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TR 436 - Mask Madness & the System of Control

TR 436 - Mask Madness & the System of Control

The threat of fresh mask mandates is a distraction from the destruction of our country.

“Here we go again.”

Those are the words that were screaming in my mind when I saw these headlines:

But then I took a deep breath. I paused and rolled it around a little. There was a question forming in the back of my mind, a certain learned skepticism that was trying to push its way through. Could this just be a head fake? Could it?

Honestly, I doubt that it is. I do believe that masks are coming back. I do believe that lock downs are coming back. However, I also believe fewer people in the country are going to play along this time. In the big cities, it will be much the same as last time.

This is going to further expose the shocking societal bifurcation that besets us.

That last article comes from the mainstream media, and it’s mocking Alex Jones as a conspiracy theorist who was citing “anonymous sources” from the TSA to sound the alarm over a mid-September implementation of more mask mandates. It just seems like a prime opportunity for the powers that be to pull a fast one, make people get all caught up in the mask debate, and ultimately never roll out any mandates at all.

That would make Alex Jones look like a jackass. It would also give the liberals fodder for mocking the conservative rebellion as a bunch of conspiracy theorists. And then, ever so smugly, these same liberals will proudly put on their worthless masks and walk around still thinking they are the smartest people on the planet. Fools.

Nevertheless, their misplaced confidence is still confidence and many sheep will follow suit. That’s the power of social pressure, that itching nag to do what other people are doing. Call it peer pressure or whatever you like, the result is behavioral change—and behavioral change has been the plan all along.

This would be the 3D chess approach to achieving their objectives. Get people to willingly mask and vaxx up, and shame those who don’t. THEN comes the fun part: ratchet up the propaganda and psyops, pull some scary statistics out of the magic hat (mathematical modeling), claim that “cases” are skyrocketing and hospitalizations and deaths are on the rise — and then blame ALL of this on those who aren’t all masked and vaxxed up. It’s worked before, and it will almost certainly work again.

THAT’S when the lock downs and mask enforcement will come back in full force.

Only time will tell whether or not Alex Jones was right on the mid-September timeline. Regardless, there are obviously businesses and universities that are getting a jump start on the insanity, and I believe this is happening because the powers that be are rolling out a lot of heavy propaganda right now. Like this:

The video embedded in the last article is linked above, but notice the subsequent paragraph.

“The Washington Post reports that more than 1 million COVID-19 cases and over 3,100 deaths have been reported in the 28 days leading up to August 3, according to figures from the World Health Organization.”

This is propaganda. It’s being presented by a liberal outlet, and it points to the Washington Post as if it’s a credible news source. WaPo is a hard-left liberal rag. They present “1 million COVID-19 cases” and 3,100 deaths in the last 28 days. Sounds scary, right? But these numbers are bogus BS, coming straight from the cooked books of the entirely corrupt World Health Organization.

These numbers have no relevance to what’s happening in America. They’re just there for the scare factor, to be associated with the creepy pharma-funded-psyop video.

But let me get back to the original skepticism for a bit—could this be a head fake?—and examine another passage that stood out to me:

Despite the report, government officials have not indicated a major rise in COVID cases — and deaths — are on the horizon.

“At this time, there is no evidence indicating EG.5 is able to spread more easily, and currently available treatments and vaccines are expected to continue to be effective against this variant,” Kathleen Conley, a CDC spokeswoman, said in an email to the Washington Post.

The WHO has noted that the EG.5 variant poses a low risk to public health in comparison to other omicron descendants.

Despite the hype, officials have indicated there has been no major rise in cases. The CDC says there is no evidence it spreads more easily or quickly. The WHO notes that EG.5 poses a low health risk. So, what’s this buzz really all about?

The last sentence says it all:

“Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax are set to roll out new COVID-19 vaccines in late September.”

So there you have it. Let’s change channels.

Zoom out.

There are some patterns here that are not to be overlooked. Just quickly:

  1. This intentional pitting of “InfoWars” against “government officials” is training liberal audiences to trust no one but the government officials—and that is exactly how the government wins in information warfare.

