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TR 456 - Harnessing the Power of Persuasion

TR 456 - Harnessing the Power of Persuasion

Taking a look at the specific strategies that allow the few to control the many.

You need to know this.

We need to understand something—and when I say we, I am referring to my fellow working-class peasants. I am referring to good old fashioned, red-blooded, liberty loving Americans from all walks of life. I’m talking to Christian conservatives, to liberal intellectuals, to resolute republicans, old school democrats, libertarians, independents and anyone else who will listen.

You need to know this, regardless of your political, religious, or social affiliations.

Your friends need to know it. Your family needs to to know it.

Everyone needs to know this.

And please, before we get started, understand that those at the top of the social ladder, those at the top of the economic ladder, those at the top of the global hierarchy already understand what I’m about to share—it’s a staple principle for the ruling class.

This principle allows the rich to get richer and the powerful to gain more power. It facilitates the rise of tyrants and tyranny, as well as the rise of saints and salvation.

Like all principles, the concept itself is neutral. It’s how this principle is used that determines whether or not the outcome is good or evil, helpful or harmful, for the benefit of the masses or the benefit of the ruling class.

This principle is at once both archaic and cutting edge. It is timeless and true.

It’s something that you know, but have never properly understood.

I will call this powerful principle the “Principle of Persuasion According to Luke.”

The Principle of Persuasion

Now I am not talking about the science of persuasion, or any sort of academic understanding of persuasion, nor am I making any reference to the great mountain of philosophical inquiry or deliberative study that has illuminated the various facets and functions of persuasion for those few in possession of this special knowledge.

I am talking about the practical impact of persuasion, relative to the current geopolitical shitstorm, the Great Reset, and the global consolidation of power.

Persuasion is how things get done. Persuasion is how treaties get signed, how wars are won, how laws are passed, how businesses succeed, and ultimately how society as a whole gets structured. It is through the principle of persuasion that power structures are constructed and maintained, and how human beings are made into slaves.

Slavery happens when people are persuaded to obey.

I’ll give you an example. There was a recent local kerfuffle over the forceful installation of “smart meters” on people’s homes throughout the county. No amount of public push back, no amount of rational rebuttal, no amount of emotional appeal was going to change the minds of local Public Utilities District commissioners.

They had been persuaded to believe this transition to new digital meters was good and necessary. Once this belief had been firmly ingrained, these local leaders took to defending their beliefs and fighting against the deeply concerned public sentiment that was being expressed in one local meeting after another.

It seemed like the public at large was completely incapable of persuading these commissioners to change their minds. This is just one of infinite examples.

How can it be that local leaders, who live amongst us, can be persuaded to ignore, override, and even scorn the people they’ve been elected to serve? How can these elected leaders so callously disregard the very serious concerns of local citizens?

It is, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, through the principle of persuasion that otherwise good people come to betray the communities they claim to represent. It’s how the Nazi’s drug millions of people out of their homes and marched them into gas chambers—it was the local level leaders that made these atrocities possible.

That is very key. The government is nothing without its agents. An agent is nothing unless they have the ability to use force against you. Thus, we aren’t necessarily fighting against the government and its agents, so much as we are fighting against those in our own local communities who are doing the dirty work for the government and its agents.

In other words, we are fighting against those who have been persuaded to stand against us.

That’s all pretty straightforward, right?


We will never be able to reclaim the reins of representative government, or maintain local control, or live out our days without massive government overreach, intrusion, and control over our lives, unless we come to understand the how and why and who exactly is persuading otherwise good people to go along with evil schemes.

How are so many people being persuaded? Why and for what ends? And who exactly is really the driving force behind all of this dark persuasion?

Working backward, it is the invisible hand of the “secret global cabal”—to quote Rockefeller—that has mastered and harnessed the raw power of persuasion.

Their end game is total control over a reduced and dumbed-down human population.

They want us docile, domesticated, and disarmed to prevent any future uprisings.

They want total control over the flow of information, over the food supply, over property rights, and over every other aspect of civil society. The want to profit from the labor of peasants and rule over the masses with unrestricted authority.

They seek this power for the sake of power itself.

And yet, they are working very diligently to persuade the public that their intentions are pure. They have persuaded a great percentage of the public that personal sacrifice, for the sake of the greater good, is a worthy and noble cause—and they’ve persuaded the public to accept their definitions of what these sacrifices should look like.

Enter the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030, and the recent SDG Summit 2023. Here we have a masterclass in global level persuasion that is enabling the long arm of the invisible hand to reach into our communities and direct local leaders to trample our rights and forcibly transform how we live our lives.

