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TR 459 - The Threat of Methodical Manipulation

TR 459 - The Threat of Methodical Manipulation

Putting the political circus and next wave of covid into a properly informed perspective.

Yesterday, I placed front and center the connections between the experimental injections known as covid “vaccines” and the soaring rates of cancer and mysterious blood clots in otherwise healthy people. Today there are articles out about how the covid pills are driving “unexpected mutations”—unexpected mutations that the wise have been expecting and warning about since the start of all this insanity.

These mutations are causing new variants, which are imminently set to be detected and drive the coming resurgence in cases, thanks to the 200 million taxpayer funded “free” at home tests being shipped out by the federal government.

This is a con job of epic proportion, and clearly crimes against humanity to boot, but let’s set it aside for a moment and check in with the political circus:

  • Sarah Palin is now the second prominent political figure, after Ted Cruz, to openly speculate that Michelle Obama will be the democrat’s presidential nominee. My gut tells me she may be right, but honestly, I think she’s just parroting the attention getting statement to make headlines.

    The question is: What qualifications does Michelle Obama have to run the country? The answer is: None. She’s just another sock-puppet diversity hire who would be propped up as a place holder while the Deep State continues to work their dark magic. I suggest mercilessly mocking anyone who says otherwise.

  • Relative to the recent revelations about the globalists’ Nazi connections, right on cue, Canadian officials are desperately trying to erase the fact that they gave a standing ovation to an old-school Nazi—a 98 year old WWII veteran who served in Hitler’s SS—while the Volodymyr “The Jack Ass” Zelensky was blessing them with his presence and begging for money.

    Not ironically, Justin “Black Face” Trudeau decided not to show his face in public on Monday, while his media team figures out how to bury the unfortunate reality. Meanwhile, Canada’s Nazi Celebration has quickly gone viral, and quite comically, the whole episode has been denounced as Russian disinformation.

  • In other news, US taxpayers are set to keep paying the salaries of 57,000 Ukrainian government workers, even as our own government faces the threat of an “increasingly likely” shutdown. In a similar vein, we’re also sending Poland another $2 billion loan to further militarize Warsaw—and we’re sending an additional $60 million to help them cover the cost of the loan—even as big dog bankers are warning of a financial “worst case scenario” right here at home, and that we should all be bracing for the Inflationary Storm that’s being fueled by all of this reckless spending.

There is a growing chorus of prominent voices who are articulating the obvious fact that “events are moving quickly now.” Even Tucker Carlson has openly admitted the startling truth that “our system is collapsing in real time.”

I point that out just to ground my perspectives within the broader context of well-informed and reputable independent journalists. Soon, the weight of reality will come crashing through the delusional impression that everything is fine and one more election is going to get us out of this mess. Unfortunately, that reality is likely to be a very painful smack in the face for a great percentage of people.

The powers that be, the people behind the curtain, those who want us to have a hung election and civil war—like Bill Gates and his ilk—are busy setting the stage for a post-modern American edition of the fall of Rome.

Unsurprisingly, they plan to make it look like it’s all Russia’s fault.

Did you catch the theme?

Remember how the WHO is using weaponized AI to immunize humanity against misinformation? They claim they are fighting against the “Infodemic” in order to save lives. This all came to light during the government manufactured crisis known as COVID-19, but in reality, this state controlled censorship was rooted in suppressing political dissent while the global cabal systematically toppled locally elected governments throughout the world—just like they did in Ukraine.

Also, the links between the events in Ukraine circa 2014-2016 and the U.S. government’s feeble attempts to circumvent the 1st Amendment with their ridiculously ill-conceived Disinformation Governance Board—which was quickly forced to “disband” and go underground—are all too often forgotten.

Those facts and other highly relevant connections (think Burisma) are found here:

And yet, with all that said, it’s not the Russia! Russia! Russia! theme, the overarching political circus, or the rapidly accelerating and increasingly aggressive government censorship that I want to focus on today. I want to re-focus on the fact that humanity is being heavily manipulated for the sickening purpose of vaccine uptake.