  2. These government officials are telling people that “at this time” there is no “evidence” that anyone needs to panic, but those radical conspiracy theorists are trying to stir the pot and get people in a tizzy. Those roles will be reversed.

  3. Slightly more subtle is the role of a good human to think like a global citizen, and defer to the experts in globalist organizations like the WHO, who are already directing the messaging coming from state actors like the CDC and health departments across the country. Expect to see much more of this.

The first Republican primary debate is tonight. Election season is in full swing. I suspect another public health emergency may play a role in how it all plays out, but my gut tells me there is something else coming. Something much worse.

We know for a fact that not even N95 masks stop the spread of viral disease, but that’s not the point. The bifurcation of society means people living in liberal bubbles will continue to believe that they do, while people in conservative bubbles will scoff at the thought. This creates a palpable tension that further strains the social fabric.

It’s that social strain that’s really their game. More on that in a minute.

The other big news this week is about the BRICS meeting to discuss the “objective and irreversible” process of destroying the dollar once and for all. Over 60 heads of state are expected to be in on the gig, with China leading the fight to “strengthen cohesion and cooperation among developing countries.” What a role model, right?!

Doing so will allow “our collective voice in the world” to grow stronger.

Think global democracy.

It is the intention of the BRICS—aka the “Global South”—to displace the G7 (think western alliance) as the prime director of geopolitical affairs. I believe the global elites are in on this plan, including the Rockefeller sorts who are working to undermine America from within. Also in on it are Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Banks, because China, India, Brazil, and beyond, are the biggest markets on the planet.

South Africa, where they are currently meeting, is the doorway to the African continent (and exploiting it for all it’s worth), and Russia has enough oil and natural gas to fuel the entire expansion.

Those are the geopolitical factors that are stacked against the ailing USA.

Now, about that bifurcation and the societal strain that comes with it.

Just like the Marxists strive to unite the “working class”—which currently manifests as a hodge-podge conglomerate of people suffering from mental illness, the woke mind virus, and other collectivist delusions—so too are the Communists working to unite democratic parties all around the world.

The end goal is always control, and their primary tactic is always deceit.

What I want to make clear is that this strategy is also being used to separate Americans into two distinctly different holding pens—i.e. to further bifurcate society.

The distinction is between rural and urban areas, which is a no brainer, though few people have thought through how this will play out. In the interest of time, I’ll keep it simple: Cities control states » States control counties » Counties control citizens.

Cities control states » States control counties » Counties control citizens.

The amount of money and people in big cities give them everything they need to capture state wide elections. Thus, one city can control an entire state apparatus, including the political appointees who direct the lives of those living in rural areas, which are managed by county level officials who subjugate themselves and defer to the state in order to keep the money flowing in.

To see how this plays out, imagine a propaganda campaign in an urban area like Seattle. All of a sudden everyone in the city is in a panic and demanding the state take the precautionary steps to “keep people safe and save lives.” Within the metro bubble, this all makes sense, because it mirrors the propaganda being fed into the system.

People going about their business in the rural communities in the eastern part of the state fail to get the memo, and therefore do not panic. Life goes on. Then one day businesses and schools start forcing people to mask back up. Some might require testing, contact tracing, or proof of vaxx status to enter the building. Why?

Because the state said so.

The state said so because the city is in a tizzy, and that is thanks to the orchestrated propaganda being passed down from the global elites. The federal government is just a mediator in this process—and they can use federal funding as the ultimate trump card to force compliance, exactly the same way states use funds to force compliance.

This system makes representative government and the will of the peasants obsolete.

The next pandemic, the forthcoming currency collapse and CBDC, all aspects of the radical climate agenda, and the totality of Agenda 2030 are all perfect examples.

The Great Reset is upon us and there is no easy way out.

The American Dream has been ripped at the seams,
And nothing is quite like it seems.
While the globalist plot clips along at a trot,
Most peasants ignore all their schemes.
Yet the spirit rustles with a restless unease,
And the Knowing can sense that it’s wrong.
But given the chance they’ll keep us in trance,
And win before we ever grow strong…
…it won’t be long.

Hear this song:


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