Check point: do you understand that the global elites are using international organizations to persuade local leaders to advance their anti-human agenda?

Because the global cabal has long mastered the principle of persuasion, they are light years ahead. The result is people in the local community may not like the agenda that’s being shoved down their throats—say like astronomically high gas prices, bare shelves, and state surveillance through things like smart meters—but ultimately, the local peasants find themselves feeling helpless as they face their overlords.

What’s more, this pattern plays out over and over again, and the cycle is intentionally being accelerated. Yet each and every time a hot-topic issue pushes enough people’s buttons, the public push back is too little too late—precisely because local leaders have already been persuading us to adopt a new set of beliefs.

The elites understand this, so we need to understand this too.

We are reacting to events that have long been in motion. We are fighting against a momentum that has been decades in the making. The infectious ideas that are destroying our society have long been sown, and these ideas have an inertia of their own. The only way to overcome this moment and inertia is to redirect our efforts.

I don’t like to lose.

Rather than fighting what is — fighting that feels worthy and good, fighting that is very often but not always necessary, but fighting that is ultimately a losing battle because the enemy is so many moves ahead — we need to focus forward and learn to persuade people using the very same tools and strategies of the ruling class.

Remember yesterday—The Day that Donald Trump Almost Died—when I said looking into Kraft Heinz had turned up some fascinating connections?

If you happened to click through and read their 82 page ESG report, you may have stumbled onto some of these connections yourself. Since I’m guessing you didn’t have the time, I’d like to help you connect some dots, starting with their cover page:

Let me ask you: where is the very best place to persuade someone?

How about, “Together at the table.”

You and I might persuade family and friends while we sit together at the table for a meal, for example. If one is civically engaged in local meetings, persuasion may come from sitting together at the board room table, as another example.

The key principle of persuasion we can extract here, is that persuasion happens best in sit down face-to-face situations. That’s why the globalists have so many meetings, like the UN Summit, Davos, Bilderberg, etc. What also must be pointed out, is that because they are gathering more people at the table more often, they are out organizing us—out organizing We The People—by several orders of magnitude.

By the virtue of having greater resources and greater organization, they win, we lose—UNLESS—unless we rapidly organize in a similar fashion to harness the power, energy, and resources of a massive number of peasants. Does that make sense?

The ruling class is powerful, but they are few.

The peasants are weak, but we are many.

With this in mind, I submit that the balance of power can only be tipped by persuading more people to adopt certain core principles that bring people together for the purposes of mutual benefit and shared defense.

The question is how.

Would you be surprised if I said by engaging our stakeholders?

How about forming a Stakeholder Advisory Council?

(They’re cropping up everywhere!)

Or does that all sound too obtuse, strange, and formal?

I thought it did, but I’ve seen this language everywhere in the globalist literature, which indicates that its a key concept that’s being used to persuade people all around the planet, so I thought I’d dig a little deeper into the concept to learn and share here.

I copied the subtitle of their report, ran it through the search engine, looked at the top 10 results, and took note on what came up:

Each of those links provide great insight to how the globalists think and organize themselves—and we’d be wise to learn from their expertise. However, the link that led me down the rabbit trail of disturbing discovery was this one, fourth from the top:

I had no idea what BASF was, so I looked them up. Turns out they are the largest chemical company in the world, based out of Germany. Naturally, they are all in on the globalists’ agenda for so-called “sustainable development”—which necessarily includes reducing the human population.

That’s why it was disturbing to learn how BASF — this globalist corporation that is deeply entwined with the UN, the WEF, etc — was also central to the Nazi’s extermination efforts. BASF produced the chemical Zyklon B, which was used in the gas chambers. At the time, it was marketed as a pesticide.

Tying it all together.

Remember how the Nazi’s got a lot of their ideas from the American Eugenics Society? Remember how American tax payer dollars are being used to fund the Nazi’s in Ukraine? Isn’t it fascinating that the chemical corporation who supported the Nazi gas chambers is now standing in complete solidarity with Ukraine?

History has shown us that people can be persuaded to believe almost anything. Current circumstances provide us with a perfect example of what this looks like, and more importantly, how it happens.

Practically speaking, if we do not gather at the table and discuss what’s happening, if we do not harness the principles of persuasion and learn from the past, this current crop of tyrants is going to make the Nazi’s look like a bunch of rookies.

Our local leaders will believe they are acting on behalf of the greater good.

It’s our job to persuade them otherwise.

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