Per Dr. Robert Malone:

“There are literally thousands of peer-reviewed studies on vaccine hesitancy and how the government can overcome it. In sum, there are over 6,000 such studies…”

Now why might there be over 6,000 studies on how the government can trick people into taking all these experimental injections?

Go ahead and let your imagination run wild. And get this:

“Of particular concern is the vaccine hesitancy clinical trials that are specifically designed to see what types of propaganda, nudging, computational propaganda, and behavioral modifications work best to elicit compliance from entire populations. In funding such studies, the government and worldwide leadership have endeavored to eliminate informed consent.”

What do we have here? Clinical trials designed to elicit compliance from entire populations and eliminate informed consent? What could possibly go wrong?!

But again, the question is: WHY?

Here’s another clue:

“These studies have been bought and paid for mostly by the US government... This is basically taxpayer-funded market research to garner compliance for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.”

Why are they so desperately trying to get these injections into everyone’s bodies?

Throughout the pandemic, the bombardment of propaganda has been prolific. In fact, according the the Dept. of Health & Human Services, in less than six months time, they were able to reach more than 90 percent of Americans an average of 20.9 times—but they spent extra heavy to deliver “extra ads to markets, zip codes, and population segments with higher proportions of vaccine-hesitant adults.”

Let that sink in.

Read it again if you have to… and get this:

“This campaign not only utilized propaganda, it also used known neuro-linguistic programming techniques, such as repetitive messaging. …

The results showed that this huge propaganda campaign was hugely successful in getting people to take the jab.”

As pointed out by Dr. Malone, the problem with such propaganda and censorship is that it’s a slippery slope. In the twisted minds of these corrupt bureaucrats, “climate change” or “gun violence” are easily causes that would seem equally as worthy of using such potent, powerful, and “hugely successful” techniques.

In fact, any and all of the Agenda 2030 makes a perfect target for the next round of public manipulation. After all, the need to reduce the human population in order to save the planet is an urgent matter.

If you’ve ever wondered how they planned on getting the public on board with owning nothing and eating bugs—and being happy about it—now you know.

The truth is, I feel elated that Dr. Malone is bringing this to light. I’ve tried to sound the alarm about all of this government directed behavioral change, but as a lowly ignorant peasant I have a very limited reach. He has a vastly larger audience, which is great, but even at that the majority of people will never have saw this coming.

BUT HERE’S THE THING: These very same techniques are being used to cover up heinous crimes against humanity, right now, in real time. They are being used to bury the facts that shine light on these atrocities, and there is not a damn thing we peasants can do about it, except for share what we learn and talk to everyone we can.

None of this is speculation or conspiracy.

As discussed yesterday, the FDA just announced their approval of another round of experimental injections that will fuel another round of debilitating adverse reactions, such as sterilization and death. These genetic therapies will further destroy people’s natural immune systems, unleash all sorts of cancers, and in doing so, ever so subtly reduce the human population.

As a bonus, each round of injections with these “leaky vaccines” will lead to more rapid mutations and the subsequent waves of infections to keep the process going.

This is the plan. It’s long been in the works. It’s difficult to think about and accept, but this is the reality that we and our children are living in. Resist the urge to ignore it.

I say that, because if the government is willing to do this, and if it can do it right out in the open without the majority of people even noticing (thanks to the methods above), then there is really nothing that they cannot do.

Just like they can use these tools for climate change and gun control, they can also use them to turn political dissenters into radical extremists—to convince the public that people who disagree are dangerous, and that these dangers must be eliminated.

Radical extremists threaten peace and stability. These domestic terrorists threaten democracy. And most especially, these “defectives” threaten public health and safety.

In time, these threats will be dealt with, one methodical manipulation at a time.

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