Aug 1, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 167 - Is This the Start of WW3?

Global socialists are destroying our country and their coup is nearly complete. Is provoking a war with China the opening scene of their final act?

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Take a good look.

Notice how the he/she/it in the lower left corner is wearing a hammer and sickle insignia? This is a globally recognized symbol of Marxism, communist parties, and socialist states. It was first sanctioned by the murderous Vladimir Lenin, who declared that violence was necessary to achieve a radical revolution.

“Do you really believe that we can be victorious without using the most ruthless terror?” -Vladimir Lenin

The hammer represents factory workers and the sickle represents farmers, who together represent the working class (aka the proletariat) who together seek to overthrow capitalist society (aka the bourgeoisie). In modern parlance, it could be said that this symbolism represents the useful idiots.

Also notice that this symbol of violent communist revolution is parading next to the banner of Democratic Socialist of America. This organization self-identifies as the “largest socialist organization in the United States,” with chapters in all 50 states and major political representation via the likes of Bernie Sanders, AOC, and many others.

Here’s a screenshot from their website:

These commies are ambitious.

It should come as no surprise that communists and socialists stand in solidarity with the modern Democrat party. After all, according to the Communist Party USA (which also uses the hammer and sickle insignia), we are in an all-out fight for democratic rights! Consider these words from the 27th Communist Convention (2001):

“The fight to defend democracy is central to our outlook, to our strategy and tactics today and on the road to socialism. The right to public education, the fight against racism, for women’s equality, for the full civil rights of the LGBT community–all these battles are understood to be part of the battle for democracy.”

So there you have it: Communists are fighting for democracy.

Let this sink in for a bit. Every time you hear Democrat politicians talking about standing up for public education, women’s rights, LGBTQxyz+ rights, or civil rights in general, understand these are communist principles. Similarly, whenever you hear someone fighting to “save the planet” via political ploys like the Green New Deal or Green New Schools, understand these too are communist principles.

And in principle, it all sounds nice. Real nice. It sounds like the right thing for a good human to do. How could anyone argue with the principles of democracy, civil rights, and saving the planet? Only an idiot would attempt to defy such resolute logic—at least in the intellectually deprived minds of the world’s useful idiots.

In reality, progressive minions have been heavily conditioned to accept a so-called “progressive” agenda that is based on speculative conjecture and twisted thinking. These are the new ecosocialists, the latest crop of communist revolutionaries who are now more bold than ever in their moral crusade to save the planet.

And they will stop at nothing to do so. In their minds, the future of humanity is contingent upon their success. Nothing is more important than consolidating power and centralizing control. This is the only way to save humanity from itself.

Hence the revolution.

Doesn’t it seem like our current Democrat-led government has been driving our country off a cliff? Is the pain at the pump, the food shortages, the skyrocketing inflation, and spike in violent crime simply just coincidence? Is the Biden administration really that incompetent, or is this all part of the plan?

Of course, in the midst of the Great Reset, such questions are purely rhetorical.

We know this is all part of the plan. We undertand that the commies are taking over the world. We understand that the destruction of America as we know is all part of the process. That’s why this week we see the following headlines:

Is this more political theater? Is it intentional provocation? Is it an isidious plot to take out numbers One, Two, and Three and institute martial law ahead of the elections? Or, perhaps, could this just be more distraction as Democrats continue to advance their socialist agenda? What about these headlines:

Do you remember Biden’s Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad? It was chock full of woke policy edicts that malign our country’s future, undermine our national sovereignty, and advance the global socialist agenda—all under the auspice of saving the planet. If you were to read up on all the key players pushing the initiatives outlined, you would find that they are all global socialists.

The point I’m gettting at is this: Communist ideologues wear the label “Democrat” to disarm and dupe the American people. They believe that violence is an essential step in revolution. They want war. They want depopulation. The want to fundamentally transform America. To them, all the pain and suffering is a sacrifice worth making.

On the flip side, it’s high time we all consider what sacrifices may need to be made in order to save our country. If we don’t fight for a future worth having, we won’t have a future worth fighting for—and apathy will only hasten the pain.

Don’t forget to vote!