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TR 481 - Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

TR 481 - Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

Tying current events in the Middle East to the revolutionary force of the American Spirit.

Isn’t it an act of war to fly American planes into Syrian airspace and drop bombs onto Syrian land, regardless of the claims of there being an Iranian weapons depot?

Seems like that might be front page news, right? It’s not, at least not on Fox or CNN.

For the sake of making the point, I want you to consider how much click-bait and distraction one would have to scroll past in order to find this act of war at Fox News. In fact, one would have to blow past 36 or more eye-catching headlines, masterfully crafted to reach out and hook from every conceivable angle—exploiting every emotional loophole—in order to keep your attention away from this act of war:

If we evaluate this through the lens of psyops, we find the same exact pattern that played out with the last act of war that generally went unnoticed, namely the Baltic Sea Bombing operation that was orchestrated by American intelligence agencies, as revealed by famed investigative journalist Seymor Hersh.

The point I want to make here, before we pivot, is that every indication is our very own government is actively looking for a war. They want a war. They need a war. And since Russia never really took the bait, now they are bombing Syria.

They are going to get their war. The question everyone should be asking is: why?

Why, when our ammo is low, our troops are obese, our government is broke, our elections are in shambles, and our country is tearing itself apart, is our government actively instigating retaliation and picking a fight in the Middle East?

Consider how the public psyche has been primed to accept this as an inevitability:

I dropped that last link in there, noting that the U.S. was dropping bombs in Iraq and Syria two years ago, to emphasize just how malleable human perception is. Did you remember the U.S. bombing Iraq and Syria two years ago? I didn’t. And I don’t suspect that most everyday Americans would remember that either.

The point is, this stage has been set, this drama has been being built up, for years and years. The chronology of the Middle Eastern mayhem, from 1947 to the present day, shows just how much conflict has played out in this little arid stretch of land over the last 75+ years—all without any discernible impact on the average American.

FUN FACT: There were 41,837 terrorist attacks in the Middle East alone from 1970-2019, which is actually less than 25% of the total number of terrorist attacks around the globe—and how many of these forty-thousand terrorist attacks affected you? How many do you remember? How many did you even know about?

BUT, all fun facts set aside, I believe this time may be different, precisely because they want it to be different. They need it to be different.

There is a big, bright, renewable future out there—and the imperialistic capitalist pigs running the MIC and the American war machine are standing in the way—at least in the warped but widely accepted perspectives of the emerging New World Order.

As I’ve said many times, I believe America has been slated for destruction. I believe there are global forces actively working to undermine our country, to usurp the will of We The People, to relegate our Constitution to the dust bin of history, and I believe all of this because they have said it all out loud—this is not speculation.

Just to reiterate, pulling from TR 290 - Time to Take Off the Gloves, citing George Soros’ 1993 essay The Future of NATO: Toward a New World Order:

“It is the characteristic of revolutions that people do not fully understand what is going on; that is why events spin out of control and the prevailing order breaks down. … Therefore, there must always be a discrepancy between the participants’ thinking and the actual state of affairs and that discrepancy provides the key to understanding the course of history.

There is a discrepancy between the needs of the world for a new world order and the national self-interest of the United States.” —George Soros, 1993

But is it the characteristic of revolutions that people do not fully understand what is going on? Yes, I would say that is an accurate statement. Most of the time, most of the people do not fully understand what’s really going on, and that’s not by accident.

“That is why events spin out of control and the prevailing order breaks down.”

Since most people aren’t privy to what’s really going on—and since the majority of people are either happily distracted and lulled into apathy or struggling so hard just to make life work that they don’t have time to care—the global elites can trot around openly making remarks about the needs of the New World Order, and how the needs of the New World Order are directly at odds with the national self-interest of the United States, as if everyone that matters already agrees with the statement.

Again, they’ve been stating this out loud for decades.

It’s not a conspiracy.

By the way, did you catch those words:

“Therefore, there must always be a discrepancy between the participants’ thinking and the actual state of affairs and that discrepancy provides the key to understanding the course of history.”

Try to think of it from the angle of the global elite: There must be a discrepancy between what people think and what’s really going on, because that discrepancy provides the key to controlling the course of history.

It’s what people don’t know that is the dominant force in history. It’s the discrepancy, intentionally created and maintained, that allows for the exploitation of the peasants.

As it relates to the demise of America, what the people don’t know is that it’s long been in the works. The globalists’ strategies have been being methodically planned and meticulously implemented for decades. And here’s the catch: their invasion has already happened. It was successful. The capture has already taken place.

The American people are no longer in control of their own country, and we haven’t been for quite some time. Here we find the discrepancy between the thinking of the average voter, and the reality as understood by the ruling class elites (and a handful of well-informed peasants). At this point, I do not believe we can bridge this gap.

For all intents and purposes, our daily lives are currently playing out in occupied territory—to grab some language from current propaganda—and the vast majority of Americans remain none the wiser. As a result, the infiltrators and usurpers continue to “fundamentally transform” America without consent or Constitutional authority.

Put differently, the enemy has captured our country and is now running the show, even though most Americans don’t have a clue that this has happened. The commie cabal, the devious deep state, and the weaponized federal government are actively dismantling America as founded and restructuring our country in the image of the New World Order, as envisioned by Bush, Soros, Rockefeller, and others.

The stolen 2020 election was just the icing on the cake.

Ask yourself: have there been any consequences? Has anything changed?

What do you see in the news these days? I see J6 insurrectionists going to jail. I see prominent politicians being struck down for trying to overturn the 2020 elections. I see political persecutions, I see oppressive censorship, I see rabid radicals running amok, I see criminals emboldened, I see law abiding citizens living scared and forfeiting their rights… I see a very, very sad scene, an unrecognizable society plagued by drugs, delusions, depression, and death… I see America standing in its grave.

Every news cycle is just another smack in the face—and it’s tempting to look away, to hang your head, defeated, tired of the pain, just wanting it to stop, the ridicule, the taunting, the name calling, the dehumanizing and demeaning daily drubbing, the mocking of us as men, the pissing in the face of the American people.


Do not let them break your spirit, your resolve, or your will to resist.

If we are afraid to look up, to raise our heads one more time, to look our enemies straight in the eye, then they have won. If we are afraid to fight back, too afraid to even speak the truth and stand for our natural born rights, then they have won.

Once upon a time taxation without representation led a few brave men to launch a revolution that would change the course of history forever. We are WAY past that point now. Sometimes I think history needs to repeat itself.

“Give me liberty or give me death!”

May their mighty fighting spirit live on!

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