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TR 440 - The Weird, Bizarre, & Disturbing Truth

TR 440 - The Weird, Bizarre, & Disturbing Truth

There are very few people who truly understand what we are about to discuss.

There’s strangeness in the air.

Can you feel it? Do you know what I’m talking about?

I’m not talking about the “first ever” alien objects found on Earth.

I’m not talking about the parasitic worm they pulled out of a lady’s brain.

I’m not even talking about the new NIH study that links N95 masks to “toxic volatile organic compounds” that can cause headaches, nausea, organ damage, and even cancer—or that this fact is coming out as “mask mania” sweeps across America.

The weird, bizarre, and disturbing truth is deeper than all of that.

Another white guy goes viral for rapping about Trump; he has no talent and his song pretty much sucks; that’s weird, but hey, that’s the power of algorithms right?

The Nations Archives is in possession of some 5,400 documents wherein Joe Biden was actually using a fake name to do business with his son while serving as VP—which strikes me as utterly bizarre, but will they bring him in for questioning?

I doubt it.

On the disturbing front, the Covid Cult appears to be alive and well, and militant mask activists are now going on the attack, physically attacking those who protest their insanity. As absurd as that may seem, there is an intelligent explanation:

“So, why continue to support the mask mandates to the point of violence?

Because the masks became more than a safety tool.  They became a signal of ideological virtue, a uniform for the political left.  The masks were also a signal of submission to state controls, and for a period of a couple years maskers were like an army, an extension of state power, and they loved it. 

They could easily identify their "enemies" merely by looking for a missing mask, thereby applying mob pressure to force those people to conform. It doesn’t matter to them that the masks offer little-to-zero protection, that was not their true purpose anyway. …They got a taste of power and then it was taken away from them, and now they're angry.

But again, as disturbing as the escalating violence from unhinged leftist lunatics has become, this too is not what I want to talk about today. The reason is simple: there is a deeper truth still waiting to be discovered. I believe evidence of this truth lurks somewhere behind the “black curtain” and “special police” in Maui that are keeping the secrets of ground zero a compelling mystery.

Fortunately, we need not look behind that curtain in search of this deeper truth.

As we evaluate the totality of circumstance, I am not the only one pointing out that we are in fact in the midst of a 2nd Civil War. The question is not if the situation will ever turn kinetic, but rather, when—and when that day comes, the deeper truth will be on full display all around us.

In fact, it already is, we just have to know how to spot it.

Zoom out.

Did you hear about that young “white supremacist” who had an “assault rifle” with swastikas on it, who went on a killing spree in Jacksonville, Florida, gunning people down “because of the color of their skin?” Joe Biden has this to say about it:

“Even as we continue searching for answers, we must say clearly and forcefully that white supremacy has no place in America. We must refuse to live in a country where Black families going to the store or Black students going to school live in fear of being gunned down because of the color of their skin.”

We could pick apart the language and point out the lies, but that would be getting lost in the weeds. The point is this: Biden said it because he believes it, and an unhealthy portion of those who heard this presidential spew are likely to have believed it.

They believe white supremacy is running rampant and people are being gunned down because of the color of their skin, because they’ve heard it over and over again.

It’s weird, because the reality of American social dynamics really bears no resemblance to this race-baiting propaganda. The truth is quite the opposite.

It’s bizarre that the president and his media lapdogs keep harping on the threat of “white supremacists,” unless of course you consider that a certain stage is being set.

But what’s most disturbing about this story is the fact that it’s effective, that it works, and that it drives a wedge further and further between reality and what people believe.

The deeper truth that we are digging at here, is that as human beings, our beliefs are shaped directly by the information we receive. Put differently, our beliefs are a byproduct of the social steeping that comes along with subjective personal experience.

When the biological brain is steeped in a toxic brew of noxious spew—i.e. when relentless propaganda and psychological warfare have penetrated to the very core of our mental processing—the result is a gross distortion of reality, the inability to perceive the distinction between fact and fiction, and the warped beliefs that come with it. The truth is that we are all susceptible to such manipulation.

