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TR 241 - Everything You Didn't See Coming

TR 241 - Everything You Didn't See Coming

It's all going to hit home much sooner than you think.

Buckle up.

Okay friends, as you know (if you’ve been following along), yesterday I attended a Freedom Caucus forum that addressed the issues of “who makes the rules” and dove into the many wonky procedural issues that are being used to thwart the will of the American people. For example, the “Suspension Rule” allows congressional leadership to suspend the rules and cast a vote on legislation that nobody has ever read.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I really want to tell you all about it, but I’m going to save that for the another time. I need to process everything so I can communicate it in an effective manner. On that note, let’s pivot to the bigger issues that are at play right now… the MUCH bigger issues. There’s been a lot going on.

BTW, they’re still counting…

Several of the key swing states still have not finalized there votes. More and more news outlets are calling the races, though in many cases the races are far from over. Anomalies abound, and at this point Nancy Pelosi is claiming that the Democrats may be able to keep both the house and the senate—and she said it with a straight face.

Meanwhile, the elections were a perfect distraction, weren’t they?

Everyone got excited, there was going to be a Big Red Wave—but wait, it only turned out to be a mirage. For the last week, all of the messaging has been how the Republicans under performed and the ways in which they screwed up. Simultaneously, blatant corruption continues to happen in broad daylight.

All of this keeps the saga alive. The sleuths are busy tracking down the facts of how the heist was pulled off. The media is hammering home the message of their respective teams. The politicians are trying to spin this in a fashion that favors their next election without taking any blame for the whole debacle.

And it’s almost over now, right? Americans are ready to move forward, get over Trump, and appreciate a stable democracy, right? It’s only the bitter clingers and diehard MAGA extremists who believe this election was just another sham.

Honestly, I gag on such drivel. BUT, that is the social programming at the moment.

Zoom out.

While Americans are being programmed to accept another rigged election, the invisible hand continues to work it’s magic, advancing the globalist agenda, and accelerating the pace of change in this “incredible transition.”

So the question today is: What have we missed in the midst of all these midterm election shenanigans? It turns out, a lot.

Honestly, we’re always missing out on a lot—that’s just the nature of being a peasant. We only know what they want us to know, and even the most rigorous sleuthing can only produce facts that have already escaped the vacuum of elite planning. When the closed door decisions have been made, the “facts” get trickled out from confidential sources or are occasionally spread through acts of rogue honest journalism.

And that is where our puzzle begins.

Did you catch the fact that California, Oregon, Washington, and Canada’s British Columbia just signed a Pacific Coast climate compact? Yeah, didn’t think so. They’re calling it the PCC, the Pacific Coast Collaborative, which is an international agreement that was actually signed October 6th, way ahead of the COP27 (which we’ll get to in a minute). These guys on the Left coast are the leaders of progressive insanity—which is why they are committing to accelerate the radical climate change agenda.

They want to “accelerate the transition” to centralized control. In their own words:

“Rapidly accelerating climate change threatens our communities along the Pacific Coast of North America with cascading impacts to economic livelihoods, public health and safety, cultural and social practices, and natural systems from wildfire, drought, heat waves, ocean change, and flooding. …

We need to continue to inspire accelerated efforts regionally, nationally, and at a global scale. For current generations, kids, and grandkids, we must act now in a way that gives everyone opportunity and security.”

How inspiring. How altruistic! Who could argue with that?!

The point in pointing that out was not to argue with the radical environmentalists, but to demonstrate how the political circus has provided a perfect distraction for them to accelerate their agenda—which is ultimately driving much of the political process. Embedded within these environmental policies are more commie tactics than you can shake a stick at… how’s that for a fun phrase?

With that in mind, here are three things I want to thread together:

  1. The collapse of the FTX crypto exchange.




  2. The COP27 radical environmental agenda.




  3. The impending energy crisis.




But first, let’s talk about…

Our interconnected world.

