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TR 493 - The Threat of Systematic Reduction

TR 493 - The Threat of Systematic Reduction

What happens when AI and flawed statistical models are combined to advance an agenda?

Let’s start with some multiple choice.

Which is the most important news story of the day:

a) That the QAnon Shaman is planning to run for congress.

b) That Republicans just voted with Democrats to keep the southern border open.

c) That Biden is meeting the leader of the CCP to crackdown on the fentanyl trade.

d) That the Freedom Caucus is standing against Ron Johnson’s stop-gap status quo.

e) That Hamas is hiding an armory underneath a children’s hospital.

f) That shifty Adam Schiff just got caught being “schifty.”

g) That Bill Gates is buying up farmland and threatening farmers to save the planet.

h) How about none of the above?

Benjamin Netanyahu claims Europe and America will not be spared from terror unless Israel “decimates” Hamas. Tucker Carlson is in Spain exposing the dirty tricks of the socialist coup that has taken over the country. The notoriously corrupt Ukrainian government is imploding into a civil war, as dissension rises in the ranks and journalists are being arrested for treason for speaking the truth out loud.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s congressional testimony from Dr. Kimberly Biss, Dr. Robert Malone, and stalwart attorney Thomas Renz, continued to confirm that masks don’t work, social distancing doesn’t work, and the experimental genetic injections don’t work—unless, of course, you chalk the “staggering” rise in miscarriages (which has more than doubled since the uptake of these injections) up as a success.

What do you think that staggering loss of new babies is doing to population growth? How about when this fact is combined with other major menstrual issues, lower semen concentration, and sperm that can’t swim? On it’s face, it would appear that both the virus and the so-called “vaccines” are wreaking havoc on human ability to reproduce, which will no doubt radically reduce population growth, at least in the short term.

Those in the know, know that that’s the plan.

Did you catch the U.S. Census Bureau announcing that there are now 8 billion people on planet Earth? They made the announcement November 9th, 2023. Interestingly enough, they acknowledge that the United Nations predicted humanity had reached the 8 billion mark in November of last year, which I think attests to the quirkiness of the underlying models.

I’m sure you realize that nobody is actually going around counting every person on the planet. The very thought of it draws mockery. It’s simply impossible.

Nevertheless, these statistical models are what is being used as evidence for the need to reduce the human population in order to save the planet. Same goes for the farcical assertion that Earth’s “carrying capacity” could be as low as 500 million—which quite coincidentally was the exact number etched into the Georgia Guide Stones—as first reported in TR 160 - Threading the Needle of Truth:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.

10. Be not a cancer on the Earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.

I added the emphasis there just to draw the correlation to the current trend in “accidental” sterilizations, infertility, and lost babies. On the note of humanity being a “cancer on the Earth,” I would point your attention toward the American Eugenics Society, which openly stated, rather emphatically:

“[Our] present methods of treating defectives leave great numbers to produce new offspring and create new cancers in the body politic.

It would no means be a misnomer to call the American Eugenics Society a Society for the Control of Social Cancer.”

Those words were published in 1935, in the book titled Tomorrow’s Children: The Goal of Eugenics. I expound on this agenda, and document the connection between eugenics, the WEF, and other globalist organizations in TR 285 - The Sinister Saga of the Secret Cabal, for whoever wants to chase that rabbit.

Suffice it to say, all of this has long been in motion. While the majority of Americans are sufficiently distracted by the political circus (how many people tuned into the congressional testimony about the adverse affects of the experimental injections?), the global cabal keeps marching along. They continue to advance Agenda 2030 and implement the Great Reset, all without so much as a whiff of resistance, precisely because the vast majority of peasants remain completely unaware of the threat.

And of course, that’s not by accident either.

The reason the majority of people remain unaware of the threat is largely due to the censorship, Sentinel Surveillance, Social Listening, and Algorithmic Social Interventions I was circling back to yesterday—which in a round about way brings me to what I personally believe is the most important news of the day: the World Economic Forum’s AI Governance Summit.

Want to take a guess at where it’s being held?

San Francisco.