Hence the timeless wisdom:

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

What does that mean? How does that work? And what the hell does this have to do with politics or the 2nd Civil War? That’s just what I was about to explain!

To understand the application of this wisdom and the need to guard our hearts, we first need to grasp the subtle distinction between mind, body, and emotion. Working backwards, emotions are biochemicals that are released into the bloodstream that directly affect us at the biological level, meaning both body and brain.

Because these molecules of emotion directly affect the brain, they affect the mind too.

However, the brain and the body are not the only things that affect our minds. Our minds are a magical apparatus that directly manifest the mysterious workings of our soul. That is to say, the mind is a gateway of sorts to the spirit within. And that said, this spirit within exists whether we have present mental awareness of it or not.

Understanding this matters for many reasons, but let me just keep it simple and relevant to the topic of politics. Our minds and emotions are easily manipulated, that much should be self-evident. But have you considered that we can manipulate our own minds and emotions, for better or worse, with or without conscious awareness?

The implications are really quite liberating.

“Guard your heart,” we are told—but how? Through the tool of conscious awareness.

Conscious awareness is perhaps best understood as spiritual awareness. It is the spirit within—the very core and essence of our being—that allows us to observe the mind. It allows us to become aware of our thoughts and mental patterns, as well as our emotions, posture, and physical state of being.

In any given moment, we may be aware of some or none of this. And, through direct intention, we can increase our awareness to any or all of it. In short, we can learn to observe more of what’s happening in our bodies and minds. Pretty cool, huh?

You don’t have to be a sage or a monk to do this, and in reality, you’ve done this a billion times before, throughout your life experience, just perhaps without taking the time to develop a deeper understanding of how it all works. Think about a time when you were in a tense conversation, when you could feel your blood pressure rising, but you resisted the urge to blurt out the first thing that came to mind.

Here we see the interplay between body (blood pressure), mind (thoughts), and soul—it was the spirit within that resisted emotional reaction and disciplined the body and mind to keep yourself in check. You are that spirit. Not your body. Not your mind.

Who you are is deeper than body and mind. Your mind changes. Your body changes. And the truth is, you change, and yet you still remain you. You are not the same today as you were yesterday or in years past. Moving forward you will continue to change, along with your body and mind, and therefore you will not be the same as you are now.

So far, so good?

Some would call this changing of you spiritual growth, but that’s not the point today. The deeper truth of our current circumstance is that it is this part of you that is under attack. More broadly, it is the spirit of humanity that is being directly attacked by the nefarious forces that are working to domesticate the masses and enslave people in the illusions of the mind. They do this by conditioning people to believe falsehoods.

There is a reason that Marxist’s are avowed atheists. It shuts the door to spiritual awareness. It closes the mind to the magic of life and shrouds the divine spark within.

That shroud is a mental cloud of mixed beliefs, some true, some false. Truth lets the light shine through. Falsehoods block this light and cast a shadow upon the mind. Once enough shadow has been cast, the light of truth can no longer penetrate into conscious awareness—that is, the mind can no longer perceive the truth.

Thus, the soul is stuck in the abysmal prison of false beliefs, locked in a mental cage from which it cannot escape without a special sort of intervention. The results are on display all around us: declining mental health, declining emotional stability, a lack of purpose and sense of self, and the skyrocketing suicides that come along with it.

Has anything I said been inaccurate or wrong? Can you not see this for yourself?

You will no doubt have noticed that I haven’t used the word “God” in any of this. I am speaking to the logical mind. Define or deny God any way you like, these truths remain true, and they hold the keys to our liberation. The wise will grasp these keys.

Your mysterious soul is under attack. The predators are preying upon your mind and emotions. There is a science to assassinating your spirit.

That is the weird, bizarre, and disturbing truth.

Ignore it at your own risk!


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