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TR 475 - The Future Depends on Us!

TR 475 - The Future Depends on Us!

They're coming for you... for your food, for your water, and for the very life within you.

How do you feel about the global elites deciding what you get to eat and how much water you get to use? That means that someone who doesn’t know you, doesn’t understand your lifestyle, location, or realistic needs, is restricting your ability to make decisions about how you feed and water yourself and your family. Furthermore, it means eliminating all choices related to how you use the resources in your area.

How do you feel about losing control of such basic choices? How do you feel about water restrictions and food rationing? How do you feel about being controlled by an unelected group of global elitists who are hellbent on micro-managing your life?

These are questions that everyone should be asking, but unfortunately these questions never cross the minds of the majority of people. The majority of people have no clue that all of this is coming, and this is not even the worst of it. Thus, the majority of people will pose little to no opposition to this global imposition of top-down control.

As a result of most people being unaware and unconcerned, the globalist Agenda 2030 continues to accelerate. Governments around the world continue to collaborate on new and improved ways to program and control the peasants. People adopt new ideas and adjust to new behaviors without realizing they are being programmed and manipulated for the purposes of profit, control, and depopulation.

In this report I want to demonstrate, conclusively, that this is precisely what is happening. Much of this agenda has been covered in depth in prior reports, but here I want to package it with direct references to the sources that substantiate these claims.

They’re coming for your food.

Referencing the recommendations of the World Health Organization, made on World Health Day 2022, the whole of humanity is being prodded to adopt the WHO’s “green manifesto”—their words not mine. It is critical to realize that this “green manifesto” is a synchronized global agenda, wrapped up in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, that is actively being used to take control of the global food supply.

To start with, governments are being told to “keep fossil fuels in the ground.”

Ask yourself: if governments prohibit private citizens from accessing these natural energy resources—i.e. gas, diesel, etc.—how are the farmers going to farm? How will crops be seeded, grown, and harvested? How will farm fresh foods be transported?

Without fossil fuels, how will food get from the ground to your grumbling stomach?

The short answer is, it won’t. And that’s the plan.

Governments and corporations are being directed by the WHO to “devise policies” that “incentivize” their list of “social and ecological goals.” These goals are comprehensive, with specific instructions being disseminated down from the global to the local level, including targeted green initiatives to be adopted by small town mayors, health care workers, and run-of-the-mill local citizens.

These goals, relative to controlling what you eat, include using a “tax the polluters” method—specifically taxing processed foods and beverages, and anything else they arbitrarily deem to be unhealthy—which incentivizes you to eat less, because once your favorite foods are sufficiently taxed, you simply won’t be able to afford them, at least not as often.

This also supports the related goal to “reduce food wastage.” While on the surface that sounds like a worthy cause, one must understand the quickest and most efficient means of doing so is reducing the amount of food consumed. This is why their policies specifically state the need to remove “processed and packaged foods” from the workplace. If it’s been a long day and you need a snack, that’s too bad.

The WHO’s green manifesto goes into much greater detail on exactly how they intend to strengthen “food control systems” and go about “restricting foods” and “unsustainable diets”—including their desire to “limit or control human-wildlife contact,” and the “consumption of wildlife”—as in, thou shat not eat the kings deer!

Regardless of what you think about it, this global action plan to completely eliminate “unsustainable patterns of production and consumption” has been underway for over thirty years, finding its policy roots in the 1992 Earth Summit that gave rise to the original Agenda 21—as previously covered in TR 93 - The One Agenda to Rule Them All and TR 169 - The Very Strange Agenda.

Therefore, there should be absolutely no doubt about the globalists’ intention to take total control of the global food supply, because they have made it abundantly clear that is precisely what they intend to do and are actively working toward today.

Hence the question: how do you feel about the global elites controlling what you eat?

They’re coming for your water.

As we touched on in Monday’s report, TR 472 - How They Plan on Thinning the Herd, the globalists continue to morph their plans and adjust them to the present sentiment, the latest angle on food domination is found in their efforts to program public consciousness with the United Nation’s new mantra “Water is life, water is food.”

They claim “agrifood systems”—i.e. getting food from the farm to your table—accounts for 70% of the water used globally. Thus, in their minds, our so-called “agrifood systems” are destroying the planet. To solve this problem, they are now emphasizing local level action with “youth, indigenous peoples, women, and people in vulnerable situations leading the way.”

Let’s pause to ask: do you think “youth, indigenous peoples, women, and people in vulnerable situations” are the best or most qualified groups to determine what you get to eat and how much water you get to use? Their intention here is clear, and that is to exploit vulnerable and naive people for the purpose of political control.

This political control, as it relates to taking control of the water supply, is being rolled out with incentives that “help” water utilities “avoid penalties.” Water utilities will be penalized when they let the peasants use water however they want—say like for watering a lawn, watering a garden, or watering larger crops to produce more food.

Based on bogus claims that we peasants are using “250 times the subsistence level of clean water,” the globalists are now using satellite surveillance to “guard water from well to tap.” These efforts to “guard water”—using satellite surveillance no less—make it clear that water is not something the peasants should have unrestricted access to. By extension, the government must control your access to water, then monitor, control, and ultimately restrict how much water you actually use.

Thus the question: how do you feel about the global elites controlling your access to water?

They’re coming for you.

Threaded throughout the globalist literature are two staple themes:

  1. Communist style centralized control of both production and consumption (why the Chinese Communist Party is said to be the role model for the world).

  2. Overpopulation is an existential threat to planet Earth.

Both of these memes—these infectious ideas, these patterns of thought—create a clear and present danger to the whole of society that everyone needs to be made aware of. The globalists, the ruling class elites living in their bubbles, believe with the utmost sincerity, that they have a moral imperative to impose total control at the global scale, and systematically reduce the human population in the process.

While the World Economic Forum openly admits that the planet’s “carrying capacity” is up for debate, they make clear the estimates could be as low as 500 million people.

Please think about what that means.

I want to point out this concept of a planetary “carrying capacity” was heavily influenced by the rabid eugenicist Thomas Malthus—a fact that is openly acknowledged and embraced in globalist circles—as first reported in TR 284 - The WEF & The Club of Rome. His words are highly pertinent to our discussion today:

“Finding, therefore, that from the laws of nature we could not proportion the food to the population, our next attempt should naturally be, to proportion the population to the food.”

To “proportion the population” means to reduce the population, just to be clear.

The globalists who have been infected with this insidious idea that they need to reduce the human population (such as Vice President Kamala Harris, who recently said this quiet part out loud), are not thinking with their rational minds. Their minds have been infected with a mental virus that is driving this delusional agenda.

But they believe it — and that’s what we need to remind ourselves: They believe it.

Quite ironically, Thomas Malthus also spoke the quiet part out loud when he said this:

“We tell the common people, that if they will submit to a code of tyrannical regulations, they shall never be in want. They do submit to these regulations. They perform their part of the contract : but we do not, nay cannot, perform ours : and thus the poor sacrifice the valuable blessing of liberty, and receive nothing that can be called an equivalent in return.”

They will never give up.

Just as a virus in the wild seeks to adapt and evolve so it can continue to spread, so too do such viruses of the mind seek to replicate in the minds of as many humans as possible. The globalists are spreading this mental disease at an alarming rate, and they are using all the methods of modern technology to do so.

They are coming for your food. They are coming for your water. They are coming for your life, for your liberty, and for your children. They will stop at nothing to get their way, to consolidate power and gain total control, and to exercise unlimited authority over every aspect of your life. You only need to read their words to see that this is true.

In my mind, this is what people need to be talking about.

Please help me spread the word. The future depends on us!

Resist We Must!


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