re still in control of our lives.

Sometimes my mind pictures everything that’s happening in the world as an epic battle between good and evil. In many ways, it is. I think about these “dark times,” but then I look out the window and sunshine is glistening off the frosty leaves. It’s bright outside, and even though the days are short and there is more darkness in the world today, literally and figuratively, soon the days we be getting longer and there will once again be more light in the world around us.

This too shall pass.

Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones pretty much laid out everything that I’ve been harping on about the globalists’ depopulation agenda and the new world order. It’s nice to know I’m in good company in bringing this stuff to light, but honestly, my mind went in a different direction with it.

My ego says, “See, I told you so!”

But my heart sank, realizing there are a lot of people out there who have been saying this stuff for a lot longer than I have, some of them with a huge audience, and all of it to what avail? Has there been any justice? Any accountability? No.

There has only been a steady escalation of obfuscation and insanity. Along with that, as the corruption has continued to accelerate and become more readily apparent, there has also come a great cloud of demoralization. Not only are people sick of it, people are sick of nothing happening. People are sick of fighting and pushing back, but not gaining any traction or getting any results.

I understand, I feel the same way.

But I also understand they’ve got us EXACTLY where they want us. As I’ve said before, they are working relentlessly to break our will to resist, to outlast us, to stretch our perseverance to the breakpoint, to win in a war of attrition. Death by a thousand cuts. It’s the Chinese Art of War, and it begs the question:

The answer is: ABSOLUTELY.

That article about the American Dream had one quote in particular that really struck a chord:

The difference between success and failure is the “will to keep going.”

More than anything else, our success or failure in preserving the blessings of liberty for future generations is going to rest upon our will to keep going.

But it’s kind of hard to keep going, if we don’t know where we’re going.

Does that make sense?

Perseverance and pushing through seems like pointless plodding if we have no vision of where we’re headed and a strategy for how to get there. That’s when demoralization sets in, that’s when people lose hope, give up, and go home.

Obviously, we CANNOT let that happen!

Tapping back into the themes from throughout the week, I want to reach for some strategic solutions that can be adopted and deployed at the local level:

  • Monday’s TR 505 - The Most Fascinating Twist made it clear that our resistance isn’t futile. The globalists are aware that the peasants are growing wise, that there is a growing revolt against the system, and that there is increasing dissent within the ruling class ranks. This is the perfect time to push back hard, using their own words against them. More on that in a minute.

  • Tuesday’s TR 506 - The Five Fronts of Freedom framed strategic considerations within the context of war and pointed to the fact there are people fighting this exact same multi-faceted battle all around the world. Not only is this another reason to take heart, it is an excellent reminder that human beings are born to be free, and we instinctively know that freedom is worth the fight.

  • Wednesday’s TR 507 - Hamilton 68 and Unconventional Warfare provided the sobering perspective on what we’re up against, which is nothing less than a whole-of-government assault on the senses using informational and unconventional warfare. Efforts to divide, distract, and demoralize are being deployed on every front, especially online, thus the need for offline solutions.

  • Thursday’s TR 508 - How Censorship Changes Your Brain delved into the details of how people are being warped in weird sorts of ways, specifically drilling down on the science of subconscious taming as the hallmark of totalitarian psychological control. Those who are pulling the strings can take control of the brain at the biological level, and we must account for this threat.

With this in mind, we need to realize two things: 1) most people will never be interested enough to learn about all of the above; and 2) these are the people who are being targeted and convinced to support the overarching agenda.

The overarching agenda, just to be clear, is the consolidation of power and control. Put differently, it’s taking power away from the people and placing it in the hands of the government. Now the government makes the rules. Fall in line, peasant!

Again, this battle is being simultaneously fought on multiple fronts. Think about what’s happening in our schools. Think about the drugs and the homelessness. Think about the illegal immigration. Think about the corrupt elections. Think about the radical environmental regulations that are driving up the cost of gas, energy, and groceries. Think about the pandemic and what happens next.

Now realize that ultimately, each of these issues require a political solution.

If we don’t change the law, it’s just going to keep going.

Changing the law requires changing the leadership.

There are certainly different strategies for changing the leadership—such as finding better candidates to run against incumbents, running recall campaigns, public petitions, getting out the vote, etc.—but what must be emphasized is that the greater need here is changing public perception. To win in the political sphere, to elect good leaders who will change the law, we must first create a shift in public sentiment.

No matter what solution we seek to achieve, THAT is the critical first step.

Taking into account the fact we are dealing with unconventional warfare being deployed by state-level players, we must accept the fact we cannot win this war online. They control the servers and the algorithms. They control the censorship, the propaganda, and the AI. Accept it.

This has major political implications.

Besides that, they can print money out of thin air and they have a global network of strategic influencers at their ready disposal—just think about the Rock meeting with Pentagon and Capitol Hill officials earlier this week.

So what do we have?

We have heart. We have grit, tenacity, and determination. We have American ingenuity, an indomitable spirit and a can-do attitude, and we’ve got nothing to lose.

In other words, we have everything we need—except a strategy.


  1. Give people a reason to get out of the house and get engaged. Make sure that it’s fun and entertaining, not political. GOAL: Get people to connect and come back.

  2. Plant seeds of thought using strategic communication. (e.g. mutual respect is a mutual interest; perpetual conflict is a lose-lose proposition; being human is our common ground; etc.) GOAL: Establish mutual acceptance and respect.

  3. Reform the two-party system by dismantling party platforms. We are not Republicans and Democrats, we are Americans. We may strongly disagree on things, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work together. GOAL: Political unity.

  4. Organize grassroots campaigns to change state and local leadership. Start by seeking and supporting local candidates who demonstrate a broader perspective than just parroting the partisan narrative. GOAL: Fresh perspective and energy.

  5. Emphasize voting as a responsibility. Responsible people must reclaim the reigns of representative government, or else we’ll continue to lose our country to tyrants. If you’re not voting, you’re part of the problem. GOAL: Get out the vote.

Now, I know there are those in the audience who may object to this strategy. Some will say we can’t talk sense to these people or we can’t work with lunatics. Others will say that our elections are rigged so their vote doesn’t count, and at this point, there’s really no way of voting ourselves out of this mess.

Believe what you want, but what are you going to do? Lose heart, sit back, and watch the country crumble all around you? Personally, I can’t do that.

Here’s what I think: America is on the brink of collapse, and this is on purpose. Whether the ultimate solution comes via the ballot box or bloodshed, success will come from strong relationships and a local network. The two-party system is a tool designed to divide us at the local, state, and national level, and we need to deal with that fact—but, we also have to utilize the current scaffolding to change the system from within.

Most people will never get off the bench and into game. There will be a few who step up and create the change. We can build momentum with a simple BBQ. We can beat the algorithms with a heart-to-heart. We can win this war by building relationships.

This is the surest way to change a mind and shift public sentiment.

If you’ve got a better idea, lay it on me.

If you want more details, shoot me an email, I assure you I’ve thought this through. In my mind, at this point, there is nothing else we can do. We have to build the resistance.

Resist we must!


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