Have you picked up on the media squawking about how Gavin Newsom has been cleaning up the shit-littered streets for Xi Jinping? It’s been all over the news:

Isn’t it interesting that they failed to mention the global cabal’s summit on using AI to institute their draconian digital global government? I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

Before embarking into the nitty gritty details, I want to promptly connect three directly correlated loose-ends:

1) Global war is being used to reduce the human population and destabilize dominant nations in preparation for the New World Order; 2) The perspective of the average peasant is being grossly distorted and warped into accepting what lies ahead; and 3) AI is currently being used to manipulate the upcoming U.S. elections—as solidified by the fact that Microsoft and Meta just announced detailed plans to combat “election disinformation” ramping up for 2024.

Before the new “multipolar” world order can be constructed, the dominance of the United States must be dealt with. While some think that this may take the form of a nuclear attack on U.S. soil, I suspect that it will be much less violent. Instead, I speculate the takeover is already nearly complete. The method of subjugation has been to infect the U.S. political establishment with a globalist mentality.

Thus, the majority of our “elected leaders” have become tools in the hands of the global cabal—and that’s to say nothing of the millions of unelected ideological bureaucrats who have been strategically embedded in various positions of power to advance the overarching socialist agenda.

Now then, to the AI Governance Summit.

What are these shysters up to? Have a look at this:

I find it quite fascinating that the globalists’ AI Governance Summit is addressing the “eroding trust” in media—and more specifically, that they would choose to annotate the election of Donald Trump as an indicator of trust in decline, while simultaneously assigning a “trust bump” to the covid pandemic. Just sit with that for a bit.

Of all the events that have transpired since 2015 that might affect the public’s trust in news, the election of Trump led to a loss in trust, but covid led to a bump in trust.

Really? Why?

If you are interested in a deep dive into the nuance of trust in digital news, the summit references the Reuters 160-page Digital News Report, which provides great insight into how thoroughly the globalists are studying this loss in trust.

Regardless of the reasons, I think it’s more important to set this aside and address the bigger issue. It is the “multistakeholder—i.e. fascist—collaboration on the use of AI that presents the greatest threat to the future of humanity. In their own words:

“We gather at a critical point in history. Human progress is increasingly interwoven with the influence of algorithms and networks, shaping our existence. The ascent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a technological leap, but a seismic shift, replete with challenges and opportunities in equal measure.

Because of this, collective oversight of advanced AI is not merely advantageous — it is imperative. Nations are swiftly moving to regulate AI, aiming to both mitigate risks and harness its potential for societal and economic transformation.”

Indeed, we are at a critical point in history.

Note their language surrounding AI:

  • “human progress”

  • “shaping our existence”

  • “seismic shift”

  • “collective oversight”

  • “harness its potential”

  • “societal and economic transformation”

What we see here is nothing more than a bunch of global socialists and elite sociopaths who are absolutely giddy about using weaponized AI to forcefully implement their utopian fantasies as rapidly as possible—and making damn sure that the peasants can’t use these same technologies to overthrow the ruling class.

They have to control AI, it’s “not merely advantageous — it is imperative.”

To this end, they claim “building trust is essential”—just like building trust in digital news and building trust in the government is essential.

This is all about human programming.

And again, to what ends? This one says it all, per the UN-led AI Advisory Body:

How AI helps combat climate change

Artificial intelligence can contribute to fighting climate change and supporting progress towards all the SDGs.

Just to cut to the chase, in the interest of time, the crux of it is that The Climate Experts (i.e. government cronies) can now use AI to generate “synthetic data” to prove any apocalyptic scenario they choose. In other words, previously flawed statistical modeling has just been given an injection of super computing steroids, and a whole new veneer of legitimacy, courtesy of the climate crazies getting their hands on AI.

As we rush headlong toward Future Earth, please don’t lose sight of the depopulation agenda, and don’t underestimate the use of AI in pursuit of this twisted agenda.

Remember this? Military-style Marshall Plan Needed to Combat Climate Change

Not only will AI be happy to generate this plan, it will be happy to convince people to accept it, and systematically eradicate anyone who tries to resist in the process.


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