The globalist love to talk about how we’re all in this together, how the whole world has to fight climate change, how every person everywhere has to do their part to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to save the planet—or else. Do you remember Our Common Agenda?

(HINT: You can brush up in TR 189 - When Police Get Political and TR 171 - When Elections Won’t Work. In a nutshell, Our Common Agenda outlines the “use of digital surveillance and manipulation to influence behavior and control populations.”)

At any rate, they like to talk about how the world’s economy is deeply interconnected, how international trade and commerce have made the world a smaller place, and how wealth disparity between countries is akin to global scale inequality—all of which means wealthy nations must do “their fair share” in advancing the Agenda.

Make no mistake, this is all about taking control of production and consumption—i.e. Communism—and ushering us into the socialist surveillance state of Future Earth.

That said, in some sense all of this is true. We are interconnected. We do need to work together. We do face complex global level problems that will require worldwide collaboration to effectively address. BUT, that does not mean that everyone agrees on what those problems are, what the root cause of the problem actually is, or what the most practical and effective solutions might be.

This is a major point that is too often intentionally overlooked.

Global consensus is a farce. It’s a myth, a mirage, a figment of imagination, a lie, an insidious projection of progressive illusions and collective mental delusions. There is no global consensus. There never has been and there never will be. It is not possible to get every person on the planet on the same page, thinking and believing the same things, holding the same convictions, or working toward the same goals. Period.

To some, that is just stating the obvious. To many others, to those who suffer from the collective delusions of the hive mind, they believe in consensus with utter certainty. They believe that there is global consensus, that there must be global consensus, and that “we” all must work together for the subjective “greater good”—whatever that means at any given moment.

Of course, only the people in power get to define what this collective effort looks like. Only the people in power get to decide what sacrifices you and I must make. Only the people in power get to determine the punishment for noncompliance. In short, only the people in power get to make the rules for everybody else—and threaten to penalize, ostracize, or imprison you if you disagree with their rules.

Most disturbingly, THEY believe that they have the authority, even the moral imperative, to control you by force—but that too is a lie.

If they have the right to control you by force, doesn’t that make you a slave? I believe it does. But we are not slaves, nor were we born to be slaves, nor can they control us by force unless we let them. Their authority is an illusion. We can resist. We have an inherent right to resist, to think differently and make our own decisions.

This is why socialism, communism, marxism, progressivism—all types of collectivism—are forms of psychosis: They are completely detached from reality.

Centralized control, sacrificing individuality for the sake of the greater good, is not the path to peace and stability. It is the path to perpetual conflict. For as long there is a small group of power hungry people who are hellbent on controlling everybody else, there will always be free and independent people who resist, rebel, and rise up to cast off their would be oppressors. Such is the natural cycle of life.

But I digress, I was going to tell you how the whole FTX scandal was a money laundering operation that slushed billions of dollars from the Biden administration to Ukraine to FTX, then back to Democrats just in time for the midterms.

Let that sink in.

I was going to tell you how the global cabal had gathered to predetermine the course of our lives over the next several decades by leveraging ESG ideology to systematically dismantle national sovereignty under the guise of saving the planet. I was going to point out how this is already underway, wreaking havoc on economies everywhere, leaving people cold, hungry, and without gas all around the world—how this is what a sustainable development looks like, and how economic equality will be achieved.

I was going to remind you that pain is all part of the plan.

But, in the interest of time, and to end on a more lighthearted note, I want to leave you with this fun historical fact (from yesterday):

On this day in history, Nov. 14, 1776, British press names famous Londoner Ben Franklin leader of rebellion

Ben Franklin was a genius. The aristocrats loved him and lavished him with praise. That is, right up until he sided with the American rebels who had just declared their independence. At that point he became an enemy of the state.

There are many lessons in that story. Benjamin Franklin was a wise man. He was instrumental in the founding of our country, spelling out the radical social experiment of establishing a free society in our Declaration of Independence. His timeless wisdom is perhaps best summed up in these timely words:

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

With everything going on in the world, it would be wise to reflect on this truth.


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